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Five Favorite Low-Carb Cabbage Salads

I love all things cabbage and love to make cabbage salad all year long, so here are my Five Favorite Low-Carb Cabbage Salads! Use Salad Recipes or Cabbage Recipes to find more low-carb salad ideas like these!

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I love, love, love cabbage, and it’s one of those cruciferous vegetables that everyone should be eating regularly. I especially like raw cabbage in salads, both for the crunch and the slightly sweet flavor, and through the years cabbage salads have been showing up regularly on the blog. Truth is, I hard a hard time narrowing this list down to only Five Favorite Low-Carb Cabbage Salads!

Four of these favorite picks are salads I’ve made many, many times for parties and the fifth salad is one I make regularly for a Weekend Food Prep salad to keep in the fridge and eat all week. If you haven’t tried some of them yet, hope you enjoy!

And I’m a huge cilantro fan, so some of my favorite cabbage salads include that pungent herb that not everyone enjoys. Just replace the cilantro with more thinly-sliced green onion in any of these recipes if you’re not a cilantro fan! Just click the recipe name under any of the cabbage salad photos to see the complete recipe, including nutritional information. 

Crunchy Low-Carb Napa Cabbage Asian Slaw title photo

Crunchy Low-Carb Napa Cabbage Asian Slaw is a recipe that’s been a total wow for me from the first time I made this, and this slaw is always a big hit at family parties.

Low-Carb Spicy Cilantro Peanut Slaw title photo

Another cabbage salad I’ve made over and over is this Low Carb Spicy Cilantro-Peanut Slaw. The flavors in this one are so interesting, with an Asian dressing that includes rice vinegar, sweetener, sesame oil, soy sauce, and just a touch of spicy Sriracha sauce.

Crunchy Low-Carb Chopped Salad title photo

Crunchy Low-Carb Chopped Salad is a salad I make regularly for Weekend Food Prep, and I love how this will stay good in the fridge for days and days. And I love the crunch in this lettuce-free chopped salad!

Ridiculously Easy Blue Cheese Coleslaw title photo

Blue cheese fans are going to swoon over this Ridiculously Easy Blue Cheese Coleslaw and I promise this really is ridiculously easy to make!

Low-Carb Spicy Mexican Slaw with Lime and Cilantro title photo

And finally, I could never talk about favorite cabbage salads without including this Low-Carb Spicy Mexican Slaw with Lime and Cilantro. I’ve literally made this hundreds of times, and it’s a recipe I’d always enjoy as a side dish.

Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
Any of these Low-Carb Casserole Recipes will be a great dish for low-carb diet plans although some are not Keto. For the original South Beach Diet which so many of my readers still follow, you will want to choose lower-fat ingredients for these recipes. See tips in individual recipes about adaptations if needed for certain diets.

If you’re a cabbage salad fan I’d love to hear in the comments about your favorite low-carb cabbage salads!

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  1. Okay, so I am a bit cuckoo here. Looks like I replied to two comments yesterday but didn't publish the comments. Luckily this morning Blogger "reminded" me that the comments were still there by showing them on my dashboard. Never thought I would like the way Blogger inserts the comment at the time it came in, but this time I do!

  2. Becky, you're welcome and enjoy!

  3. I have two bags of cole slaw from the Food Co-Op in my freezer that I didn't know what to do with and now I do! Thanks for being such a good resource!

  4. Jenny, not sure which one you made, but I'm thinking maybe the top one? The funny thing about you wishing you were my neighbor is that is that my neighbors on both sides just moved (on the same day – I'm trying not to take it personally!)

  5. We had this last night and all I can say is… YUMMY! We are not fans of cilantro so I substituted basil.

    I added some grilled chicken on top and presto… dinner.

    I wish I was your neighbor so you would invite me over for dinner. 🙂

  6. So glad you liked it!

  7. I made the Spicy Cilantro Peanut Slaw this weekend and served it with lamb sandwiches. The fresh spicy flavor of the slaw was a nice contrast to the hearty lamb. I used Virginia peanuts from Costco that I absolutely love. I just finish the last of the slaw for lunch. You've inspired me and now I've got cabbage on my shopping list. I do want to get some napa cabbage this time too.

  8. I made the Spicy Cilantro Peanut Slaw this weekend and served it with lamb sandwiches what a great contrast, the full flavored lamb and the nice fresh slaw. It was a hit. I just finish a bowl of the slaw for lunch. I used the Virginia Peanuts from Costco which I absolutely love. You've got me inspired to try the other recipes I've got cabbage on the shopping list.

  9. Stacey, I'm not sure I've sauteed cabbage like that, but it does sound just delicious!

    Paula, I am in complete agreement with you about the dislike of winter!

    Susan, cabbageheads it is! (I have always been a salad lover, long before I was a food blogger.)

    Jane, I agree; just one more reason to love cabbage.

  10. I'm going to have a difficult time figuring out which of these recipes to make with today's lunch. I love cabbage salads especially this time of year when other "greens" are so expensive…and cabbage is a good value.

  11. Cabbage salad lovers unite! Should we call ourselves cabbageheads? 😉

    One of the things I love most about your blog is that you post so many great salad recipes. Thanks for the mouthwatering reminder that I've been wanting to make several of these!