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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks is a blog feature where I talk about products I love and would recommend to my readers. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared one of my picks, but now that there are no house renovations or vegetable gardens to photograph, I thought I’d start doing one of those posts instead of Friday Night Photos some of the time.

In case you’ve heard about the new FTC guidelines for product recommendations by bloggers, let me start by saying that nearly all of the food products and kitchen items I recommend are things I purchase myself. I very rarely accept products to review, but in the rare event that I did write about a product which was sent to me, I would always mention that I received it as a sample. And I will never (ever!) write about a product unless it is something I’d happily purchase over and over, so if I’ve added a product to my page of Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks, you can be sure this is a product I love!

I’m not a big ketchup eater, but I do eat it on scrambled eggs and occasionally use it in a recipe. For several years now I’ve been buying Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup. I love that it has only one gram of sugar per tablespoon, which is 75% less sugar that most ketchup on the market. This product was originally called Heinz One Carb Ketchup, but a few years ago it was renamed, although the ingredients haven’t changed.

This ketchup does contain Splenda, which doesn’t bother me since I don’t eat a lot of Ketchup. You can see the nutritional information at the Heinz Ketchup site, (although Heinz doesn’t make it possible for me to link directly to that page so you’ll have to catch the dancing ketchup bottle for the reduced sugar ketchup and then click on it to get that info. Heinz, what’s up with that?)

Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup was what I used when I made this Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with Low-Sugar Barbedue Sauce. This is a dish that never could have been made South Beach Diet friendly without using low-sugar ketchup.

I also used the Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup in this Shrimp Cocktail with Low Sugar Cocktail Sauce. This is another recipe where using regular ketchup would have made it too high in sugar for me.

According to the Heinz site, this product is also Kosher Pareve and Gluten-Free, which might be other reasons it’s a good choice for some people. In Utah I can buy this at both of the grocery stores where I shop most often.

I know there are some recipes out there for making your own ketchup if you want to avoid the sugar that most ketchup contains. There may be other brands of reduced sugar ketchup sweetened with natural ingredients that I don’t know about as well. If you have a good recipe for making low sugar ketchup, or a naturally low-sugar ketchup to recommend, please let us know about it in the comments.

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