Before we get to the garden, I wanted to share something fun with my blog readers. Last night I had dinner with my friend Cheryl, one of the smartest people I ever knew, and someone I used to spend a lot of time with but hadn’t seen for more than ten years. How did we get back together? Well it seems a friend of Cheryl’s was Googling her name and stumbled on my recipe for Cheryl’s Eggs, where I talked about Cheryl inventing the recipe at Lake Powell. Cheryl found my blog, and e-mailed me! She lives in California now, but comes to Salt Lake often, so I’m hoping we can have more great dinners together. Isn’t that a great story about how writing a blog can enrich your life?
In the garden, it’s pretty much all about the tomatoes these days. I’m proud of this photo, which I think is one of the best I’ve taken with the new camera. Yes, all these tomatoes are from my garden. The yellow Lemon Boy tomatoes are delicious, and I used them in Summer Red and Yellow Tomato Salad which I made Thursday when I had guests for dinner. I also thought this photo was perfect for that recipe which didn’t previously have a photo!
Today will be partly devoted to making more slow-roasted tomatoes, and this time I’m making a double batch as Alanna recommends. Last time I didn’t have enough Romas to do two trays, but my step-mother Norma (who’s also a pretty great gardener) gave me a big sack of Romas this week.Those huge clusters of tomatoes on some of my plants are becoming a problem, since the tomato cages keep tipping over. Luckily none of the plants have been damaged. Next year I need to take a tip from Steven and try the Florida Weave method of staking up the tomatoes. Only problem is that my tomatoes are not in a long row like his are.


I also realized this week that I have two completely different kinds of zucchini, even though I thought I was getting two of the same plants. The middle one is sometimes called “Italian Zucchini” in stores here, and the squashes are not as straight-sided as the ones on the other plant. No difference in taste, as far as I can tell.

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A reminder that Weekend Herb Blogging is back home at Kalyn’s Kitchen this weekend. Check out the rules and then blog about any kind of herb, vegetable, plant, or flower, send me the link by 3:00 today (Utah time, send to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net) and I’ll include you in the recap which will be posted later tonight. (And wait until you hear where WHB is traveling next weekend! If you like this event and might want to be a guest host sometime, send me an e-mail at the same address and I will add you to the list.)


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