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Fun in San Diego with Mary and Jacque and a Food Bloggers’ Lunch at Nine-Ten

If you’ve been reading Kalyn’s Kitchen for a while, you might remember that every summer I go on a weekend get-away with my two lovely friends Mary and Jacque. This year our lively threesome visited San Diego, where I somehow didn’t manage to get a single photo of the three of us! I’m such a bad photographer when I’m busy having fun. (The photo above is from last summer when we went to San Francisco – from left, Kalyn, Mary, Jacque.)

For me, one highlight of this year’s San Diego trip was lunch on Sunday with four lovely food bloggers. Shown in the photo is (back) Susan from Food Blogga, Kalyn, Amanda from What We’re Eating, (front) Nicole from Pinch My Salt, and Alice from Alice Q Foodie. (I was having too much fun to concentrate on the camera settings, so I’m sorry we look a bit pale.) Of course there was wonderful food, and although I didn’t remember to ask for a menu or write anything down, here’s my best memory of the delicious offerings we sampled.

Since Alice is the San Diego restaurant expert, we gave her the assignment of choosing a place, and she picked Nine-Ten in La Jolla. This is the type of place where you know your meal will start with a perfect restaurant salad like this one.

Alice definitely had the most colorful plate with perfectly sauteed scallops on a bed of Israeli Cous Cous and corn, sauteed with cherry tomatoes.

Kalyn and Susan both went for the halibut served on fava bean puree, served with lovely spring peas.

Amanda had roasted yams with duck confit, and she generously gave several of us a taste of this elegant dish.

Nicole’s burger didn’t turn out to be that photogenic, but the fries were crispy and golden.

Most of us had the delightful creme brulee for dessert, which came with our three-course lunch. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Alice was the individualist in the dessert department, opting for the ice cream with chocolate and hazelnuts.

I had so much fun with these talented women, and I’m convinced that meeting other food bloggers is one of the most fun ways imaginable to spend an afternoon. The only one I had met before was Nicole, but after a short time we were all chatting away like old friends. We had fun talking about which other food bloggers we’d most like to meet, and sharing stories about some of the challenging aspects of writing a food blog. Thanks to everyone for a lovely afternoon, and since Jacque is living in San Diego, hopefully I’ll be coming back and we can do it again sometime.
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29 comments on “Fun in San Diego with Mary and Jacque and a Food Bloggers’ Lunch at Nine-Ten”

  1. It seems like you’re having far too much fun Kalyn…just smiles and enjoyment everywhere, but what could be better than meeting up with friends…wonderful!

  2. You were having too much fun to take pictures or consider camera settings . . . oh the shame! I do so wish I’d been along for that one!
    What an incredible lunch!!

  3. That sounds like SUCH a good time! If you ever get to the east coast, let me know . . . I would love to be involved in a meet-up!

  4. Wow, the photos turned out great! I had a really great time and it was so much fun tasting all the different plates! Thanks again for the wonderful gift, Kalyn!

  5. I’m always delighted to see bloggers meet up and have fun over a meal and drinks.

    The photos did indeed turn out well.

  6. What a gorgeous bunch you all are!
    Super – thanks for sharing!

  7. Glad you had such a wonderful time in our beautiful city! Your meals looked delicious – Nine-Ten is now on my must-dine list!

  8. sounds like you girls had fun! I’m looking forward to a meet with some fellow-bloggers too this sunday! its so great to actually meet ppl behind the incredible food blogs!:)

  9. kalyn, it really was a blast to get to meet you on sunday and do some gabbing! i can’t wait for you to come back so we can do it again!

  10. That is a nice picture! And such nice shots of the food. Can you email copies by any chance?? It was so much fun to meet up with you all and swap stories and gossip – I look forward to doing it again on your next trip! 😉

  11. Wow girls! You look so cute!!! 😀 I would love to meet with all food bloggers I met in the blogosphere… but I’m so far away 🙁

    I’ve only visited your blog, Kalyn, and Susan’s and now can’t wait to visit the rest!

    It seems you had some wonderful dishes and time 😀

  12. Hey Kalyn!

    All the pics look great! And I must say that the thought of the creme brulee still makes me smile, though not as much as our conversation did. You, Nicole, Amanda, and Alice are more lovely than I even imagined you would be. I can’t wait for your next visit to SD to do it again!

  13. Lucky you! I am happy you had a good time, you all look so happy in the photo-I love that!

  14. Thanks everyone for the nice comments about the photos. I’m better at taking photos when I’m alone (not distracted) but sometimes I get lucky! It was so fun meeting Susan, Amanda, and Alice, and seeing Nicole again. Wish I could meet everyone else! (Tanna, maybe we will luck out this summer, hope so!)

  15. Oh wow! It must have been so much fun to meet up with other food bloggers! The lunch looks absolutely delicious too.

  16. I must admit I am envious: it sounds like the party was so much fun (which does not come as a surprise). Food bloggers rock.

  17. wowowo, u guys had fun. i am from san diego too, and stay pretty close to la jolla, have always passed by nine ten, but because my husband is veg, we feel our choices are limited. probably will try it out with a few friends.

  18. oh my you are all gorgeous! it’s just so fun to actually meet food bloggers, isn’t it? i’ve met barbara of winos and foodies several times for some occasions and once with gilli of so simple. it was just fun!

  19. Great photos Kalyn! Looks like a fantastic meetup 🙂

  20. What a fun way to spend a day Kalyn.

  21. It’s wonderful to see some of my favorite food bloggers all together. You girls must have had a blast! 🙂

  22. Wow! How wonderful! You alllook fabulous. 🙂

  23. How fantastic (and fun!) is this? What a gorgeous group! You are so cool, Kalyn!

    I hope I can meet up with all of you in California- soon!

  24. All of you look so lovely–and the lunch looks delish! Gorgeous photos (and the your current banner is a fave of mine, so spring/summery).

  25. Sigh, I’m doing a very bad job at responding to comments these days, but I AM reading them all when they get approved and do appreciate all of the nice thoughts!

  26. I am jealous, getting together with fellow foodies must be really fun.
    Seeing someone you have only know throught their blog.
    And you all seems to be having such fun.
    Oh and the food you ate there looks DELICIOUS.

  27. Oh darn… I would have loved to have met you. Maybe in the future? Surely you’ll return to San Diego again, right?

    I’ll have to check out this restaurant in La Jolla. I’ve not heard of it yet. Looks like all of the food was very good!!

  28. HC, the food really was wonderful. so much fun.

    Recipe Girl, definitely I’ll come back because my friend Jacque lives there now, so I will remember you live there for next time.

  29. I would have been the other individualist..ice cream! Great meet up!

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