Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks:
Although I don’t do sponsored posts or accept product samples on this blog, I do love to share about products I purchase myself; especially when I find something I happily buy over and over.  You can see all the products I’ve featured on my page of Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks.

Cooking Tips:
Most posts on this blog are recipes, but occasionally I share some of the tips from my many years of being a passionate cook.  You can find those posts collected on my page of Cooking Tips.

Kalyn’s Garden Updates:
When I started my blog I was an avid gardener, and I posted frequent garden updates from 2006-2013.  Then I moved to a house where deer, rabbits, and squirrels, plus a short growing season frustrated my attempts to grow vegetables. Then in 2016 my wonderful brother Mark and his wife Lisa built me an amazing new garden space, completely fenced to keep out critters and perfectly situated for maximum sun. I am gardening again and couldn’t be happier about it! All my gardening posts, including the photos of how I transformed my garden space into a raised-bed garden are collected on my page of  Garden Updates.

Want To Know More About Me?
I don’t share as much of my personal life as some bloggers do (and my life would make for pretty boring reading anyway, so maybe it’s for the best!) However, I  shared on the blog about the house renovations I was so excited about as well as my new stove. In 2013 I moved to a bigger house so I could host more family parties, and I showed photos of my new kitchen.  I also do occasional posts of Things I’m Thinking About, including some traveling adventures, a new car, and a few other announcements.

Buzz About Kalyn:
Through the years quite a few people have said nice things about this little blog of mine, and I’ve collected all those links on a page of What Nice People Are Saying About Kalyn’s Kitchen.  (In recent years I haven’t kept up with this page too well, but I do always appreciate it when I get a nice shout-out somewhere on the web!)

Eating Out and About:
I’ve never wanted to do actual restaurant reviews, but through the years I’ve enjoyed writing about restaurants where I’ve had really outstanding meals. I’ve collected those posts on pages of Salt Lake City Restaurants, Restaurants in Other Utah Cities, and Restaurants in U.S. Cities.

Other Blogging Adventures:
In addition to working on Kalyn’s Kitchen I also curate from-scratch slow cooker or pressure cooker recipes for my other blog Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker. If you’re looking for low-carb slow cooker or pressure cooker recipes, you’ll find a good collection of them there!