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Friday Night Photos: Introducing Jake

My handsome, highly talented, and food-savvy nephew, Jake!

For a couple of months there’s been a fun development here (in Kalyn’s actual and virtual kitchens) and I thought it was time to let readers know about it.  I’d like you to meet my nephew Jake, the older brother of the cute kids I take to Hires every summer, and another one of the good cooks in our family.  For years now Jake has had a strong interest in exploring the world of food, which may have started in high school when he never missed The Splendid Table on NPR.   Now he lives not far from me in Salt Lake, so for the last few months Jake has been coming now and then to spend a day cooking with me as a blogging intern.  Jake does have a full-time job, so he can’t come every week, but lately some tasty dishes have been appearing on the blog that we’ve cooked together.

In a way it was destined to happen, because more than four years ago Jake made Bengali Red Dal Curry for me and I was excited to share the recipe on the blog.  He’s a fan of spicy Indian dishes like that, so I’m hoping that cooking with him will help me broaden my culinary horizons a bit.  We’ve settled into a rhythm where we work well together in the kitchen (and Jake and his girlfriend both enjoy the leftovers!)   I don’t know if Jake will eventually start his own food blog, but hopefully this is a partnership that will continue for quite a while. 

Please welcome Jake to the blog, and if there’s any particular type of dish or type of cuisine you’d like us to experiment with, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!
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28 comments on “Friday Night Photos: Introducing Jake”

  1. I copied a recipe for this page and ended up with a picture of a kid. If this happens again, I will drop your page.

    • There is no way for me to know why that happened based on what you told me. But since you’re leaving the comment on this page where there IS a photo of a kid (my nephew) I have to wonder if it is your error. If you’d like to let me know what the recipe it was you were trying to print, I could check on it. There are definitely a few things that got messed up when I moved the site to WordPress, but I have no way of knowing about them unless a reader tells me.

  2. LadyBug, sounds good. We will work on that!

  3. Hey there new to your blog but been following it for awhile cooking some recipe that are mighty good. I know that you have made stuffed green peppers before but this time can you make stuffed green pepper with the taco seasoned meat? I cannot find a recipe that is easy. ~ R

  4. Thanks Sally. I'm sure we will be having some fun kitchen adventures.

  5. Nice to "meet" you, Jake!

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures with Kalyn, what a fun thing for us to follow!

  6. Dara, Jake is just 100% awesome!

  7. Jake, I've heard so much about you from Kalyn. It sounds as though you are a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen and I know how much Kalyn loves cooking with you.

  8. Tara, tell your husband hi, and so glad he found the blog! Glad the recipes are working out for you.

  9. Another male reader: my husband found your blog, Kalyn, though nowadays I am the one who reads it more zealously.

    We only recently married and tried a carb-reduced diet prior to our wedding day. Some of your recipes were feature meals during our preparations, though we often made dishes from your blog prior to our carb reduction. Now, we are thinking we'll stick with the modified diet post-wedding. Your dishes are always hearty and add a lot of interest and flavor, which was really nice when we were hitting some of the diet doldrums.

    Hi, Jake!

  10. Welcome Jake! How fun – wish I had a niece or nephew (or that one of my kids) would sign up to be my intern. Can't wait to see what you two cook up together!

  11. Melanie, Jake will definitely be glad to accomodate a request for something Indian! We will work on that.

    Katie, I think we have a lot more fun cooking ahead of us.

    Kelly, it is really quite wonderful having an intern. And I'm lucky that Jake has such a good sense of what goes together; we bounce ideas off each other very well.

  12. Handsome guy, Jake! Reminds me of my middle son. Kalyn, it's so cool that you and Lydia have had interns. I think I'd love that experience!

  13. How fun to have someone to cook with – especially a good-looking lad. And exploring new cuisines…. I'm jealous! And look forward to some fun foods.

  14. Hey there Jake, Welcome! I've been following Kalyn's Kitchen for a short while now and have tried a couple wonderful recipes.

    Looking forward to seeing what you two cook up together!! Spicy Indian is definitely something I'd like to see more of, or even mild Indian food. I love learning new dishes from different cultures.

  15. Erin, sorry your comment came in after I had replied. It's great to have someone else there even to give opinions on how we spice things or adapt a recipe we're experiment with. Expanding your cooking horizons is always fun!

  16. Bill, welcome. Always nice to hear from a guy. I have no idea how many of my readers are men, but the men certainly don't comment as much. Jake and I made a spicy dish with chard that you may like if you like swiss chard and spicy. And Jake does take after the "Denny" side of his family.

    Shirley, Jake never lived by me when he was a kid, so I can't take any credit for giving him the cooking bug, but he definitely developed it somehow. We're having a lot of fun!

  17. Oh, how much fun, Kalyn! Welcome, Jake! 🙂 It certainly sounds like Jake got the cooking bug very early. I look forward to seeing what gets created now that Jake is working with you! I can tell by his smiling face that he's been enjoying his time with you. 😉


  18. Hope I can try some of the new recipes…I need to broaden my horizons as well!

  19. Welcome Jake,seems like I'm one of the few men who read your aunt's blog each day, at least from the comments, but you never know in the blogosphere. Looking forward to your recipes because I too like spicy. My current staple is the spicy green bean recipe. Love,love them. Sure can see the family resemblance Kayln.

  20. CJ, you're sweet. Jake is a pretty special kid too.

  21. Welcome Jake! As you already know, your Aunt Kalyn is a special lady. Her recipes are great. Looking forward to reading more about your interest and input in the process. Happy cooking and eating!

  22. Thanks Lydia! I think we're both learning things.

  23. I had a cooking intern this summer, too, and really enjoyed cooking with her. So I can imagine how much fun you and Jake are having, and how much he is learning. Welcome, Jake!

  24. Oh Paula, how I wish you could zip up to Salt Lake for a visit. Those are beautiful spots; have fun!

  25. Welcome Jake! What fun to have a sidekick to offer ideas and opinions.

    Kalyn, been thinking about you as we are in your neck of the woods. Vacationing with friends at Bryce Canyon and Zion. Have a good weekend.

  26. Nisrine, his mom is also a very good cook, although a little more traditional than me. I'm having a lot of fun cooking with him!

  27. Nice to meet good looking Jake.

    It's great to see a young man interested in cooking. Of course, he has a great role model in you, Kalyn!

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