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Garden Update #8 Rand’s Garden

Usually on Sundays I show you the progress in my garden, but this week I’m in San Francisco having fun with some good friends. I did take some photos of the amazing variety of plants in my brother Rand’s garden when I was visiting him in Venice Beach a few weeks ago, so I thought it might be kind of fun to update you on a different garden this week. Next Sunday I’ll be back with another update on my own sure-to-be-weed-infested-when-I-get-home garden. Stay tuned; I did see a slightly pink tomato before I left.

If you’re looking for Weekend Herb Blogging, the host this weekend is Gabriella from My Life as a Reluctant Housewife. Send her your link (MSGABRIELLATRUE AT aol.com) by midafternoon today, and be sure to include a link to My Life as a Reluctant Housewife with the words Weekend Herb Blogging somewhere in the post. She will be posting the recap sometime early Monday, so check with her for that. Check back here Monday when I will be posting some official “rules” for Weekend Herb Blogging, something I’ve decided it’s time for now that others are sharing the hosting duties.
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    12 Comments on “Garden Update #8 Rand’s Garden”

  1. Thanks for letting me know what they are called. I have been wanting to figure it out but don’t have a book and no clue where to find out online

  2. Ok, here’s some info from Rand. PatL, Rand says #2 is a plant called Agapanthus (also called African Lilies). Gabriella, the bamboo type grasses are Scouringrush (also called Horsetail). Steven, Rand is not sure if they are Myer lemons, but says they are really good.

  3. Looks like Rand has a Myer Lemon, I miss my Myer Lemons from my house in California.

  4. Great photos. What are those bamboo like grasses? I see them everywhere down here.

    Oh and you know when you come back this way I want to meet you! I will come up to Venice

    And the round up is up!

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice words about my photos. It’s just that my camera has a setting for flowers!!

    Rand, I’ll be back for sure. Hopefully fairly soon.

    PatL, sorry, no idea what any of the plants are called. I will ask Rand when I talk to him.

  6. Wow!

    I’m very curious to know what plant #2 is?

  7. Stunning photos – really beautiful, thanks so much for sharing.

  8. You can come see this garden anytime you like. We won’t even make you cook too much. We miss you already. Much love, Rand

  9. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your plant photos are getting better and better Kalyn. Isn’t it fun?

  11. Those photos are incredible! Beautiful shots Kalyn…

  12. some of those flowers are gorgeous. i was looking at your blog and i refreshed and then suddenly they appeared before my eyes. lovely.