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Kalyn’s Kitchen turns 15 with Three Questions for Readers!

Fifteen years ago I sat down at the computer and typed out a few recipes that people had been asking for, and the rest is history! Thanks to my readers for all the support through the years!

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Mostly, I am just s0 grateful!

It’s hard to believe it really has been fifteen years since I first sat down at the computer and typed out a few recipes into a simple blog! There are so many reasons I’m grateful that happened and I want to start this birthday post with a THANK YOU to the faithful readers who’ve followed my blogging journey through the years. And huge thanks also to the web designers, techie experts, advertising specialists, fellow bloggers, and family members who have supported my work in a wide variety of ways (there are far too many of you to name, but you know who you are!)

This year’s blog birthday comes in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, and my heart is aching at the troubles so many people are having to endure. If you’re reading this, I hope you are safe at home and aren’t experiencing too much loss or economic pain. I’ve never been quite so grateful for having a job where I already work at home, and I’m doing my best to stay safe. And I’m trying to share recipes that are still accessible and relevant during this interesting time when everyone has to cook more but has less access to ingredients!

But I’m struggling with the changes in technology!

Last blog anniversary I talked about examining my bucket list, and I’ve tried to do more traveling and less sitting in front of the computer this last year. But the technical aspects of blogging continue to change much more quickly than my senior citizen brain can keep up with. So I’m not going to lie, some things about blogging have definitely become a chore. I spent about two years editing every post after I finally switched Kalyn’s Kitchen to WordPress, and since November 2019 I’ve been in the process of adding nutritional information to all those posts. (There are about 2,000 recipes on the site and I’ve done nutritional information on about 30% of them, so I have plenty to keep me busy while we’re stuck at home.)

But I still love creating new recipes and sharing them with others, which is what attracted me to blogging in the first place. Of course I don’t know what the future will bring, but I am planning to keep on keeping on with the blog (and promise I will never shut it down, even if I eventually decide to actually retire, which certainly isn’t something I’m thinking about yet.)

And there are three things I’d like to ask my readers:

One of the most fun things about blogging continues to be hearing from people who have enjoyed a recipe. So to celebrate this major milestone, I have three questions for you. (And thanks to everyone who takes time to write a reply on here, where it becomes part of the history of my blog.)

  1. How did you first find my blog and how long have you been following me?
  2. Is there one particular recipe that has a memory attached for you or your family?
  3. What types of recipes would you like to see more of in the future?

And thanks again to everyone who’s reading this and takes time to respond!

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    152 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen turns 15 with Three Questions for Readers!”

  1. Happy Birthday/Anniversary! I’ve been following you since your first days with the original (and in my mind only real) South Beach Diet. I learned a lot about healthy eating with South Beach, and while I follow an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle now, I still look for lower glycemic recipes to enhance that lifestyle. Many of your recipes have been on our menu for over fifteen years!

  2. How did you first find my blog and how long have you been following me?

    I’d just gotten a divorce the year before and moved to W. Africa on a Fulbright for a year the same time you started this blog. I came across your blog searching for SBDiet recipes. I loved to cook, but was just beginning my 100+lbs lost journey with SBDiet.

    I have learned *so* much from you, and now – over 15yrs later – I’m happily remarried to an amazing woman and helping raise our almost 10yr old. 

    Is there one particular recipe that has a memory attached for you or your family?

    Nothing in particular, but anytime I say to my wife “I’m thinking of cooking [this thing},” if I follow it with “I saw it on Kalyn’s blog.” She always answers “Yes, please!” I’ve come to trust that your recipes have been tested, tested again, and then published. I’ve never missed following your instructions.

    What types of recipes would you like to see more of in the future?

    My wife is pescatarian. I’ll eat anything moving slower than me, but when home I’m effectively pescatarian too. Most fish/seafood entrees would be great!

    Keep at it please – your site is just awesome.

    • Thank you for those nice thoughts. It makes me so happy to hear the blog has been source of pleasure for you and your family.

