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Friday Night Photos: A New Stove at Chez Kalyn (Part One)

Thermador StoveI should have known it would happen, but as soon as I finished my house renovations last summer, I started wanting a new stove. Even though I had loved my antique gas stove (especially after Biggles helped me adjust the burners), the oven hadn’t worked right for a few years now, and I just wanted a better stove. I looked at a few pro style stoves, but settled on the Thermador Pro Harmony 36″ Gas Range, partly because of these wonderful star-shaped burners that spread out the heat on more surface area of the pan. The stove is hooked up in my kitchen while we wait for tile, so even though it’s not 100% installed with the hood and pan rack, I can already tell I love this stove.

Of course, even good changes can take some getting used to. The big square on the wall is where I had a lovely oak spice rack behind my old stove. I had to lose that in this installation, and I can’t keep the current pan rack shown in this photo, but Spencer and Ben are coming up with a pan rack design that will work.

When I was in the store looking at the stove, I couldn’t remember a plug behind my old stove, but sure enough, when we pulled it out, there was a plug. I was happy to see it!

Here’s another view of the famous Thermador Star-Shaped burner that covers more pan surface area to heat up quickly (and looks pretty too!)

Every burner has a simmer setting which keeps the heat set extra low for simmering soups or stews. You know this is a feature I’ll be using! Two of the six burners also have a setting called “extra-low” where this simmer setting cycles on and off to keep things warm for a long time without getting too hot.

I didn’t mange to get the greatest photo of it, but I also love the design of the front-to-back burner covers where you can slide a pan from front-to-back or back-to-front without it getting stuck on anything.

We’ll have to slide the stove out again to do the tile work behind the stove and install the hood and pan rack, but here’s how the stove looks in the space in my kitchen. (I’m a bad photographer, because I didn’t realize the chair would reflect in the stove and make those white stripes, but you get the idea!)

And here’s a slightly wider view showing that there really is enough room between the stove and the table, and also giving a peek into the hall where all my blog dishes are waiting for food that’s been cooked on the new stove!

(Here is A New Stove at Chez Kalyn Part Two (Tile, Hood, Pan Racks, and Hardware if you want to see the finished installation of the stove.)

I bought my stove at Appliance Discount Center in Bountiful, Utah, where Jeff was very helpful.

Thermador doesn’t know I’m writing about the stove, and they are not paying me to write this post.

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43 comments on “Friday Night Photos: A New Stove at Chez Kalyn (Part One)”

  1. It's beautiful! I appreciate that you shared the details (burner shapes etc) of why you chose that stove, in terms of functionality vs. simple aesthetic appeal. Your new stove has plenty of both "to burn"!

  2. Alanna, I think it's been over two years since my oven was dependable. It needs a new thermostat, was worth fixing but I fell in love with the idea of a new stove that was all shiny and clean, plus powerful!

  3. Didn't realize you were using the counter oven because your big oven wasn't so reliable. I so see why you've fallen in love with your stove …

  4. Hey Shannan, thanks for telling me. I'm doing a bad job responding to these comments because I was in San Francisco when this post got published! Good luck saving for a gas stove. You'll love it!

  5. Hey Kalyn, it was I commented on the one that says Rachel. I guess I was signed in to my daughter's account. I just wanted you to know that it was me, Shannan from West Bountiful! Love ya.

  6. Virginia, thanks; that's great to hear. I am already seriously infatuated with the stove!

  7. Kalyn, I've had a six-burner Thermador gas cooktop (not the whole stove) for six years now and I can tell you that you will LOVE it as much as you think you will. With a family of 7 it gets used every day multiple times, and I have not had one bit of trouble with it. The star-shaped burners sold me too. Just in the last week or so I've noticed that one of the extra-low burners is having a bit of difficulty with the ignition, so I have to look into that, but I think that's a pretty quick fix. I love those extra-low burners and use them all the time when making soup, stew, or spaghetti sauce. Congratulations on your new purchase!

  8. I'm not a fan of gas ovens. (Grew up with electric and that's what I'm comfortable with.) But that stove is gorgeous! Congrats on such a wonderful addition to your already cool kitchen.

  9. I love it, Kalyn! Makes you want to cook, doesn't it?

  10. Kalyn, she's gorgeous! And, I wanted to say that your house looks adorable and homey. From your FB & Twitter friend, Lu

  11. Thanks again everyone for nice thoughts about the stove. I'm not unhappy about moving my spices; they will go in a draw by the stove. I just have to figure out how to re-organize what's currently in that drawer! As for the cleaning, my stove has black porcelain under the burners, which is supposed to be easy to clean, but I guess I'll see how that goes.

