This post has a great tip for every one (like me) who’s always trying to drink more water, plus a few other things I’ve been thinking about!

When I shared my Tips for Growing Green Onions I promised I’d start again with occasional posts of Things I’m Thinking About, so here’s another collection of things that have been on my mind lately. But first, how’s every one doing while the global pandemic is keeping most of us at home? I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some days where I’ve really struggled with feeling bored and restless, and my ambition to accomplish things isn’t always what it could be during this time. But mostly, I’m doing fine, and feeling grateful I have a job where I already work at home and have a fridge, freezer, and pantry that’s always well-stocked at home.

I’m Challenging Myself to Drink More Water

One of the things I miss the most during this time is going to the gym, where I work out with a trainer part of the time to keep me on track. While gyms are closed my trainer Amy is doing an online fitness and wellness challenge with her clients that includes drinking lots of water. (She’s recommending half your body weight in ounces.) Drinking enough water is something that’s always a challenge for me, but a few years ago I bought a set of glass water bottles for the fridge (affiliate link) that have really helped me with this goal.

In the photo above you see how the bottle is big enough to add ice cubes, and I do that when the weather is really warm. During winter months I just keep the bottles in the fridge filled with water, which is cold enough for me. The bottle hold 18 ounces of water, and I try to keep one close by and drink from it frequently all day long. And nothing has helped me drink more than water than having these glass bottles of cold water always ready in the fridge!

Foods to Boost Mood collage

I’m Trying to Eat Foods that Boost Your Mood 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s struggling with wanting comfort food right now. (We have a good reason to need comfort, don’t you agree?) But I like the idea of healthy food that can also make us feel better, and was happy that this list of Foods to Boost Your Mood from CNN had some of the vegetables and other foods I really like. So I’ve been trying to eat things like Air Fryer Salmon for the omega-3 fatty acids and Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Leafy Greens for folate (which fights depression.) And although I don’t eat a lot of grains, I have been pulling my favorite low-carb pita bread out of the freezer pretty regularly. Check the list at CNN to see what other mood-boosting foods they recommend.

Are You Making the Most of Your Freezer?

I’m so grateful I have a big freezer during this time when I want to avoid going to the store, and for many years I’ve been a fan of freezing fresh lime juice and fresh lemon juice. And during the years I had a big vegetable garden I wrote a collection of Tips for Freezing Fresh Herbs, Garden Tomatoes, and Vegetables. I also recently found some good tips at where my friend Amy Sherman wrote about Tips for Freezing Vegetables and Herbs. Are you freezing things more than normal while you’re stuck at home? You can use the category for Can Freeze on my blog to find dishes where you can freeze leftovers to enjoy again later.

Slow Cooker Favorites

Are Slow Cookers Making a Comeback?

I have a second site where I find and share Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker recipes (from Kalyn’s Kitchen, and many great blogs around the web.) And I noticed on that site that the slow cooker round-ups seemed  more popular than usual. Then a few weeks an old round-up of The Top Ten Slow Cooker Recipes of 2013 suddenly became the most popular post on Kalyn’s Kitchen! (Obviously it was featured somewhere, but I’ve never been able to track it down.) For several weeks now that has continued to be one of the most-viewed posts on the site, so obviously people are pulling out the slow cooker more often while they are stuck at home. You might want to check out all the Slow Cooker Recipes if you’re someone who still uses the slow cooker!

Most of all, I Love the Way People Are Helping and Supporting Others 

I’m inspired almost daily by stories of how people are helping each other or showing support during this difficult time, including this 99 year old man who raised $15 million by walking in his garden, people all over the world making masks, people in big cities clapping to show support for health care workers, and restaurants giving free food to those who are caring for coronavirus patients. Amazing acts of human kindness and corporate responsibility are happening every day.

What Are You Thinking About Right Now?

If you’ve seen something on the web that moved you, spiked your interest, or inspired you to do something better I’d love to hear about it in the comments. And stay safe everyone!

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