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Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro

This Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro is a tasty stew that’s low-glycemic, gluten-free, and South Beach Diet friendly.  Skip the beans and double the chicken if you want a low-carb stew. Use the Diet-Type Index to find more recipes like this one.

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Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro found on KalynsKitchen.com

This flavorful stew with ground chicken or turkey, chickpeas, tomatoes, yogurt, and curry powder was one of those recipes that end up tasting a lot better than they look, and I thought this was a delicious quick dinner option. I spotted the recipe for Chicken Chickpea Curry Bowls on Everything Rachel Ray, but I skipped the rice and served it as a stew. I did change the preparation method a little, simmering the meat, chickpeas, tomatoes, and curry powder for a few minutes before I stirred in the yogurt.

I haven’t made too many recipes from Rachel Ray, and I know some people love to criticize her for her perky personality and 30 Minute Meals, but I think anyone who can get more people into the kitchen cooking at home deserves some credit. This recipe from Rachel was definitely a keeper for me, loaded with flavor, frugal, and easy to get on the table in less than 30 minutes.

(Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro was featured January 2013, on a day when I fell on the ice and broke my arm!)

Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro found on KalynsKitchen.com

The recipe called for ground chicken, which is what I used, but I think ground turkey would be fine as well. Brown the chicken or turkey in the olive oil. Push the browned chicken over to one side of the pan, add a little more oil, then add the chopped onions and saute onions for 3-4 minutes, until they are just starting to get some color.

Sprinkle onions with the curry powder and cook a couple of minutes, stirring a few times, then stir the onion mixture into the browned chicken. Drain one can of chickpeas in a colander placed in the sink, rinse well with cold water, and let drain.

Add chickpeas and canned tomatoes to the chicken-onion mixture and let simmer for 5 minutes. Then stir in the yogurt, turn heat to low, and simmer 3-4 minutes or until flavors are well blended. Serve hot, garnished with fresh chopped cilantro if desired.

Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro found on KalynsKitchen.com

Make it a Meal: Spicy Mexican Slaw would make a great low-carb side dish for this recipe.

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Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro

This Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro is a tasty stew.


  • 1 T + 1 tsp. olive oil
  • 1 1/4 lb. package ground chicken or turkey (use chicken or turkey with less than 10% fat for South Beach Diet)
  • 1 large onion, chopped in medium dice
  • 2 T sweet curry powder (see notes)
  • 1 can petite dice tomatoes with juice (14.5 oz.)
  • 1 can chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans, 15.5 oz. can)
  • 12 oz. fat free Greek yogurt (if you don’t have Greek yogurt, I would drained the yogurt in a fine strainer for at least 30 minutes to remove some of the liquid)
  • salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro for garnish, optional


  1. Heat 1 T olive oil in a heavy non-stick frying pan, then add ground chicken or turkey, breaking it apart with the turner and sauteing until it is well cooked and lightly browned.
  2. This will take 7-9 minutes, don’t rush the browning step.
  3. Push the chicken or turkey to one side of the pan, add the extra tsp. olive oil, then add chopped onions and cook 3-4 minutes, until onions are just starting to get some color.
  4. Sprinkle onions with the curry powder and cook about 2 minutes more, turning a few times, then stir the onion mixture into the chicken.
  5. Add tomatoes with juice and drained chickpeas and let simmer about 5 minutes, or until some liquid has evaporated and flavors are well blended.
  6. Turn heat to low, stir in Greek yogurt, and simmer about 3 minutes more. (Don’t let it come to a boil after the yogurt has been added.)
  7. Season to taste with salt and fresh ground black pepper.
  8. Serve hot, sprinkled with chopped fresh cilantro if desired.
  9. This can be served over rice, but I just ate it in a bowl as a stew.


I used Penzeys Sweet Curry Powder, but use any curry powder blend that you like.

This recipe adapted from Chicken Chickpea Curry Bowls by Rachel Ray and found on Everything Rachel Ray.

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Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
Served as a stew or with cauliflower rice, this low-glycemic dish is perfect for any phase of the South Beach Diet as well as other low-glycemic eating plans. You could make a low-carb version of this by skipping the chickpeas and doubling the amount of ground turkey, and I think that sounds delicious!

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Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro found on KalynsKitchen.com

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77 comments on “Ground Chicken (or Turkey) and Chickpea Curry Stew with Yogurt and Cilantro”

  1. Thanks Jessica, and I love hearing how you have adapted it with different things.

  2. Loved this recipe! I think I've made it 2 or 3 times now, although I never seem to have yogurt on hand when I do :). Others may have done some if the same additons, but here a couple things I added and that have worked out great: shredded kale, zucchini chunks, Chipotle pepper, garam nasal a spice, and a pinch of ground ginger.

    Thanks for sharing to your recipe. I think you might be my new fave food blog!

