Since last weekend, when I did a post about planting my garden, I’ve been amazed at the number of people who have written to me saying how much they wished they could have a garden. I guess I’ve taken my garden a little bit for granted, since I’ve always had one since the time I first bought my house.

One of the most rewarding things about gardening (besides eating the food, of course!) is watching the progress of the plants as they grow. In the summer, when I’m lucky enough to be off work, I go out every morning in my robe and look at the garden. I thought it might be fun to give the blog readers a taste of that experience once in a while, so this is the first in a series of garden updates. (You can use Garden Updates to see all my gardening posts.)

Now, here’s what I saw in the garden today:

Sage is a hardy perennial, even in Utah, where the winters can get quite cold. My sage plant is just starting to get a few flowers.

The Blushing Beauty Peppers I planted last weekend seem to be getting more and more flowers every day. I have high hopes for lots of good sweet bell peppers from these plants, which produce peppers that can be picked yellow, orange, or red.

Some kind of a pest is eating my squash. Today I need to buy another zucchini plant because one of my plants doesn’t even have a single leaf left. I suspect snails.

The first seeds to come up are the arugula, which I am excited to see since arugula is one of my very favorite flavors. There are about three little teeny basil plants poking up, which I’ll show you when they get a bit bigger. Other seeds which I’m waiting for include swiss chard and and curly parsley. Both of those plants are very easy to grow from seeds, even for a gardener like me who usually just buys plants.

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