Another Sunday morning, and once again I’m up early, taking photos of my plants. 

The daisies are finally opening, and I’m including this one here for Ramya of Cascading Flavours, who is doing a blogging project spotlighting flowers. My yard has lots and lots of daisies, planted in memory of my mother. It was her favorite flower and when the daisies start coming up every year it always makes me think of her and what a great influence she was in my life.
My zucchini has another tiny baby zucchini to join the one on the left that I showed you two weeks ago. It’s amazing to me how zucchini seem to grow so slowly early in the season, and then at the end of the summer they seem to appear overnight.

This is the biggest tomato I have so far. I took this photo yesterday in the bright sun so that’s why it looks a little faded. The tomato is about 3 inches across.

This is my plant with the most tomatoes. During the first part of the garden season I water them every other day, but now it’s time to start cutting back on water. Since I have overhead sprinklers in my garden, (not ideal, but a big project to change it), I have to set the sprinklers for less often and water the herbs, squash, peppers, and cucumbers by hand in between.
One lily is opening in a whole row of beautiful lily plants. Some of them are this color and some are a more orange-red color. The lilies are in a bed of perennials in the front of my house which also has daisies, bee balm, yarrow, hydrangeas, and a couple of other flowers which I don’t remember the names.
I planted some lemon verbena this year, which smells heavenly. Anyone have ideas for savory dishes to use this herb?

How many peppers can you count? This isn’t the plant that has the big pepper I showed you last week, but that one also has a lot of peppers. I’m very happy with how these two plants are growing.

The first yellow squash has appeared. I love to cook this combined with zucchini in a dish my family calls “Creamed Zucchini”. The recipe is a bit unorthodox, but it tastes delicious.

The swiss chard seems perfectly happy in the partly shady location on the west side of my house, and has grown quite a bit. That’s the update for this week, but if you want to compare the progress, here are the other garden updates:

first garden update
Garden Update #2
Garden Update #3
Garden Update #4

Don’t forget to check back later tonight for the Weekend Herb Blogging Recap which has entries coming in from all over the world. This week I’m writing about Garlic Scapes, and so are quite a few other herb bloggers! If you’re a blogger who is writing about herbs, plants, veggies, or flowers, send your link to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net by 3:00 today, Utah time, and I’ll include you. Be sure your post includes a link to Kalyn’s Kitchen with the words Weekend Herb Blogging.

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