  3. Sheri, glad you enjoyed it. I love the idea of adding spinach.

  4. I made this and added some baby spinach. Everyone at work was super jealous of my lunch this week!

  5. Sue, I think sour cream would be great for this.

  6. I get migraines from yogurt so do you think I could substitute light sour cream for it?

  7. Elizabeth, you are too kind! And I'm honored as well that Monica picked my recipe as one of the ones she featured!

  8. What a delightful dish! I love to add chickpeas especially in a chicken curry dish. This is something my family will enjoy. Glad I found your recipe via Monica Bhide's curry collection today. What an honor to be included next to yours, Kalyn! Thanks for sharing !

  9. Cheryl, lucky you to have curry powder from India. I like Madras brand, but haven't tried making my own.

  10. I've made this twice, and it is TERRIFIC! Even better, it's fast, healthy, and inexpensive – a home run! The curry powder chosen is definitely key. I prefer Madras curry powder to anything sweet. I'm using Madras curry powder I got in India, and I'm a little worried about how this dish will taste when I have to replace it. I've heard the brand, Sun, is good and available at Indian groceries, so I'll try that next. I've also seen several recipes for making your own Madras curry powder online. If any of you have tried making your own curry powder, I'd love to hear how it went!

  11. I just made this (I used turkey) and served it over oven-roasted veggies: cauliflower, carrots, onion and eggplant. Perfection. Really, really delicious and satisfying. Thank you!

  12. This was delicious, exactly as written on day one. On day two, my family got Vietnamese pho for dinner and since that is definitely not SB friendly, I pulled out the leftover stew. Instead of the cilantro, I added the Thai basil and some beansprouts the others had for their pho. It was just enough of a twist to feel like I was eating some different than befor and it was just as delicious.

    Thank you so much for your blog. It is my favorite and the one from which I cook the most. I send all my friends your way whenever I can!

  13. Kaelyn, I feel so fortunate to have found you! I put my husband (who needs to shed 30 lbs) on SB Diet this week, and I need to lose 10. I bought the book in 2004, way before either of us were heavy; I have always been interested in nutrition & thought it sounded like a good diet to go on if we ever needed one. We did it in (a year after I had twins) & I lost my weight. But the recipes in the book get old, and I don't like the interface of recipes on their website.

    I found you this Monday by Googling "South Beach Eggplant Pizza". We are going to a pizza party tonight after skiing, and we wanted to feel like we were eating something as gooey & cheesy and good as everyone else. I tested your recipe immediately, and we were floored. I just made your Turkey/Chickpea/Curry dish last night (AMAZING!) and bought ingredients for two more of your "30 Days" dishes.

    You have an enthusiastic follower in me! I honestly can't thank you enough. You are making this easy. I am so inspired by your story, too. (I actually shoot for Women's World…I'm a freelance photographer based near Bozeman, MT & I shoot food/travel/portraits all over the US). I also have to tell you that your photography is EXCELLENT. I'm ditching my Pioneer woman subscription (bad photos, fatty recipes, too narcissistic of a personality & way too much contrived personal information ). I am switching to following YOU!!! I wake up every day now thinking, "What has Kalyn posted today?"

  14. This dish is soooo tasty! (I skipped the yoghurt part and added some fresh ginger and garlic, two of my favourites).Thank you for the idea, it will definitely become a regular meal for me!

  15. Coy Lou, just my opinion, but I don't think it will affect results that much to have a bit more fat.

  16. Hope you mend quickly! This recipe has been in regular rotation in our house since you initially published it; it's great.

  17. Hi! I'm attempting SB phase 1 here in Japan, where I generally can't read the labels (so frustrating to be illiterate). I'm looking for fat-free and low-fat versions of dairy products but am not always able to find them. I'm wondering how badly using part-fat or even full-fat dairy, like yogurt in recipe, will effect my phase 1 results? Thanks in advance and please feel better soon. Best, C.C.

  18. This looks absolutely like my kind of recipe–yum!!!

  19. May you be well and may your arm heal well and quickly! Thank you for all your great recipes and suggestions.

  20. Val, good idea. However, remember peas are not Phase One.

  21. I'm thinking, (cooking for 1) that I should stop before the addition of yogurt and just add it as I use/heat each portion. I think it would keep better? I like the addition of cauliflower (for P1) and/or peas.
    Hope you heal quickly!

  22. Hope you heal quickly!

  23. Bummer on your broken arm, sure hope it heals up quickly!
    This looks great, love anything with curry and yogurt, plus garbanzos, great combination and yummy.
    Take good care.

  24. Kalyn, I'm so sorry about your arm! I hope you're feeling ok and that it heals quickly. Take care.

  25. Followed your recipe to a T and it turned out incredible. Such favors for such a healthy meal. I pinned it and will make this a definite go-to meal. Thank you!!,

  26. Great, so glad to hear it turned out well for you!

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