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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Genova Tuna Packed in Olive Oil

Tuna packed in olive oil is something I grab often when I need a quick lunch, and this Genova Tuna Packed in Olive Oil is a brand I like so much I started buying it online when my store stopped carrying it!

Kalyn's Kitchen Picks:  Genova Tuna Packed in Olive Oil found on KalynsKitchen.com

Recently I’ve been in love with the flavor of Italian tuna packed in olive oil, which I first found out about from a fabulous tuna salad by S’Kat. I posted my recipe for White Bean Salad with Tuna and Parsley, and recipes using the tuna with olive oil were popping up everywhere. Then there was an article about tuna in olive oil in the Salt Lake newspaper which has a pasta salad recipe I’m planning to try, and they were kind enough to feature my bean salad recipe in the article too.

When I realized this thing with the tuna in olive oil was turning into a long term relationship, I started paying attention to the price. There are some wonderful imported Italian tunas you can buy if money is no object, but since I’m trying to eat like a millionaire on a Utah teacher’s budget, I was thrilled to discover Genova Tonno brand of tuna, distributed in the U.S. by Tri Union Seafood, better known as Chicken of the Sea. I can buy this in my local Albertson’s store for just a little over $2.00 a can, and it compares favorably with any of the imported Tunas I’ve tried, so I thought it was perfect for a Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks recommendation.

For those who wonder about such things, the label says “Wild Caught – Dolphin Safe” and “Premium Yellowfin Tuna” as well as “all natural” and “no additives or preservatives.” I also found nutritional information for Genova Tonno tuna online, and it didn’t raise any red flags. News about this tuna seems to be traveling too. Chowhound reports Tonno Genova tuna is available at Costco, but I haven’t seen it at my Costco (fingers crossed!) If you can’t find it where you live, you can get Tonno Genova Tuna from Amazon.com, where you’ll have to buy 24 cans at a time, but it comes out to $2.33 per can (without shipping) which is still quite an amazing price compared to the Italian Brands.
I can tell this is a product I’ll be buying for a long time. And for anyone who might be wondering, Chicken of the Sea has not sent me any free tuna or paid me in any way to write an endorsement of this product.

Delicious Ways to use Tuna in Olive Oil:
(Recipes from other blogs may or may not be South Beach friendly, check ingredients.)

White Bean Salad with Tuna and Parsley

White Bean Salad with Tuna and Artichokes from Champaign Taste

Italian Tuna Salad from S’Kat and the Food

Linguini with Tuna, Arugula, and Hot Pepper from What Did You Eat?

Pasta with Tuna, Arugula, and Hot Pepper from Simply Recipes

Tuna Salad from Smitten Kitchen

Tuna Artichoke Panini from The Domestic Goddess

Buccatini with Tuna from The Wednesday Chef

Pasta Shells with Italian Tuna and Artichokes from Technicolor Kitchen (recipe created by Terry of Blue Kitchen)

Orzo Salad from Amuse Bouche

Cannelini Bean and Tuna Salad from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

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20 comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Genova Tuna Packed in Olive Oil”

  1. Woot! amazon has this on subscribe and save… in for a case at under $35!

  2. Barb, the last few times I have had to order it from Amazon.com.

  3. Kaylyn are you still buying this tuna? I cannot find it anywhere here in southern AZ.

  4. I'm eating this and some egg whites (with some light seasoning and a little lemon twist) right now. I bought mine at Costco recently and will definitely get more if they have it on my next visit. This tuna is in an entirely different class of taste than the normal supermarket brands. I'd even order what I'm eating right now before most restaurant "tuna steaks" (which are rarely fresh) that I've had in recent history.

  5. You are so right about Genova tuna – my absolute favorite! You can also get it by the case at BuyTheCase.net. It comes out to $2.30 a can with shipping.

  6. Carolyn, thanks. We have Target in Utah, but there’s not one anywhere close to my house so I rarely shop there.

  7. you can also buy this at target

  8. I use this brand all the time. It’s delicious and quite reasonable in price. I can’t eat the water packed tuna that most people buy. It’s either pulverized into bits or very dry.

  9. thanks for the recommendation. a friend of mine who has recently gone gluten free and is soyfree bought some tuna packed in water that has soy so she asked me to keep a lookout for suitable replacement tuna and we’ll trade. I’ll definintely look for this brand. sure hope it’s gf/sf!

  10. Annie, wow, $.99 is a great buy for this! Glad you liked it. I think I’ll go eat some right now!

  11. Kalyn, I added this to my mental shopping list and found it on sale for 99 cents today! Picked up five cans. It’s delicious, thanks for the recommendation.

  12. Patricia and Terry, I loved that recipe with the pasta shells. Unfortunately, (sigh) no Trader Joe’s in Utah. I’m just happy my grocery store has it. If they ever stopped carrying it, I’d seriously order a case from Amazon.com!

  13. Kalyn–you’ll also find this tuna [for cheap!] at Trader Joe’s. And thanks for mentioning the pasta shells with Italian tuna and artichokes that Patricia and I co-posted. It’s great for warm weather, because all you cook is the pasta.

  14. Terry was responsible for my discovery of such good tuna, Kalyn – I’m glad you liked the recipe, too!

  15. Toni, I would love to live by Little Italy. How wonderful.

    Christine, isn’t it just amazing how something from a can could taste so good?

  16. YES! I thought canned tuna was just a boring and flavorless food until I found it packed in olive oil and fell in love. I like it with just a squeeze of lemon. Rich and delicious — yum!!

  17. Tuna seems to be popping up everywhere these days. I’m guessing it’s time to make something with it! We’ve got a great grocery store in Little Italy which I like to walk to. Now I know where my walk will take me tomorrow — thanks!

  18. Hi EMFK, I think you’ll like it. It’s just delicious.

    Pookah, I remember when I switched to water-packed tuna too, but I don’t think I could eat it now. Love the sound of how you prepare it. I’ll try it for sure!

  19. Kalyn,

    I gave up tuna with olive oil for 13 years (husband heart event) and 2 years ago following a recipe that insisted on it, got hooked. OMG. Our favorite tuna salad with it is the tuna drained mixed with very finely minced celery and onions, black pepper; served on baby lettuce with a mixed olive tapenade and pita points. Try it!


  20. Hi Kalyn,
    I love tuna and haven’t tried this brand yet. Now I can’t wait to try it with one of your recipes. Thanks!

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