Since I publish the WHB recap rather late on Sunday night, I usually take off Monday and don’t post anything new to the blog. But this Monday I couldn’t miss mentioning that today is the first birthday of my blog! Kalyn’s Kitchen is one year old today, and what a great year it’s been.

Who could have imagined that a year ago when I started this blog as a place to store recipes online that I would meet so many great people, learn so much about new foods, and have so much fun learning about internet publishing? I didn’t even know that the whole food blog community existed when I started writing Kalyn’s Kitchen, and I certainly never imagined what the blog might lead to.

Here’s my very first blog post. The funny thing is, when I went back into the archives to look at it, the first thing I saw was a typo. It’s been there for a whole year, so I just left it for your amusement. See how much better I’ve gotten?

Thanks to all my great readers and friends and family members who keep me going with nice comments and words of encouragement. I also want to send a special thanks to Rand and Bradley, since most of what you see here could not have been possible without their assistance and support.
The cake photo is from my niece Heather’s baby shower, hosted by my sister Sandee this past Saturday. And by the way, I did not eat all that huge piece of cake, but I did eat some.

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