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How to Contact Kalyn

Thanks for Your Interest!
Kalyn’s Kitchen is my personal blog, where I share recipes I’m cooking in my own kitchen.  I hope my blog is a resource for anyone who likes the kind of deliciously healthy low-carb recipes this blog is known for.

How to Contact Kalyn:

To contact me, send your e-mail to kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. (This address needs to be converted to normal e-mail format.)

Answering Questions from Readers:
I love to hear from people who are readers of Kalyn’s Kitchen and will do my best to answer simple questions, although I don’t have the training or the time to give full-fledged dieting advice. If your question is about a specific recipe, please consider leaving it as a comment on that post so others can benefit from the answer.

How to Leave a Comment:
To leave a comment, just click the link that says *Comments* at the end of the post. If you have a website you can choose one of the OpenID choices from the dropdown menu.  If you’re not registered with one of those choices you will have to use your Google Account in order to comment.  (I used to accept anonymous comments, but due to excessive comment spam I had to stop allowing them.)  Type the comment and then click *Publish Your Comment.*  If the post is more than two weeks old, you’ll have to click the box to show you’re a human and not a spam-bot, and the comment will come to me in an e-mail and won’t show up on the blog until I publish it. I will try to respond as quickly as I can.

Reach me Through Social Media:
I try to check in with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ a few times each day, and I try to respond to people who reach me there, but I can’t always keep up with comments on social media so if you really need to reach me, leaving a comment on the blog or sending e-mail is better.

My Thoughts About Reviewing Cookbooks or Products
This blog is about what I’m cooking in my own kitchen, so I’m only interested in talking about cookbooks or products I’m personally using and would happily buy again. Because I have limited time to try new products or cookbooks, I have decided to no longer accept books or other products for review.  I do love to mention cookbooks I’m using and talk about my favorite products on the blog, but when I do that I enjoy being able to tell my readers that I bought them myself.  (If you’re a food blogger who has written a book, feel free to drop me a line to let me know about it and if it interests me I’ll be happy to buy your book.)

About Advertising on Kalyn’s Kitchen
If you are promoting a food-related product and would be interested in advertising on a network of food blogs, please contact BlogHerAds. I only accept advertising through this network, and  don’t sell text links or do sponsored posts of any type.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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316 comments on “How to Contact Kalyn”

  1. Thank you Christine! Comments like that really make my day.

  2. Where can I get Mexican vanilla & is there a specific name you recommend?
    Thank you, Amy

  3. Amy I've only had Mexican vanilla that people have brought back to me from Mexico so I don't have any info about it, sorry.

  4. Hey Kalyn,

    I would love to join your Pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/kalynskitchen/best-slow-cooker-chicken-or-turkey-recipes/

    Could you please add me in this board. It would be so kind of yours. My Profile: http://www.pinterest.com/kaylabird103/

    Thanks, Kayla

  5. Kayla, as it says on the board, I only add people who are full time food bloggers.

  6. I am not here to infringe on you and your blog. I have made your recipe and tweeked it. Very good. I thought I linked you from it. I wish you would have emailed me. My blog is for me and my friends to read. I use it as a reference and I make no money at all. I do not even have ads on it. I wish you could of been friendly and emailed me.

    • Tiffany, I am afraid I have no idea what you're referring to. That's because every time I run a report I find hundreds of people copying my recipes and photos in a way that violates my contract. Google penalizes me when so many people copy my stuff, and with so many instances of it happening there is no way I can write personally to each person and discuss it with them.

      And you could have written directly to me as well if you really wanted to discuss it.

  7. I've been using this site for a long time and love it. One major problem though. I haven't been here in a while. Where is the login button. Where is the My recipes button. All i see is sign-up. I don't want to sign-up. I want access to my recipes. This site has become hard to navigate. Forget about using a smart phone for access. Horrible. Pop ups alone make me want to never use my phone for this site. Please help

    • Hi Scott,
      The Recipe Box feature was provided through Ziplist. Unfortunately they discontinued it on December 10. (There was nothing I could do about it.) You should have received several e-mails from there at the e-mail address you signed up with, and I also posted about it here as well as several times on the Kalyn's Kitchen facebook page. You can read that post here.

      We're in the middle of a re-design right now to make the site easier to use on a mobile device, hopefully that will help.

  8. HELP!  In your ‘Just tomatoes’ Sauce for the Freezer, do you peel the tomatoes or not?  Your recipe does not mention that.  

    • No, the tomatoes are not peeled. That’s partly why you need to use a food processor to break them down. (I am puzzled why you didn’t ask this comment on that post though. Then other people could also see it!)

  9. Would you know where I could buy Le Parisien salad dressing or have a receipe? It’s the best! Thank you.

  10. Hello there,

    My name is Ivan Serrano and I am freelance journalist and food enthusiast.

    I know it has not been solicited, but I believe that with my knowledge in writing and my passion for food, my writings would fit really well with your website. I am also willing to provide a fee in exchange for publishing my articles. My goal is to get my name out there and improve my reputation.

    Can you please provide your rates for guest posts.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Ivan Serrano

  11. I would love to make the Pepperoni pizza chicken bake–but can’t find a “print” button. Is it just me or is it missing from this recipe?

    • In the box where the actual recipe is located there’s a green button that says PRINT RECIPE. I know technology can be complicated, let me know if you don’t see that!

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