I think parsley is an herb that people should appreciate more, and here are my tips and recipes for Cooking with Fresh Parsley!

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Even though I grew up with a mom who would nibble the garnish of parsley from her plate when we ate in restaurants, I was well into adulthood before I developed a real appreciation of this grassy-flavored herb.  Now I can’t get enough of it! Some cooks adore the flat-leaf Italian parsley and ignore the curly type, but I like both, and actually prefer curly parsley in some salads where it adds an interesting texture.

In summer I love to use parsley combined with fresh mint, which I think brings out the flavor of both! And even though I grow parsley in my herb garden, I think one of the things that’s so great about parsley is that it’s inexpensive in the grocery store all year, making it perfect to add to things where you just want a bit of fresh herb flavor.

Tips for Growing Parsley:

In the garden parsley is a biennial, which means the plant will produce leaves for two years, although sometimes the first year the production is much less. I find it’s relatively easy to grow, and if you neglect your plants a little in the fall they’ll drop their seeds which keeps parsley plants coming up in that spot year after year. If you start parsley from purchased seed you’ll have to be patient because the seeds take a long time to germinate (although soaking them overnight before planting can help a lot.) Parsley plants do best when they’re trimmed through the season to remove seeds and dead leaves. There are two different types of parsley, flat leaf and curly parsley, and they are grown the same way.

What does fresh Parsley taste like?

I think most people who enjoy parsley would agree that it has somewhat of a grassy flavor, but in a good way! I’ve seen the flavor described as “a mild bitter”. But most of all I think it’s a fresh herby flavor that really goes well with many foods.

What Foods go with the flavor of fresh Parsley?

In many parts of the world, parsley is combined with other leafy herbs and eaten as a salad green, and I’ve come to love salads that have a generous amount of parsley. I also like it very much as an ingredient in ground meat dishes and soups or stews. I think parsley works especially well with tomatoes, cucumbers, dried beans, beef, chicken, lemon, garlic, mushrooms, peppers, and squash, but it’s good with many other flavors.

I hope you enjoy trying some fresh parsley recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen and my food blogging friends!

Cheesy Zucchini with Garlic and Parsley close-up photo

Cheesy Zucchini with Garlic and Parsley is a delicious and quick way to cook zucchini and this is a perfect recipe for parsley fans!

Middle Eastern Tomato Salad or Salad Shirazi found on KalynsKitchen.com

Before I even had a blog my friend Massoud taught me to make this Middle Eastern Tomato Salad, and that may have been the beginning of my appreciation for parsley!

Cannellini Bean and Tuna Salad with Peperoncini and Parsley close-up photo

I love spicy Peperoncini peppers, and I use them with lots of parsley in this Cannellini Bean and Tuna Salad with Peperoncini.

Tuna Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Parsley, and Mint finished salad

Tuna Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Parsley, and Mint is a delicious summer salad that’s kind of a variation of my favorite Middle Eastern Tomato Salad, with the addition of tuna.

Kalyn's Tabbouleh with Almonds close-up photo of finished salad in a bowl

Tabbouleh Salad with Almonds uses almonds, parsley, and mint and much less bulgur wheat to make a more carb-conscious version of Tabbouleh Salad!

Grilled Sausage and Summer Squash with Lemon and Herbs finished dish in serving bowl

Grilled Sausage and Summer Squash with Lemon and Herbs is an absolutely WOW summer dish that’s a perfect recipe to use some parsley!

Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers inside pita bread with sauce and herbs

Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers are a recipe where the sum is so much greater than the parts, and if you think ground turkey can’t possibly be that exciting you have to try this recipe!

Fattoush Lebanese Salad

For years I’ve been a huge fan of Fattoush Lebanese Salad and this is something I make every summer when I have fresh mint and parsley in the herb garden. And of course I use low-carb pita chips for this favorite salad!

Kalyn's BEST Low-Carb and Keto Recipes for Vegetables on the Grill

Spicy Grilled Eggplant is my brother Rand’s favorite eggplant recipe, and I like this with lots of parsley!

The fresh mint and parsley give this Lebanese Lentil Salad that middle-eastern salad flavor I love so much!

Parsley with Beans and Grains:

Roasted Chickpeas with Raisins, Parsley, and Mint from The Perfect Pantry
Quinoa Cakes with Lemon, Olive, and Parsley from Love and Olive Oil
Parsley Hummus from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Parsley with Vegetables:

Lemon-Marinated Brussels Sprouts with Parsley and Shallots from The Kitchn
Sauteed Radishes with Vinegar and Herbs from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Green Beans and Carrots with Charmoula Sauce from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Parsley with Meat, Poultry, or Fish:

Shrimp with Cilantro-Parsley Sauce from My Colombian Recipes
Saffron Chicken with Parsley and Lemon from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Air Fryer Salmon with Mustard-Herb Sauce from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Irish Beef Stew with Stout and Parsley Dumplings from Dinner with Julie

Parsley in Salads:

Bulgur Wheat Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Parsley, and Mint from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Pinto Bean Salad with Tuna, Tomatoes, and Peperoncini from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Val’s Sweet Cabbage Slaw from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Tuna and White Bean Salad from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Marinated Tomato Salad with Herb Dressing from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Cucumber Salad with Parsley and Feta from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Parsley in Sauces and Dressings:

Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Chimichurri Sauce from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Parsley-Cilantro Marinade and Dipping Sauce from Andrea Meyers
How to Make Gremolata from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Parsley Pesto from Jessica in the Kitchen

Parsley in Soup:

Parsnip Soup with Leeks and Parsley from Simply Recipes
Summer Squash Soup with Parsley-Mint Pistou from Smitten Kitchen

Do you share my love of fresh parsley? If you have a good parsley recipe, share the link in a comment.

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