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Thanks for Your Interest in Kalyn’s Kitchen!
Kalyn’s Kitchen is my personal blog, where I share recipes I’m cooking in my own kitchen. I hope my blog is a resource for anyone who likes the kind of creative carb-conscious recipes this blog is known for.

How to Contact Kalyn:
To contact me, send your e-mail to kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. (This address needs to be converted to normal e-mail format.)

Answering Questions from Readers:
I love to hear from people who are readers of Kalyn’s Kitchen and will do my best to answer simple questions, although I don’t have the training or the time to give full-fledged dieting advice. If your question is about a specific recipe, please consider leaving it as a comment on that post so others can benefit from the answer.

How to Leave a Comment:
To leave a comment, just click where it says “Leave a Reply” at the end of the post. If you have a website you can link your site to your comment signature, but links which appear spammy will be deleted. Some comments will come to me in an e-mail and won’t show up on the blog until I publish them, and I’m not sitting by the computer waiting for comments 100% of the time, so thanks for your patience!

Reach me Through Social Media:
I try to check in with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest a few times each day, and try to respond to people who reach me there, but I can’t always keep up with comments on social media so if you really need to reach me, leaving a comment on the blog or sending e-mail is better.

About Advertising on Kalyn’s Kitchen
If you are promoting a food-related product and would be interested in advertising on a network of food blogs, please contact She Media. I only accept advertising through this network, and  don’t sell text links or do sponsored posts of any type.

My Thoughts About Reviewing Cookbooks or Products
This blog is about what I’m cooking in my own kitchen, so I’m only interested in talking about cookbooks or products I’m personally using and would happily buy again. Because I have limited time to try new products or cookbooks, I have decided to no longer accept books or other products for review. I do love to mention cookbooks I’m using and talk about my favorite products on the blog, but when I do that I enjoy being able to tell my readers that I bought them myself. (If you’re a food blogger who has written a book, feel free to drop me a line to let me know about it and if it interests me I’ll be happy to buy your book.)

Working with Other Bloggers:
I don’t use guest posts of any kind, and don’t participate in any kind of sponsored campaigns. I am happy to have my work included in blogger recipe round-ups (as long as it doesn’t include the actual recipe and uses a format that features a photo plus a link to get the recipe from my site.) 

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    366 Comments on “How to Contact Kalyn”

  1. This ia not a comment or question about one certain recipe. I would like to know if your recipes are diabetic friendly. My son has type 1 and I have type 2

    • I’m not quite sure what your definition of “diabetic friendly” is. I don’t consider myself qualified to give dietary advice for a medical condition. But I will say that every recipe has nutritional information (below the instructions in the actual recipe) so if you know what requirements you are looking for, you can surely find recipes that are suitable.

      If you are mostly looking for recipes that are low in carbs, you can find a category for that in the Recipe Index. I would estimate about 75% of my recipes are low in carbs, maybe a bit more.

  2. Hi Kalyn, this isn’t a recipe question, although all your recipes are amazing, it is the pronunciation of your first name I am inquiring about. I named my daughter Ralyn, pronounced ‘Ray-Lin’, thinking I went a simple route, but it’s almost the last thing she’s been called in her 17 years -it’s usually.     ‘Rau-Lin’ amount other things. People usually just shorten her name to Ray.  Anyway, I’m curious of your names pronunciation and if you’ve had any similar issues?  Thank you!!!

    • Hi Shauna,
      My name is pronounced Kay Lynn. But many people mispronounce it. I guess I am used to it, and it doesn’t bother me too much, but tell your daughter I know what she is going through. I do think having a distinctive spelling has been good for the internet! Glad you are enjoying the recipes.

  3. Hi Kalyn! – Happy New Year 2021!

    I wanted to let you know that we made this recipe yesterday! We used the follow items –

    – For the beans, we used Camellia Brand dry cannellini beans.
    – For the sausage, we used Butterball® Natural Hardwood Smoked Turkey Sausage 13 oz. Pack
    – Fresh Basil we purchased from Publix.
    – For the tomatoes, we used Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes – 14oz

    Let me tell you, THIS WAS EXCELLENT!

    I browned the low fat sausage until crispy and scraped the little charred bits from the pan to add to the stew. Fresh pressed garlic too! Next time we’ll make a double batch and freeze individual serving sizes!

    Thanks for the great food! – Jenny

  4. I simply love the recipe . Twice baked cabbage. It was very good and I will pass it on

  5. I love this website for the wonderful low carb recipes. I’ve made many of them and they are great.
    What I’m hating is the bombardment of popup ads all over the pages (each and every page). I can barely stand to navigate the site any more.

    • If you are talking about the ad that shows up around the edges of the content, I have a complaint in to my ad network about that. Hopefully it can be removed quickly.

