I don’t think there’s any doubt that Green Zebra Tomatoes are my favorite, and this post has Green Zebra Tomato Recipes for all the other gardeners who love them!

Green Zebra Tomatoes

I’m posting these Friday Night Photos early because today is moving day in the Denny household. It’s not me or one of my siblings who’s moving; rather today we are moving our elderly father into a new apartment at the assisted living center, after numerous problems with his previous apartment being a little too close to the elevator!

I’m going to help with that in a few hours, after this bucket of Green Zebra tomatoes from my garden gets transformed into a couple of salads for all the movers to nibble on as we work. I raved last year about my love for Green Zebra tomatoes, and this year I’m having an amazing harvest from my three Green Zebra plants. Green Zebras don’t really need more than a little salt to bring out their remarkable flavor, but here are a few other ways I’ve used them.

If you’re growing Green Zebras for the first time, here’s my attempt to show how they change colors as they ripen. The first tomato is too green, and the one at the end maybe a bit too ripe. I usually eat them when they’re showing just a little bit of yellow color.

One of my favorite ways to eat these tomatoes is to simply cut into chunks, drizzle with a bit of good olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and crumble over some chunks of goat cheese. (This is goat’s milk cheese that comes in a log, but you could also use my dad’s favorite Feta cheese.)

Last year I made this heirloom tomato salad to take to dinner at my friend Wanda’s house, and the Green Zebra tomatoes were great in this. (At the party, I dressed these tomatoes with basil vinaigrette and served them with lots more fresh basil cut in chiffonade strips sprinkled on top.)

And my latest creation with Green Zebra tomatoes is these Green Goddess Tomato-Mozzarella Stacks, which are simply slices of Green Zebra Tomatoes and fresh mozzarella stacked and served with Green Goddess Salad Dressing drizzled over the tomatoes and mozzarella. Yum!

Are you growing Green Zebra tomatoes? If so, please let us know in the comments how you’re using them.

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