  12. Kaylyn, I am green with envy at your fantastic new stove!!! You are one lucky girl, I must say. Very, very nice!

    Excellent choice!

  13. The stove is amazingly beautiful. I always hope that I have a gas stove like this. Very good for stir-frying! ^0^

  14. Wow it looks great Kalyn. I'll come see it in person later this week…

  15. It's beautiful – a stove fit for a blogging queen. Congratulations, Kalyn.

  16. Ooh, I have such stove envy! My stove is so old that it literally can't boil water. I just have to be patient when cooking.

  17. The stove is beautiful! Enjoy!

  18. Kalyn,
    I envy you the stove, mine's giving out. I keep my most-used spices in a drawer an arms reach away from the stove and in California I had two dedicated spice drawers, which put 50% of my herbs and spices in easy reach and conveniently organized.

  19. I'm on vacation but I'll answer stove questions in a later post. Hood to vent stove is not installed yet.

  20. I love your new stove. I have a flat surface stove and have been craving a gas stove for a few years. I actually had my money saved, but then bought some living room furniture. So, back to saving for the stove. You have reminded me of my goal.

  21. I too am filled with stove envy. My condo development has no gas or I would run out and buy one tomorrow, just on your research. One thing though, I was taught never to store spices in the light or near a stove. Maybe having to move your spices is a good thing? Or maybe you use them up so quickly it doesn't make a difference.

  22. I love the design of the star shaped burners- makes so much sense! Beautiful stove, Kalyn. Can't wait to see all the goodies you'll create with it. xox

  23. Nicely done. Is that the hideaway vent I see on the back of the stove? Or is that the vent but it's not hideaway? We reno'd a year ago and put in the GE Cafe series appliances (look professional series but at non-pro price plus the oven is electric convection with the gas top). We're pretty happy with it and I use the middle griddle every weekend (ww pancakes of course).

  24. Gorgeous! I've never seen star-shaped burners before, very innovative indeed (to me anyway)! I cook with electric stovetop at home since it came with the house and there is probably no gas line running into the kitchen. I definitely know to look for a gas-lined kitchen when we upgrade to our next house!

  25. I got a Thermador 3 months back…my only complain,cleaning around the stars is not easy.If you find something that works to clean the insides of the stars, I would love to hear about it. Congratulations on your new stove and kitchen.

  26. Oh Wow! I definitely have stove envy! I've never seen the stars before. I love the simmer setting. Very very nice!

  27. Thanks everyone for new stove wishes! I can tell there will be a lot of dinners at home for the next few months. I'll show the finished results when the contractors get done. I was so happy that the same contractor who did my house renovations agreed to oversee the stove installation. They're going to do a beautiful job integrating it into what I already have in the kitchen.

  28. This is a gorgeous addition to your home, Kalyn. Wowsers! I didn't think the "stripes" from the chair reflected at all poorly on your photography or on the stove. It just shows how clean and shiny it is.

    I have stove envy. Enjoy it.

  29. Gorgeous! I wish I used mine enough to justify one of these!! LOL!

  30. Wowie!
    Those burners….and six of them too!

    So happy yo're enjoying treated yourself to the new stove. Awesome.

  31. What a beautiful stove! Practical, too – that simmer feature sounds perfect. Nothing more annoying than having the burners flicker out when you turn down the heat. Happy cooking!

  32. What is it about stovetops that I love so much? What a nice design and what fun to get a new one. Happy cooking.

  33. LOVE THE STOVE! I want one!

  34. What a beautiful shiny stove!! And I love the star shaped burner!

  35. So. SEXY!! Love it. 🙂

  36. I'm extremely jealous! I'm planning to buy a house in the next year or so, and I'm secretly hoping that the kitchen will need to be remodeled so that I can splurge on a fancy stove like this one 🙂

  37. I am in serious stove lust.

  38. What a gorgeous stovetop, Kalyn! Love the stars — and so practical too. Now you'll be able to make larger casseroles and other dishes inside the oven instead of being confined to your faithful toaster oven. Congratulations on your newest baby. Wishing you and your family many happy, delicious and healthy meals to come!
    Maura in Charlotte, NC

  39. Look at that beauty! I hope you will get a lot of enjoyment after it. I am turning green with envy.

  40. That's a pretty jazzy looking stove, Kalyn. I've never seen star shaped burners but they're very cool and make so much sense. I have a gas (propane) range with that type of stovetop and I love it. Love being able to drag or push a pot from one burner to the other.

  41. Your stove looks awesome! I am super jealous.

  42. Beautiful! The stars are gorgeous, and the simmer setting? let's just say I'm rather envious.

  43. The stove – she's a beauty!

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