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Three Days in San Francisco

Three days in San Francisco, no responsibilities, no diets, and no budgets. What would you do? Here’s a little snapshot into what I did with my good friends Mary and Jacque.

Riding the cable car — looking for cinnamon bears — trying on clothes — buying endless bottles of water — visiting Kati’s shop — eating and drinking

pommes frites at Plouf

posting to the blog — buying fortune sticks — answering cell phone calls — walking up steps — buying candy — eating again

halibut with hollandaise at Plouf

buying a book for the fortune sticks we had at home — seeing the famous San Francisco twins — correcting papers— talking about countries we’ve visitied — eating again

vegetable risotto at Plouf

checking the blog stats — meeting Tequila Rose — telling fortunes with cards — making jokes — laughing at our own jokes — eating again

salmon with rhubarb sauce at Plouf

seeing Tai Chi in the park — buying souvenirs in Chinatown — going to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market — taking taxis — taking it easy
Jacque and Kalyn at Ferry Building obviously feeling no pressure
discovering sea beans — raving about Jacque’s latte machine — watching preparations for the world cup watchers — taking Jacque’s dogs to the park — eating again

shrimp ceviche at Fisherman’s Wharf

looking for laptop bags — looking at shoes — buying shoes — buying rosemary salt and lavender salt at the Farmer’s Market — buying scones at the Farmer’s Market — taking pictures at the Farmer’s Market

Mary and Kalyn at Farmer’s Market

walking up hills — riding on buses—walking down hills — buying more shoes — buying jewelry — taking pictures — eating again

corn on the cob at Andalu

sharing poems we’ve written — acting as the smoking monitor for young boys who shouldn’t be smoking — buying presents — looking for the Fatted Calf at the Farmer’s Market — eating again

sinful dessert at Andalu

changing clothes — buying clothes — buying kitchen stuff at Sur la Table — eating at E & O Trading company, but forgetting the camera — drinking iced coffee

Kalyn and Jacque ready to go to the Farmer’s Market

seeing cute babies — buying proscuitto, finocchiona, and Merguez from the Fatted Calf — figuring out how to get Fatted Calf meats home — taking more pictues — eating again

Roasted portabella at Andalu

buying Thai chiles at Farmer’s Market — buying mushroom stock cubes at Ferry building — buying spoon clips to hold spoon on the side of a pot — buying mini salad-spinner — eating again

Crab Rangoon at Andalu

riding on cable cars — riding on Bart — taking more taxis — buying silk pajamas for Dory and Nicholas — buying more shoes, bottles of water, jewelry, and presents — eating again

Jacque’s stuffed french toast at Judy’s

buying grill pans — buying place mats — buying cutting boards — looking for the Starlight Room — taking more pictures — eating again

Kalyn’s Bacon etc. omelet at Judy’s

going to the Fairmont Hotel — looking at flowers — visiting Atys — shopping at Chico’s and Banana Republic — figuring out how to get home with extra bags to hold souvenirs

Mary’s Greek omelet at Judy’s

buying more cooking gadgets —telling fortunes again — reliving the past — talking about politics — talking about kids — talking about life — making reservations for next year — deciding to get back on our diets!

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    19 Comments on “Three Days in San Francisco”

  1. Kalyn–You did a good job of summarizing your trip, I think…I was smiling by the time I got to the end of your list. I’m glad you had a good time!

  2. Alanna, yes we completely abandoned our diets. But that’s one thing I love about South Beach because I gained 5 pounds, but in three days I’ve lost 3.5 pounds of it already.

    Sher, thanks!

    Mary, you rock and rule too!! What a great friend. (For the blog readers, we have been friends since high school.)

    Pamela, glad you liked the photos. It was fun taking them.

    J.ho, I agree about the food. Every place we ate was amazing.

    Paz, I would have loved to have you there!!

  3. How fun! Wish I were there! 😉 Glad you had a good time!


  4. I lived in San Francisco for four years. I miss it sooooo much. Arguably some of the best food in the country.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, glad you had such fun!

    Thanks for sharing those great photos!

  6. Much fun of the trip for me was bonding with Kalyn’s blog. I think Jacque would agree. It started with her laptop and camera, continued with this poetic display, and will be recorded in the archives. Kalyn and Jacque rock and rule.

  7. I’m exhausted just looking at all that!!!! You had a great time. And you looked so sexy, girl!

  8. “no diets” … no kidddddding! it looks like three days of feasting, food and otherwise … glad twas fun!!

  9. Sara, it was really wonderful.

    L’aqua fresca, it’s fun to have the memories recorded.

    Mae, thanks. (We’re all in our fifties, so I think we all look pretty great!)

    Ed, Jacque lives in SF so she steered us to Plouf. What a great place. We went there planning to get mussels, but didn’t.

    Ruth, my tummy was so full several times on the trip!

  10. what a wonderful sounding trip. My feet hurt and my tummy’s full.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Kalyn – I’m so glad you had a great time here in SF. It sounds like y’all did your research! The pommes frites at Plouf are so good (especially with the mussels).

  12. Kalyn, you looked fresh, vibrant [in that red], happy and sexy! My gosh Kalyn you look great! And those fries… you naughty thing 🙂

  13. Wow!

    I don’t think I’ll be that detailed about my getaway!


  14. What a wonderful trip!

  15. Tanna, “some” of us “may” have gained a few pounds on the trip.

    Christine, We had so much fun.

  16. What a full trip! I’m so glad you had such a good time. Great photos!

  17. You had me at the first Plouf’s meal! Wow, thanks for the blow by blow. What a great time!!! Makes me happy. Man that was a lot of food in three days.

  18. Sam, I was kind of watching at the Farmer’s Market for any food bloggers I might recognize, especially you, but I didn’t see anyone. Of course, it was jammed. We did have a great time, and the weather was fantastic.

  19. Sounds like you had a blast, Kalyn and it was a good weather weekend for SF!

    GLlad you found Plouf (part-owned by a friend of mine) and The Fatted Calf,
    my perennial favourite.

    Pity I didn’t bump into you – I was in Belden Alley (home of Plouf) on friday night and the farmers market on saturday so maybe our paths did actually cross.

    This is what Belden alley looked like on sunday for the world cup btw. I am one of those pin heads 😉