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Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta

This Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta is a delicious salad to make with fresh young spaghetti squash and zucchini! You can use baby spinach if you’re not a fan of arugula.

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Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta finished salad on plate

This Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta was an experiment that turned out to be a success, and now I’m sure I’ll make this every year when zucchini is abundant and the weather is too hot to cook. I’ve been experimenting with new ways to use squash, something I have fun with every summer. After I was wowed by the Zucchini Carpaccio, I started wondering about a variation of that salad with yellow squash, and this combination with arugula and herbs is the happy result.

I actually used The Flavor Bible (affiliate link; great book!) for ideas of what herbs would pair with arugula and ended up going with basil, but I think fresh mint or parsley would also be heavenly in this raw summer squash salad. And if you’ve never had raw summer squash, please try it! You’ll be surprised how tasty it is!

And this amazing yellow dish is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Harris; read after the recipe about her amazing spirit and why so many food bloggers were making yellow foods!

What ingredients do you need for this recipe?

  • fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • good quality extra virgin olive oil
  • zested skin from one whole lemon (zest the lemon first and then squeeze the juice)
  • yellow or green summer squash 
  • baby arugula leaves
  • sliced or chopped fresh herbs (see notes)
  • crumbled feta cheese

What if you’re not a fan of arugula?

You can use baby spinach for a milder version of the salad if you’re not a fan of arugula.

What if you’re not a fan of Feta Cheese?

This salad would be delicious with crumbled goat cheese or coarsely-grated Parmesan cheese if you’re not a fan of Feta.

What fresh herbs can you use?

I loved this salad with a generous amount of chopped fresh basil but mint or parsley would also be delicious in this.

Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta process shots c

How to Make Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta:

(Scroll down for complete recipe with nutritional information.)

  1. Start by zesting all the skin from one lemon, then whisk together with 3 T lemon juice and 4 T good quality olive oil.
  2. I used two yellow squash for plenty of yellow color, but any combination of yellow and green summer squash could be used. (I’d definitely go for a mix of yellow and green if you have them though!)
  3. Cut the ends off the squash, wash and dry the skin, cut the squash in half lengthwise, then slice into thin half-moon shapes. I used  a Mandoline Slicer (affiliate link) on 1.5 mm thickness but you could definitely cut thin slices with a chef’s knife too.
  4. Arrange the slices in a flat dish and drizzle over about 2/3 of the dressing mixture, along with some salt and fresh ground black pepper. I’d let that marinate 15-30 minutes.
  5. While the squash is marinating, wash and dry the baby arugula. I usually pinch off the larger stems, but you don’t have to do that unless you’re taking a photo of the salad!
  6. This next photo shows a mini salad spinner, but I used a generous amount of basil leaves for the salad. I’d aim for at least 1/2 cup sliced or chopped fresh herbs, no matter which herb you’re using.
  7. I used a cutting technique called chiffonade, where you pile up the basil leaves in a tower and then cut into thin strips. If I used mint or parsley, I’d just go for a coarse chop.
  8. After the squash has marinated, put the arugula and herbs into a bowl, then gently mix in the marinated squash pieces. Check to see if you want more dressing, and add as desired. (I like my salads rather wet, so I used most of the dressing.)
  9. Arrange salad on individual serving plates and sprinkle about 2 T crumbled feta over each. Enjoy!

Make it a Low-Carb Meal:

This Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula, Feta, and Herbs would taste great with Greek-Seasoned Grilled Pork Chops, Grilled Cod with Garlic, Basil, and Lemon, or Grilled Salmon Burgers with Caper Mayonnaise for a low-carb meal.

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Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta finished salad on plate

Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta

Yield 4 salads
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes

This Raw Summer Squash Salad with Arugula and Feta is one I make every year when zucchini is abundant and the weather is too hot to cook.


  • 3 T fresh squeezed lemon juice (or a bit less, see notes)
  • 4 T good quality extra virgin olive oil
  • zested skin from one whole lemon (or a bit less)
  • 3 medium sized yellow or green summer squash (see notes)
  • 5 oz. baby arugula leaves
  • 1/2 cup sliced or chopped fresh herbs (see notes)
  • 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese


  1. Zest the lemon and place the zest in a bowl or glass measuring cup.
  2. Squeeze the juice from the zested lemon, then add more juice as needed to make 3 T lemon juice. (I’m a big lemon fan, so if you’re not that crazy about lemon 2 T might be enough for you.)
  3. Add lemon juice to the zest, then whisk in the olive oil.
  4. Cut off the ends of squash, then wash and dry.
  5. Cut lengthwise, then use a v or chef’s knife to cut into very thin slices. (I used the 1.5 mm blade on the mandoline.)
  6. Layer the sliced squash into a flat dish and pour over about 2/3 of the dressing
  7. Season with a generous amount of salt and fresh ground black pepper.
  8. Let squash marinate 15-30 minutes while you prep other ingredients.
  9. Wash baby arugula leaves and spin dry or dry with paper towels. (I pinch off the big stems, but this is optional unless you’re taking photos!)
  10.  Wash herbs of your choice and spin dry or dry with paper towels.
  11.  Then either slice or coarsely chop herbs.
  12.  Combine arugula and herbs in bowl large enough to hold all the salad.
  13.  Add marinated squash slices, toss to combine, and taste to see if you want to add more dressing, salt, or fresh ground black pepper. (I added a bit more dressing.)
  14.  Arrange salad on individual salad plates, sprinkle each with 2 T crumbled feta cheese, and serve.


I use my fresh-frozen lemon juice for this recipe. You want about 3-4 cups sliced squash for this salad. I used basil but you could use mint or parsley for this salad.

Recipe created by Kalyn with inspiration from Zucchini Carpaccio and Pam’s Carpaccio of Raw Zucchini.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 205Total Fat: 18gSaturated Fat: 5gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 13gCholesterol: 17mgSodium: 183mgCarbohydrates: 9gFiber: 2gSugar: 5gProtein: 5g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated by the Recipe Plug-In I am using. I am not a nutritionist and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, since many variables affect those calculations.

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Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
Everything about this Raw Summer Squash Salad Recipe with Arugula, Feta, and Herbs is perfect for any phase of the South Beach Diet or any other type of low-glycemic or low-carb eating plan.

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Historical Notes for this Recipe:
This recipe was first posted in 2009. It was last updated with more information in 2021.

Dedicated to Barbara Harris
On June 30, 2012 the food blogging world lost our beloved and courageous Barbara from Winos and Foodies. Barbara was a beautiful person who touched many lives through her blog and her thoughtful comments and e-mails.  She started blogging as a way to stay connected to the world while undergoing chemotherapy, and since that time she has been engaged in a valiant fight against the cancer that finally took her life. Barbara organized yearly events around the theme of yellow foods to raise money for cancer research, and when I posted this recipe for A Taste of Yellow we were hoping she had beaten it. Now with the sad news of her death, I am dedicating this recipe to her memory. Rest in peace Barbara; your lovely spirit will be greatly missed.

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