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Friday Night Photos: Contigo Restaurant in San Francisco

Contigo RestaurantPhoto of Blogging Friends Enjoying Contigo Dinner
by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

When I went to BlogHerFood in September 2009, I had a highly memorable dinner at Contigo, a restaurant that’s the fulfillment of a dream by food blogger Brett Emerson and his partner Elan Drucker, so when I recently spent a weekend in San Francisco again, a return visit to Contigo was a must. Sampling the unique Spanish and Catalan dishes that have turned Contigo into a destination restaurant was definitely a highlight of the trip. Our group was split into two tables, but above from left you can see long-time friends Sam, CookieCrumb (hidden) and Cranky, Amy, Sean, Jennifer, Elise, and myself at the first table. At the other table was Faith, Genie, my long-time traveling buddies Mary and Jacque, Jacque’s husband Grant, and my step-sister Karyn.

When I’m traveling I’m a lot more interested in socializing than I am into taking photos in restaurants, but Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener generously agreed to let me use some of her photos of the dinner so you can see just a few of the wonderful dishes we sampled.

Photo of Little Gem Salad with Roasted Beets, garlic chips, mint and
aged sherry vinagreta by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

Photo of Escarole Salad With apples, Valdeón blue cheese,
hazelnuts and PX sherry vinagreta
by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

Photo of Chickpeas with House Made Blood Sausage, Pine Nuts,
and Raisins by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

Photo of Anchoas del Cantábrico (Anchovies in Olive Oil)
by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

Photo of Sardine Toasts by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

Photo of Contigo Walnut Cake
by Genie of The Inadvertent Gardener

Thanks again to Genie for letting me share just a tiny taste of our dinner with her wonderful photos. Kudos to Brett and Elan, because I think their fabulous restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat in the world. If you visit San Francisco, I heartily recommend a visit to Contigo.

1320 Castro Street (at 24th)
San Francisco, California 94114
Serving dinner Tuesday – Sunday.
Reservations accepted for parties of any size.

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    13 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Contigo Restaurant in San Francisco”

  1. I didn't know the gang was getting together. But to be fair, I probably wouldn't have been able to go anyways. Am exceptionally low in the finance department, I could have hung out at the window though.

    xo, Biggles

  2. Biggles, next time you must come too! I'm going to insist!

  3. Hay, I know those people! And there's Amy at the head!

    xo, Biggles

  4. Contigo's food looks scrumptious. How fun to meet-up with blogging friends. One of these days… 🙂

  5. That food looks amazing.

  6. Contigo is always such a delight, and enjoying it with good friends is just the best. Barbara, so sorry you won't get to be celebrating your birthday there, but we were thinking of you.

  7. You got to go back! I am so jealous!

  8. I'm relieved that I was "hidden" in the top photo. I don't photo well.
    But. It was truly a marvelous evening. Easy. Comfortable. Delicious. Thanks, Kalyn, for pulling it together.

    Barbara, I'm sorry we won't be celebrating our birthdays together this year.

  9. It was so great to see you, as always, Kalyn!

  10. I had hoped to celebrate my birthday at Contigo this year, but as I cannot get travel insurance I won't be. Lovely to recognise friends in that first photo Kalyn.

  11. I really want to dine at Contigo. Maybe for Blogher Food in October. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. It was truly a magical night.
    Thanks for sharing the photos (especially since I forgot my camera that night)

  13. We also tried Contigo and would highly recommend it!!