      I am definitely planning to keep it up for quite a few more years.

  3. Kalyn, I’ve been following you for years! At least twelve? After I first discovered (the original) SBD. And honestly, I don’t care what format your blog is in, DON’T STOP! I genuinely don’t think I have a favorite recipe, so many of these I use over and over….last night we had pasta with rustic sauce…tonight will have one of your pasta salads with barbecue. P1 or P2, I can always find something I love on here. I think that’s my only feedback….I know you’ve moved to other types of recipes, but for those of us old SBD purists out there, we rely a bit on you letting us know where something belongs in the diet. Thank you for all you do!

    • Hi Sandi, thanks for the nice feedback. I’ll try, but the South Beach Diet as we knew it doesn’t really even exist now that Nutrisystem has turned it into a mail order Keto-focused plan. I keep trying to remember to put “original” South Beach Diet (because I don’t know much about the new one) but I wonder if I am just confusing people sometimes. Don’t you love how EVERYTHING has to constantly change?

  4. I’m not sure how I first found you, but your fish taco bowls have been in regular rotation in our house for a couple of years. I enjoy your recipes because they tend to use ingredients I purchase regularly. Congratulations and many more years to come!

  5. I have been following your blog for so long, I can’t remember how I found you or exactly how long it has been but I would guess at least 7 years.
    One of my favorite recipes is the low carb green chili enchilada bake. We love it on snowy Saturday nights when you want Mexican food but the weather is too bad to go out for dinner.
    I love all of your recipes! You have helped me expand my cooking abilities over the years in countless ways. I am so grateful for you and your blog. Congratulations on 15 years!

  6. Happy 15th Kalyn and Kalynskitchen! I have been following for several years now! I’m more of a spontaneous cook, and often enter a couple key ingredients and then look through your recipes for ideas! I always find something good! I like your style – in cooking, in being healthy – and I’m glad you found ways to make this blog not only useful or helpful, but really a pleasure for many people! I wish you continued successes! Who knows how your plans might change with this corona virus recorrect, but no doubt anything you can do to help more people be healthy/eat healthy is needed and appreciated!

    • Hi Mary,
      So glad you’re enjoying the recipes. You cook the way I would if I wasn’t having to write it down for the blog! I hope my recipes will continue to be helpful.

  7. Congratulations on all of your success! I first found your blog when Gina at Skinnytaste shared your stuffed cabbage casserole recipe, which was really delicious! And then when my husband and I did the South Beach diet a few years later, your blog was a huge help in finding lots of variety while we did the diet.
    It’s hard to pick one recipe, but we have enjoyed the baked Swedish meatballs over the years, as well as your tartar sauce recipe. I never keep commercially made tartar sauce around the house, so we will just whip this up when we have a fish dish.

    • Hi Jen,
      So glad you are enjoying the recipes. I’ve met Gina in person a few times, and she is great! Same here on the Tartar Sauce; I don’t even like the kind in a jar any more!

  8. I can’t remember how long ago I started following you but guess it was 5-10 years ago when I was doing South Beach. I either found you then from a search about South Beach or from a forum on 3fatchicks. There were many recipes I tried, but I admit that most have become obsolete in our house because we now eat a plant-based diet.

    (My husband has been vegetarian for five years and with our kids grown and out of the house, I’ve evolved to mostly plant-based myself.) So, of course, I’d love to see more plant-based main course meals!

    • Hi Karen,
      Glad you have enjoyed the recipes for so long. There have been quite a few requests for more plant-based meals so I’ll see what I can think up for that, and there is a Meatless index for all the plant-based recipes.

  9. Hi Kalyn!
    I entered South Beach Diet as my search term and your site popped up with all your fabulous recipes! Tho I don’t try as many recipes as I used to, I still enjoy reading your blog. You are so down-to-earth with such good advice – like regenerating green onions! And I love how you’ve added Instant Pot instructions to your recipes. Thanks for your time and work. 

