I think Penzeys Turkey Base is a MUST-HAVE for Thanksgiving turkey and gravy, and this post is to remind you it’s time to order some! And you’ll also find ideas here to use turkey base to get rich turkey flavor in turkey soup and turkey stock.

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Thanksgiving is less than a month away, and if you’re going to be cooking turkey this year, this Turkey Gravy Public Service Announcement is my yearly reminder to order Penzeys Turkey Soup Base to make your turkey gravy, turkey stock, and turkey soup!

In my family we’re huge fans of this product! And after many years of testing different brands of turkey soup base, in my opinion no other brand compares in flavor to the the turkey gravy, turkey soup, or turkey stock you can get from Penzey’s. (And for anyone who might be wondering, Penzeys has never paid me to promote their Turkey Soup Base, and I’m sure they don’t even know my little blog exists!)

Where can you get Penzey’s Turkey Base?

There are a few different ways to get your turkey soup base:

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a Penzey’s store where you live, just go there and get some. (Salt Lake used to have one, but it closed.)
  • You can also simply order Turkey Base from Penzeys website, and if you’re like me you might find some other interesting spices there.
  • And now you can also order Penzeys Turkey Base (affiliate link) from Amazon.com, which is the way I usually do it.

Why is Penzey’s Turkey Base So Good?

Don’t confuse this turkey base with those horrid packets of turkey gravy mix that come in the turkey! The first ingredient in this product is cooked turkey meat. For anyone who’s even the slightest bit gravy-challenged, this will help you make the best turkey gravy you’ve ever made. And the Penzey’s turkey base is low enough in carbs that you can add a tablespoon or two to a batch of turkey gravy without adding many carbs. 

Making Low-Carb Turkey Gravy with Penzey’s Turkey Base:

  • If you don’t mind a thin gravy, you can make amazing-tasting gravy just by adding little bit of Penzeys Turkey Base to the pan juices from the roasted turkey and then simmering on low until it’s reduced and slightly thickened. This is probably my preferred method.
  • I’ve had turkey gravy made with Arrowroot Powder (affiliate link) which thickens like cornstarch but needs a much smaller amount. But the arrowroot starch gives the food a shiny look, which some people might not like for gravy, and there are also some tricks to using it successfully.
  • Ketologic makes low-carb turkey gravy with heavy cream and Xanthan gum, but I haven’t tried that method. I’d definitely add just a little Penzey’s Turkey Soup Base for a stronger turkey flavor.
  • My PCOS Kitchen makes Paleo Turkey Giblet Gravy with Tapioca Starch (affiliate link) and this gravy is low in carbs. Again, I’d add a little Penzey’s Turkey Base.

Recipes Using Penzey’s Turkey Soup Base:

I’ve shared a lot of ideas for Leftover Turkey (or chicken), but these are my favorite ways to use Penzey’s Turkey Soup Base.

More Turkey Recipes Where You Might Use This Product:

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More About Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks:

I purchased the Penzeys Turkey Soup Base myself and this company has no idea that I’m writing about their product. All items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are things I happily buy over and over, and because I want readers to know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I don’t accept review products from the many companies who offer to send them to me. You can see the complete list of products I’ve chosen at Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks.

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