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Garden Update #4

It’s another wonderful Sunday morning in Salt Lake City, and I’m outside in my bathrobe taking photos of the garden again. We had three days with rain this week, and there are weeds everywhere, so if you’re one of those meticulous gardeners (you know who you are), don’t be too critical. I’ll be spending several hours weeding today while the soil is still wet. Overall, my garden is looking great, even if there are a lot of weeds. Here are some of the discoveries I made today.

Baby Tomatoes!! For some reason I didn’t see a single tomato last weekend, and this weekend I see them on a lot of the plants. This is one of my celebrity tomato plants, one of my favorite all-purpose tomatoes.
These are cherry tomatoes, which are actually growing in one of my flower beds in a very sunny spot close to the house. The plant is a lot smaller than my other tomato plants, but there are a lot of flowers.
I have a lot of basil plants that have come up from the seeds I planted, and sometime this week I will transplant a few of them to space out the basil a little more. I’m guessing there will be about 30 basil plants this year, plenty for freezing fresh basil to last all winter.

I still see only one baby zucchini, but there are lots of beautiful flowers on all my zucchini plants. The spagetti squash and crookneck squash plant have lots and lots of buds, but no actual blooms yet.

My friend Robin suggested that the blog readers might like to see my idea of creating a cucumber trellis by taking two triangular shaped tomato cages and laying them down on the ground. It works very well, and keeps the cucumbers up where they are easier to find.
Here’s the most exciting bit of garden news this week. I had a friend over for dinner last night and we picked two cucumbers! We ate them with a bit of blue cheese dressing and some fresh ground black pepper and they were just delicious. There’s nothing to compare with garden cucumbers.

Last, but not least, here’s that lovely blushing beauty pepper which is nearly big enough to eat. Well, I could pick it now, but I’m letting it get a tiny bit bigger and waiting to see if the color will get a little deeper. Remember this type of pepper turns yellow, then orange, then red. I have two plants both of which have quite a few peppers on them.

That’s the garden update for this week. If you want to check the progress, here are the other updates:

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Don’t forget if you’re interested in participating in Weekend Herb Blogging, it’s being hosted by the lovely Cate of Sweetnicks this weekend. She will be publishing the Recap on Monday, so send your links to Sweetnicksplace AT aol DOT com by 5:00, New Jersey time, today. Cate will be doing Weekend Dog Blogging tonight as usual. Also, check out Weekend Cat Blogging at Eat Stuff and Weekend Baby Blogging at My Life as a Reluctant Housewife.
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    13 Comments on “Garden Update #4”

  1. Wow, I really got behind on reading these comments.

    Stephen, you should NOT be jealous. Your garden is beyond awesome.

    Cath, be patient, the tomatoes will come all at once!

    Gattina, yes you can use a stick as a plant stake too. I’m doing that with some of my tomatoes. I’m glad you don’t mind the weeds. There aren’t quite so many now.

    Anonymous, tomatoes need a lot of sun and not too much water.

    Isil, I would send you some, but I don’t think they would survive the trip!

    Anonymous, I have only made salsa once, but I’m going to experiment more this year. (I’ve never needed to make it because my sister Val makes great salsa and gives it to me every year.)

    JMom, please use my cucumber cage idea. And growing a garden from all seeds? I am very impressed.

  2. What a great idea for the cucumber cage! I may just copy your idea, ok? My cucumbers are finally starting to climb! I can’t believe how our garden is doing this year, considering we didn’t buy and pre-grown plants. Everything was sowed from seeds!

  3. Kayln, your garden looks great. Do you ever make salsa with your tomatoes? I have many tomatoes this year in Texas and was wondering if you had a good salsa recipe? Jan

  4. I love to read your garden updates.
    I love squash blossoms, gimme some 😉

  5. I am drooling over your tomatoes! They look delightfull! I have never had much luck with growing my own!

  6. Oh Kayln!!! I enjoy so much looking at your photos! I don’t have time growing fruit/vegetable (yet), so you can tell I’m so envious of your “fruitful” garden (ha!) Oh mine, cucumber with cheese, simple and heavenly! And what a great idea of that cucumber trellis! I saw one of my neigbors using a long stick and tighting it with the plant. Is this method good too?
    No worry your garden is immaculate. In here the weeds just love me…

  7. superb –love the squash blossoms. Our tomatoes have finally got nice size on them but they’re so far from being ripe. Sigh.

  8. Wow,peppers and cukes already, I’m jealous.

  9. Mae, I have to confess that this pepper was a tiny pepper on the plant when I bought it so I would guess about a month before a pepper gets this big. Maybe a little less if there is a lot of sun. Keep us posted how your veggies are doing.

    Pamela, thanks!

    Elise, I think it’s the Utah sun. My garden is in a great location where it gets full sun from early morning to night. You’ll have to tell me what the volunteer squash turns out to be. I usually plant butternut but I didn’t this year.

    Tanna, love that tomato smell!! My garden is pretty big. I have 12 tomatoes, 2 peppers, 3 kinds of squash, volunteer beans, cucumbers, and lot and lots of herbs. I’m pretty obsessed with gardening during the summer.

  10. The dew or moisture from the rains is so gorgeous on those tomato plants. One of my favorite garden smells is what you get with the slightest touch of those tomato leaves! You really have a garden. Peppers and cucumbers and squash! Wow!

  11. Wow, things grow fast in your neck of the woods. I’ve got two green tomatoes and everything else is just flowering. I do have a huge squash plant growing out of our compost heap. Have no idea what kind of squash, could be anything!

  12. Looking great there Kalyn!!!!

  13. WOW Kalyn, they look so healthy! To think they started from seeds. You definitely have green fingers…

    My peppers have small flowers now, please tell me, how long til i get as big peppers like yours? Just roughly. Also, my tomato plant have 2 tiny flowers… there is hope.