Many people have leftover hard-boiled eggs after Easter, so here’s a great collection of Low-Carb and Keto Recipes Using Hard-Boiled Eggs! You might even want to make extra hard-boiled eggs to try some of these creative ideas!

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Easter is coming up soon, and if you make hard-cooked eggs to dye for Easter, chances are you’ll end up with leftover-hard-boiled eggs! Hard-cooked eggs are such a perfect low-carb food that I thought it would be fun to explore options for Low-Carb and Keto Recipes Using Hard-Boiled Eggs, and I found some interesting ideas!

About the Hard-Boiled Eggs Recipes featured here:

This collection has amazing low recipes for hard-boiled eggs from Kalyn’s Kitchen, and a some from other great blogs around the web. A couple of the recipes using hard-cooked eggs use low-carb pita bread or low-carb tortillas, so be advised those recipes are not gluten-free. (You can always use the diet-type icons found under the recipe title on my site to see if a recipe is gluten-free.)

How do you get the complete recipe?

Just click or tap any recipe name to see the complete recipe on the original blog.

My Best Deviled Eggs (plus 200+ More Deviled Egg Recipes)

Let’s start with deviled eggs, one of my favorite low-carb snacks! Check out My Best Deviled Eggs to see all my favorites, plus a huge collection of deviled egg recipes from my food blogging friends! (Deviled eggs are super low in carbs and will stay good in the fridge for quite a few days.)

Low-Carb and High Protein Avocado Egg Salad (with Cottage Cheese) found on

I never was a big egg salad fan until I made this Avocado Egg Salad; adding avocado and cottage cheese to egg salad made it a wow for me! And I don’t think there is a strong cottage cheese flavor in this, it just add creaminess and more protein.

Lettuce-Free Keto Cobb Salad found on

I love all the flavors in this Lettuce-Free Keto Cobb Salad, and I’d make this with cherry tomatoes any time of year! 

Tomato, Egg, and Olive Salad with Gorgonzola Vinaigrette finished salad on serving plate

This Tomato, Egg, and Olive Salad is another fun salad idea that uses deviled eggs, and I love the Gorgonzola Vinaigrette on this one.

Loaded Cauliflower Mock Potato Salad finished salad in serving bowl

There were plenty of skeptics in my family when I made this Loaded Cauliflower Mock Potato Salad, but this low-carb potato salad has won over everyone who tries it! 

Egg Salad in Pita with Green Olives and Dijon finished pita filled with egg salad on plate

If you use my favorite Low-Carb Pita Bread, this Egg Salad in Pita with Green Olives and Dijon is pretty low in carbs and I love this stuffed into lettuce wraps if you’d like a version with even fewer carbs! 

Low-Carb Egg Salad and Cheese Quesadillas found on

And finally, these Egg Salad Breakfast Quesadillas are a think-outside-the-box idea for boiled eggs that was sent to me by a reader, and if you use my favorite low-carb tortillas these are pretty low in net carbs, although a bit higher in carbs than the other recipes here.

Ten More Recipes that use Hard-Boiled Eggs:

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