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Chicken Soup with Collard Greens, Carrots, and Brown Rice

I’ve been in a Soup and Stew mood the last few weeks, and I wanted to make another new soup for Alanna’s soup event, which is happening during February. I had a lot of left-over chicken from one of those great Costco rotisserie chickens, so I was looking for an unusual twist on Chicken soup when I saw a recipe in The Gourmet Cookbook for Chicken and Rice soup using brown Rice. Gourmet explained how the same long-cooking qualities that make some people not like brown rice make it perfect for soup, and it made sense to me. Plus, brown rice is great for the South Beach Diet, and I love the nutty flavor.

When I was thinking of something else besides the standard carrots, celery, and onions to give the soup a little more color, I looked through my recipe archives and remembered how much I loved collard greens in Hoppin’ John Soup, and this recipe was created. I loved the way this turned out. Collard greens are very mild in flavor compared to other greens, and they’re very nutritious, so if you’ve never tasted them, give this soup a try!

Chicken Soup with Collard Greens, Carrots, and Brown Rice
(Makes 8-10 servings, recipe created by Kalyn with inspiration from The Gourmet Cookbook.)

12 cups homemade chicken stock (or use 7 cans chicken broth)
3 cups water
1 cup finely chopped onion (1 medium onion)
1 cup finely chopped celery
1 cup coarsely chopped carrots
3 cups diced, cooked chicken
2/3 cup long grain brown rice
1 T poultry seasoning (I used Penzeys)
pinch hot pepper flakes (I used some wonderful Turkish pepper flakes from Burcu, thanks Burcu!)
2-3 cups sliced and coarsely chopped collard greens

In large soup pot, combine chicken stock, water, onion, celery, carrots, cooked chicken, rice, poultry seasoning, and hot pepper flakes. (A lot of this liquid will be cooked down, so don’t worry if it seems like too much.) Turn heat to very low and simmer 45 minutes to one hour, until rice is tender.
Wash collard greens, cut away stem and center vein and cut leaves into fourths vertically, then into slices horizontally. Add collard greens to pot and simmer about 20 minutes more, until greens are wilted and starting to break apart. Serve hot.

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17 comments on “Chicken Soup with Collard Greens, Carrots, and Brown Rice”

  1. So glad you liked it. I have collard greens on my "must plant" list for next year!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I made this last night with collards from my garden. I used Portuguese sausage. I didn't have any chicken on hand. Easy and delicious!

  3. So glad you enjoyed the soup. I do love the idea of adding some greens to soups; such an easy way to make them more nutritious.

  4. I know this post is old, but I just found it. I wanted to make chicken soup from scratch, using a roast chicken carcass, but I was missing some of the ingredients needed for a classic chicken noodle soup recipe. I happened to have frozen chopped collard greens on hand (impulse buy at the store – I don't think I've ever even eaten collard greens before – I'm from Maine) and went in search of a chicken soup recipe which would include those. I found yours, and loved the idea of adding brown rice – why didn't I think of that? I had wanted to add egg noodles, but didn't have them and didn't feel like going to the store.

    I made this with homemade chicken stock, the "good" meat which I had previously picked off the roast chicken, and everything but the onion (which I had used in the stock and didn't feel I needed in the soup.) I used a large bag of collard greens, more carrots and celery than you list, and a full cup of brown rice. I'm also not sure how much stock I had – perhaps more than the 12 cups you called for. In any case, this recipe made a delicious, hearty, and healthy chicken soup – I'm really happy about swapping a whole grain like brown rice for egg noodles, and adding greens for additional vitamins. This may be the only way I make chicken soup from now on!

  5. Oh, I could have this soup, right this very snowy, icy cold day!


  6. I’m in a soup mode too… the weather is just too damp and cold. Love collard greens!

  7. Hi Kalyn,
    Well, the rain here in San Diego makes your soup look even more appealing! I love all kinds of greens, including collards. Don’t think I’ve put them in soup, though. Love the idea!

  8. I love chicken soup too. Which is a good job, because my wife makes it every week!

  9. Kalyn,
    Thanks for the link. And soup has been much in the forefront of my mind lately — just haven’t had a chance to make a batch.

  10. Tanna, I am NEVER bored with you, thanks!

    Nika, it was really good. The collard greens added a nice, subtle flavor.

    Basil, I love this soup you’re describing, and I have a couple of recipes listed at the end that are similar to what you’re describing. (And I agree that canned broth will never replace the flavor of real chicken stock, but some people will never make their own stock, so I give the canned broth as purely an option.)

  11. Hello,

    I will post a simple Greek recipe for Chiken soup.No cans with stock and the like.
    Take one chiken with the chiken liver.Wash it well .Add water for six deep plates.When it starts boiling take out the skim.Leave it boiling for an hour.Then remove the chicken add a cup of rice and leave it in very slow fire for 20 minutes.
    Hit two fresh eggs and one or two fresh lemon juice.
    Wait the temperature to drop a litle and the add litle by litle two cups from the soup in to the eggs while hitting the mixture.Then you will add the whole mixture in the soup while stirring well.
    Add a litle fresh pepper and enjoy with your family.
    Light,healthy, ideal for cold winter days.

    My two cents.Sorry for my English.


  12. MAN that looks SO delicious.. thanks for the recipe and I will be making this next time I have some left over chicken!

  13. Are you bored with me Kalyn? All I ever have to say is: Wow, that looks so good! The collard greens are something I just never think of, I’ll work on that.

  14. Alanna, no, YOU are the soup queen, at least for this month!

    Country girl, you’re welcome. Glad you like it. I need to make some myself, tonight!

    Sandy-la, thanks so much. I need to hear that some days.

  15. I love this blog! Thanks for all the time and energy you put into your blog.

  16. Thanks so much for your breakfast egg muffin recipe. My husband is diabetic and doing a great job of controlling his numbers, but he needed some variety in his breakfast. I made a batch last night using the silicone muffin pans (they are fantastic), he tried one and loved it. I had one with my coffee this morning. I’m not diabetic but always looking for ways to cut carbs. Found your blog just a few weeks ago and check it regularly.

  17. Yum! You just might be the Soup Queen, Mz Kalyn!

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