      There shouldn’t be a lot of pop-up ads in general though. If you see one that pops up if you can send me a screenshot I can get it removed.

      Thanks for letting me know. I use the site mostly on desktop and don’t see pop-ups but I don’t want them on mobile either.

  6. Hello. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog. It’s organized very clearly, and I love that it isn’t gimmick-y or preachy about any particular diet. Using your site has made finding new carb-conscious recipes actually enjoyable rather than a chore. You rock.

    • Thanks so much for the nice thoughts. I am so glad my approach is helpful for you. I am not into telling people what they should eat; I believe everyone gets to make their own food choices! So I am just here to offer options.

  7. Hi there
    I really don’t like stevia sweetener. Do you think I could use Bulk Powders Zero cal syrup or huni as an alternative? 
    I’ve tried to get monk fruit sweetener but it’s hard to source in the uk. 
    Thank you in advance
    Emma x

    • I’m not familiar with either of those sweeteners, but I think most any granulated zero calorie sweetener can be used interchangeably for the sweetener I use. Just be sure it says “granulated” on the package. Also some packages will say “measures 1:1 like sugar” and that is a good clue that it will work. Good luck!

  8. Neither of the vinaigrette sauces are available to me so how do I make the basil vinaigrette sauces from scratch ?

    • If you google Vinaigrette Dressing you will find hundreds (if not thousands) of recipes for Vinaigrette Dressing. One that is emulsified (with a whisk or in a blender/food processor) will give best results in my recipe. Hope you enjoy!

  9. I pinned one of your recipes years ago. It is one of our all time favorites. I can not find it on your website. Could you send it? 

    It was vegetarian whole wheat pasta with fried kale, tomato sauce and goat cheese

  10. This is reply is to someone named Mel who wrote to me here about supposed copyright violation. I have attempted to contact you by e-mail, but the e-mail did not go through.

    I am confused by your claim that my site has used your images without permission. I take my own photos for the site, and only use other bloggers’ photos with permission in round-up posts.

    I would like to see what images you claim are yours. However, I am not going to click on a google document without knowing what it leads to. Could you send me links to the pages on my site where the images are located that you are claiming ownership of?

    It is never my intent to violate another person’s copyright and I have never knowingly used someone else’s images without permission. I will definitely remove any unauthorized images if there are some on my site.

  11. I deleted an extremely rude comment from someone named Wendy, but am responding to her here.

    I have been blogging since 2005. In that time EVERYTHING in the world has changed about blogging. And I am now in my 70s and it’s been very hard to keep up.

    There have been so many necessary changes that I’ve done months and months of work to implement (like recipe cards and nutritional information) and some common features on newer blogs (like jump to recipe) that I still can’t implement because my recipes are not all in that format yet. And for many years there wasn’t the emphasis on SEO that there is now. I definitely don’t have time to learn everything I need to know about that.

    I’m sorry my efforts are not good enough for you. But if you’re really so unhappy with my blog, why not just stop coming here? It’s a big internet out there with endless options. Why the need to let me know about everything you find unsatisfactory, and in such an accusing way (as if I was purposely doing those things that annoy you to somehow benefit me?) Criticism like that is just mean-spirited and so not necessary.

  12. I have started to not like eggs.  Is there a substitute for your muffin recipes. 

    • I’m afraid I have absolutely zero experiencing substituting other things for eggs. But I bet you could find a lot about that on Google because I know some people do it successfully.

      • I tried this recipe today, but I used “better than bouillon” in beef. I didn’t have fresh mushrooms or tomatoes, but substituted canned instead. It was delicious anyway!

      • I’m afraid I’m not able to tell what recipe you are referring to?

  13. Thrilled to find your website! Should quinoa be avoided in phase 1 of South Beach? Looks like it’s considered a protein but a carb too…? Thanks!

    • I know that in the original South Beach Diet quinoa was phase 2 or 3. Now that South Beach has morphed into a different program, I haven’t kept up with all those changes. I don’t know for sure which plan you’re following but you may have to consult a book for the version of SBD you’re using to find an accurate answer.

  14. How can I register on your website and receive updates and newsletter and be part of your community?

  15. Hi Kaylin, Just have to say that I really enjoy getting your newsletter and even though I don’t make all the recipes, I really enjoy reading them. The ones I have made, I’ve really enjoyed. The one-sheet cabbage and Kielbasa, to which I also add a few chicken thighs (cooked on a separate sheet) is fabulous! You offer so much variety for us low-carbers. Thank you!
    BTW I’m in UT as well, just up (down?) the road in Park City. Stay safe and keep cooking!
    Best, Kathy

  16. Hi Kalyn
    I have just started to use my bread maker again due to the lock down with the coronavirus. Just a quick question I have a bulgar and red &white Quinoa seed mix, do I need to soak these for 1 hour before putting it into the bread machine?
    thank you