Break out the birthday cake because today this blog is turning sweet sixteen! For my birthday I’d love to know about a recipe you’ve enjoyed enough that it’s become a favorite on your family’s menu rotation!

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I’m old-fashioned in the blogging world with these birthday celebration posts, but I love taking a moment each year to think about how happy I am I started this site back in April of 2005! And I say it every year, but I had absolutely no clue about how starting a blog would end up changing my life. 

The blog is a constant work in progress, and in January I celebrated completing the nutritional information for every recipe! In that post I mentioned that I was cutting back on my posting schedule. But (much to my surprise) I am finding I prefer the old schedule with recipes on M-W-F, and the weekly round-up post on Saturday, so starting next week I will be switching back to that schedule.

Those who follow the blog by e-mail will get the round-up in your inbox on Sunday morning. If you decide you prefer less e-mail, every e-mail from me has a link at the bottom that says “Too Many E-Mails? Try Weekly.” Just one click and you’ll be switched to a digest version that gives you one e-mail on Sunday with all the recipes from that week. 

One Question I’d Like to Ask My Readers:

This is the sweet sixteen question I’d like to ask my readers: Do you have a favorite recipe you’ve made from my site that you’ve enjoyed so much you make it over and over? (Knowing what recipes people have enjoyed most can help me develop more recipes like that, thanks!)

And Something Else I’d Like to Say to My Readers:

And more than anything, I’d like to say thanks for the support! I’m grateful for every person who comes here and tries my recipes, especially all the nice people who take time to give me feedback on what they’re making from the site!

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