This amazing Kirkland Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is one of those Costco products I buy over and over and over! And this post will tell you why it’s one of my ingredients picks and give some examples of recipes where I use it!

Kirkland Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in bottle, shown on cutting board.

There’s no question that this Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Costco is perfect for featuring as one of my picks for ingredients I buy over and over and happily recommend to the readers of Kalyn’s Kitchen. And when my big bottle of olive oil starts to get low, I add it to my Costco list right away.

Olive oil snobs may turn up their nose at the idea of buying olive oil from a big-box store like Costco, (and I can appreciate an expensive imported olive oil as much as the next food obsessed person), but for nearly everything I cook that uses olive oil, I’m thrilled with the flavor of this oil.

And if you compare the size of the bottle and the price to other good olive oils, this is definitely a bargain.  Even if you use olive oil often like I do, this bottle will last for a long time.

How often do I use Kirkland Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil?

If you enter “olive oil” into the search bar on my website hundreds of recipes will come up, and I’ve used this olive oil in nearly every one of them!

Ten favorite recipes flavored with olive oil:

Who else likes Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Have you tried this olive oil from Costco?  

If you’ve tried this favorite Kirkland Olive OIl, we’d love to hear in the comments about how you like it.  (However, I can’t permit recommendations for other brands of olive oil, because allowing that will generate spam links “advertising” other products.)

Kirkland Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil square image of olive oil bottle on cutting board.

More about Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks:

Costco actually does know about my blog because I was interviewed once for their magazine, but they have certainly never paid me or given me samples to write about their products. All items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are things I will happily buy over and over, and because I want readers to know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I don’t accept sample products of any kind. You can see the list at Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks if you’d like to know what other products I’ve liked well enough to feature them on the blog.

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