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This page is an index to all the cooking tips about things Kalyn has learned from years of reading cookbooks and being an adventurous and passionate cook!

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I don’t pretend to be an expert at cooking in any way! But I’ve been cooking for more years than I can imagine and writing this blog since 2005, so I’ve picked up a few tips during that time. This is an index of the cooking tips I’ve shared on Kalyn’s Kitchen; I hope some of them are helpful for you!

Cooking Tips for Gardeners:

Cooking with Fresh Basil

Cooking with French Tarragon

Cooking with Fresh Parsley 

Cooking with Fresh Mint

How to Make Gremolata (with fresh parsley) and Recipe Ideas for Using Gremolata

Three Ways to Make Noodles with Zucchini and Other Vegetables (plus Recipes for Zucchini Noodles)

Freezing Tips:

My Favorite Tips for Freezing Garden Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs, and Vegetables

How to Make Minced Garlic for the Freezer and Stop Paying High Prices for Minced Garlic in a Jar

Freezing Fresh Lemon Juice and Lime Juice: How and Why I Do It

How to Freeze Fresh Basil

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs: Rosemary and Thyme

More About Freezing Fresh Herbs: Sage, Tarragon, and Mint

How to Make and Freeze Tomato Sauce

Making Pistou Sauce for the Freezer (in honor of Julia Child

“How-To” Cooking Tips

Three Ways to Make Noodles with Zucchini and Other Vegetables (plus Recipes for Zucchini Noodles)

How to Make Gremolata and Recipe Ideas for Using Gremolata

How to Make Juicy Grilled Chicken Breasts That Are Perfect Every Time

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

How to Make Slow Roasted Tomatoes

How to Make Beef Stock

How to Make Chicken Stock

How to Make Turkey Stock

How to Make Ham Stock and Recipe Ideas Using Ham Stock

How to Make Absolutely Perfect Restaurant Quality Salad at Home

How to Make Pot Roast in a Crockpot, Balsamic and Onion Pot Roast

How to Make a Frittata

How to Cook Fresh Artichokes

How to Cook Artichokes in a Pressure Cooker

How to Grill Zucchini

How to Cook Spagetti Squash as a Summer Squash

How to Roast Red Bell Peppers on a Barbecue Grill

How to Peel and Cut Up a Butternut Squash

How to Roast Anaheim Green Chiles on a Barbecue Grill

How to Cook Dried Beans in a Crockpot Slow Cooker

Kalyn’s Favorite Antipasto Salad – and Tips for Satisfying Salads at Home

More Cooking Tips will be coming. If there’s a certain tip you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave a comment here and if it’s a topic I know about I’ll be happy to share my knowledge.

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  1. Hi Adel,
    Most of the recipes that in in the different categories for salads would be raw; here's a link to the Salad Recipes Index Page

  2. Hi, do you have recipe that mostly raw/ half raw? Thanks

  3. Glad you enjoying the blog. If you enter salmon into the search bar there are lots of recipes for roasted or pan-grilled salmon.

  4. Hi Kalyn! I love your website! You have helped me in the past while I was on south beach. Quick question, I live in an apartment and do not have access to a grill. What is the best way to cook salmon? Thank you! Jacki

  5. Jolene, I have never heard of that product. (I can't publish your comment with the product name because then it becomes an ad for their product, and that encourages people to leave other similar comments.)