  10. Hi Kalyn and Happy 15th Anniversary!  I’ve been following you for at least 10 years, when I first became interested in the South Beach Diet.  The various breakfast bakes have been a staple in our house for years.  I’m really into my Instant Pot these days, so adding IP directions to any of your already established recipes would be my vote.  Thanks so much for your blog!  I look forward to getting it in my inbox!

  11. I’ve been following Kalyn’s Kitchen for about 2/3 years now. Not really sure how I began to follow, it might have been from another site. Favorite recipe is the deconstructed cabbage casserole! My family used to make a similar recipe, but I love this one more! Thank you!!

  12. I don’t know how or when I found your blog but it has to have been at least 2+ years. I’ve been getting recipes in my email for at least two diets that I have been on and they always worked with whatever plan I was on. Good stuff!
    There isn’t a particular recipe that I use for my family. I would like to see more recipes that are quick and easy. More Instant pot or crockpot options might be good too.

  13. Hi Kalyn,

    I’ve been following you for probably 10 years. My sister told me about your website, and I started trying recipes. My daughter is here tonight and I told her about your anniversary and asked what her favorite, Kalyn recipe was and her pick is cauliflower taco casserole. I love so many, but maybe my favorite is your deconstructed cabbage casserole. Yum!  We love everything we’ve tried!  We fix one of your recipes, at least once or twice a week, they are now our favorites. I’d love to see more low carb desserts. 
    Thank you for your great blog and the time you take to share recipes and advice! Here’s to many more!
    Kay Hornsby 

    • Thanks Kay; so fun to hear you are making the recipes regularly. Several people have requested desserts, so I guess I need to get working on that. (So not my cooking strength though!)

  14. I found your blog while searching for low-carb recipes around 2008 or 2009. I hate to think of you doing all the drudge work on the nutrition data! Your deconstructed cabbage rolls are my personal favorites. Still mainly looking for low-carb but not the extreme low carb of keto. I enjoyed seeing your green onion post and remember others on things you were thinking about that I enjoyed.  Lots of tasty treats on this blog — thank you,

    • Glad you are enjoying the recipe. Yes, doing the nutritional information is a bit of a headache, but I am just going to do some every day until it’s done, no matter how long it takes!

  15. I’ve been following you since the very beginning when you were doing South Beach. I was Atkins before that and found South Beach to be extremely approachable. Your recipes were always spot on and I loved your photos, enough to ask which camera you used and started doing my own photography and recipes in my journals. 
    I know follow a low carb/ keto diet since I stalled on South Beach for over a year. I just found the added beans, and other starches worked against me. I also realized fat is not the enemy and no longer fear using it. I love the use of whole foods eating a huge variety of veggies, meats and fats and your recipes mirror that, so more of those! 
    Hmmm.. favorite recipe? That’s really hard, but I will say egg bakes are my most commonly cooked Kalyn go to. I recommend you ALL THE TIME. 

    All that said, you started this because it felt good to hold yourself accountable through posting. If this ever becomes a burden, reconsider. In the end it’s about you and your happiness. 

    Thank you for all the years wherever this journey takes you. 

    • Thanks Kellie. Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the egg bakes. I do still enjoy much of it, it’s just the constant technology changes that are getting to be a drag. But definitely not ready to stop just yet.

  16. 1. I’ve been following you ever since I can remember. After 4 children and needing healthy low carb recipes to help the extra pounds come off for both myself and husband, the search brought me to Kalyn’s Kitchen. It immediately became a favorite. I would save some of the most repeated ones in a file. 
    2. I will never forget reaching out to you because I couldn’t find one particular soup recipe. You were on vacation and found it for me and sent it. What dedication on your part! 3. I can’t imagine asking for any more recipes. You’re already my recipe guru of the internet!  Congratulations on the last 15 years. And to many more in the future! Stay Well Katlyn!! 

    • Debbie, I remember that; so glad I was able to find it for you. Thanks for all the support; you stay well too!