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Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!)

Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems, sugar snap peas, radishes, red cabbage, and almonds) is a delicious way to use up small amounts of crunchy veggies by combining them into a salad! And this tasty low-carb salad is also Keto, low-glycemic, gluten-free, vegan, and South Beach Diet Phase One. Use Salad Recipes to find more low-carb salads like this one.

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Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!) found on KalynsKitchen.com

I love all the crunchy ingredients in this Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad, but it’s the broccoli stems and the creamy Asian dressing that really make the salad a wow for me!  I always nibble on the broccoli when I’m cutting it up, and I try to save broccoli stems so I can use them in a recipe (like Spicy Stir-Fried Broccoli Stems, another recipe inspired by my broccoli stem love!) I like broccoli stems almost more than I like broccoli, and especially when they’re raw, but this salad is all about the crunchy ingredients combined with the tasty Asian dressing, so if you don’t have broccoli stems, don’t let that stop you from making it with some of the other ingredients used here.

And let’s talk about that dressing. When I made Crunchy Low-Carb Napa Cabbage Asian Slaw I fell in love with the creamy and slightly spicy soy sauce and mayo dressing.  There’s no doubt that  it was the love of that dressing, plus some broccoli stems in the fridge that inspired this Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad! And wow, was this salad ever a keeper for me!

If you look through my Index for Salad Recipes it’s not hard to tell that I love salads with crunch, and this salad has some of my favorite crunchy ingredients like red cabbage, radishes, sugar snap peas and almonds.  Next time you have broccoli stems I hope you’ll think of this salad instead of just throwing them in the trash.

Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!) found on KalynsKitchen.com

I had saved the stems from a couple of bunches of broccoli when I made this, but you can use less if you don’t cook broccoli that often. I first trim the stems a bit with a knife. In this photo I’ve trimmed the lower stem but not the top one. Then I use a sharp vegetable peeler to peel the stems more smoothly. For this salad I sliced them into rounds.  (I had about 1 cup of broccoli stems, but don’t worry if you don’t have that much; just use more of something else.)

I also used 2 cups of sugar snap peas, ends trimmed and cut into diagonal slices. I used a bunch of radishes, which made about 2/3 cup sliced radishes. Chop up about 1/4 small red cabbage to make 1 cup chopped cabbage.  (Sorry, bad photo!)
Stir together the other dressing ingredients and then whisk in the mayo. Toasting the slivered almonds in a dry pan for a couple of minutes adds a lot of flavor. Toss together the broccoli stems, sugar snap peas, radishes, and red cabbage. Add dressing and toss until salad ingredients are well-coated with dressing.  (You may not want all the dressing, but I did use it all.)  Add toasted almonds and toss again.  Serve right away.

Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!) found on KalynsKitchen.com

Make it a Meal:

Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad would be a great side dish for Low-Carb Baked Greek Meatballs, Low-Carb Air Fryer Chicken Thighs, or Grilled Pork Chops!

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Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!)

Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems, sugar snap peas, radishes, red cabbage, and almonds) is a delicious way to use up small amounts of crunchy veggies by combining them into a salad!



  • 1 cup peeled and sliced broccoli stems
  • 2 cups diagonally sliced sugar snap peas
  • 1 bunch radishes, trimmed and sliced (about 2/3 cup sliced radishes)
  • 1 cup chopped red cabbage (about 1/4 head)
  • 1/3 cup slivered almonds, toasted

Dressing Ingredients

  • 1 T white wine vinegar
  • 1 T sweetener of your choice
  • 1 tsp. soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp. crushed garlic puree
  • 1/4 tsp. Asian sesame oil
  • 1/4 tsp. ground ginger puree
  • 1/4 tsp. (or more) Sriracha sauce (or other hot sauce of your choice)
  • 1/3 cup mayo or light mayo


  1. Trim broccoli stems with a knife, then use a vegetable peeler to peel them smoothly and slice into rounds.
  2. Trim ends of sugar snap peas, then slice into diagonal slices about 3/4 inch thick.
  3. Trim radishes and slice into thin slices.
  4. Chop red cabbage.
  5. Toss broccoli stems, sugar snap peas, radishes, and red cabbage together in a medium-sized bowl.
  6. In a small bowl or glass measuring cup, mix together the white wine vinegar, Splenda or sugar, soy sauce, garlic puree, sesame oil, ground ginger, and sriracha sauce (affiliate link).
  7. Whisk in mayo.
  8. Put almonds in a dry pan and toast over high heat for 1-2 minutes, just until the nuts are starting to get fragrant.
  9. Add dressing to salad ingredients and toss until all the vegetables are well-coated with dressing.  (You may not need all the dressing if you like your salads to be on the dry side.)
  10. Add toasted almonds and toss again.
  11. Serve right away. I didn’t have any of this left so I don’t know how well it keeps in the fridge, but I’d guess it would last for at least a day.


Dressing recipe from The Sunset Cookbook and salad recipe created by Kalyn.

All images and text ©

Low-Carb Diet Low-Glycemic Diet, South Beach Diet Suggestions:
This Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad is loaded with healthful low-carb and low-glycemic ingredients which makes it great for low-carb diet plans, including any phase of the South Beach Diet. It’s probably best to use light mayo if you’re making this for South Beach, but other low-carb eating plans would prefer full-fat mayo.

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Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!) found on KalynsKitchen.com

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    38 Comments on “Low-Carb Asian Chopped Salad (with broccoli stems!)”

  1. Lovely recipe. Lots of vegetables. Thanks. BTW, nice snaps too.

  2. I'm definitely a broccoli stem kind of girl. The florets I could take or leave, but the stems are so good as a vegetable on their own!

  3. This salad stays in rotation at my house! I've made many variations contingent upon what I have in the fridge, and it never fails to delight. Tonight, I used broccoli slaw instead of stems, left out the radishes (none on hand), added mandarin oranges and grilled shrimp! Sooo good! Thank you for this one!!

  4. Joyce how fun, I didn't know my recipe was linked in Southern Savers. Glad you like the blog.

  5. Hi, Kalyn. Found you by way of Southern Savers. Been browsing. Your recipes look great. I love this one bc my poor hubby is always trying to get me use the stems of the broccoli. He will be thrilled:)

  6. Mike, good idea! I like the sound of that menu.

  7. This would go well with the sriracha meatballs you posted 8/17/2011. Thanks for the post!

  8. Haven't tried refrigerating this without the dressing.

  9. I love radishes but never know what to do with them.

    I also love Nina's idea of adding bean sprouts. Another veggie I love but is under utilized in my cooking.

    Does it stay for a few days without the dressing?

  10. Genie, I love the broccoli stems. When I'm cutting up the broccoli I always nibble on the stems.

    Molly, I love the idea of using wasabi mayo in this! Anything with wasabi is good with me.

  11. I just made this using 3 tablespoons of the Wasabi Mayo from Trader Joe's in place of the 1/4 cup light mayo. It adds an extra zing! Thanks for the recipe, Kalyn!

  12. Broccoli stems?! Interesting! I have never used broccoli without the flower heads! Looks palatable though, and with my favorite snack – almond included, I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

    "If we all treat each other like we treat ourselves – what a wonderful place earth would be."

  13. Thanks Stephanie, hope you enjoy it.

  14. I like broccoli stems better than the flowerets, too, also especially when they're raw. Thought I was the only one! This looks great, can't wait to make it.

  15. So glad people are thinking about using their broccoli stems in this salad!