Thermador StoveI should have known it would happen, but as soon as I finished my house renovations last summer, I started wanting a new stove. Even though I had loved my antique gas stove (especially after Biggles helped me adjust the burners), the oven hadn’t worked right for a few years now, and I just wanted a better stove. I looked at a few pro style stoves, but settled on the Thermador Pro Harmony 36″ Gas Range, partly because of these wonderful star-shaped burners that spread out the heat on more surface area of the pan. The stove is hooked up in my kitchen while we wait for tile, so even though it’s not 100% installed with the hood and pan rack, I can already tell I love this stove.

Of course, even good changes can take some getting used to. The big square on the wall is where I had a lovely oak spice rack behind my old stove. I had to lose that in this installation, and I can’t keep the current pan rack shown in this photo, but Spencer and Ben are coming up with a pan rack design that will work.

When I was in the store looking at the stove, I couldn’t remember a plug behind my old stove, but sure enough, when we pulled it out, there was a plug. I was happy to see it!

Here’s another view of the famous Thermador Star-Shaped burner that covers more pan surface area to heat up quickly (and looks pretty too!)

Every burner has a simmer setting which keeps the heat set extra low for simmering soups or stews. You know this is a feature I’ll be using! Two of the six burners also have a setting called “extra-low” where this simmer setting cycles on and off to keep things warm for a long time without getting too hot.

I didn’t mange to get the greatest photo of it, but I also love the design of the front-to-back burner covers where you can slide a pan from front-to-back or back-to-front without it getting stuck on anything.

We’ll have to slide the stove out again to do the tile work behind the stove and install the hood and pan rack, but here’s how the stove looks in the space in my kitchen. (I’m a bad photographer, because I didn’t realize the chair would reflect in the stove and make those white stripes, but you get the idea!)

And here’s a slightly wider view showing that there really is enough room between the stove and the table, and also giving a peek into the hall where all my blog dishes are waiting for food that’s been cooked on the new stove!

(Here is A New Stove at Chez Kalyn Part Two (Tile, Hood, Pan Racks, and Hardware if you want to see the finished installation of the stove.)

I bought my stove at Appliance Discount Center in Bountiful, Utah, where Jeff was very helpful.

Thermador doesn’t know I’m writing about the stove, and they are not paying me to write this post.

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