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10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans

If you don’t mind splurging on a few carbs, this 10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans really can be ready in 10 minutes for a Valentine’s Day Treat! Check out Dessert Recipes for more low-carb and carb-conscious dessert options.

10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans found on KalynsKitchen.com

If there’s one thing I know about low-carb eaters, it’s that there are some people who would never splurge on an easy dessert like this 10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, while there are other people who absolutely would enjoy it. If you’re strictly avoiding carbs, I’m going to send you to visit The BEST Low-Carb Chocolate Desserts, where you can find Valentine’s Day desserts that are much lower in carbs than this one!

But if you like the idea of a 10 minute dessert that tastes amazing and are willing to splurge for a special occasion, let me tell you how delicious and easy this is! You can use sugar-free maple syrup instead of agave if you want to save some carbs, and it only takes the tiniest amount of shaved dark chocolate to add some chocolate flavor. And not only does it taste amazing, this dessert is so simple to make you don’t really need a recipe.

10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans found on KalynsKitchen.com

It only took a small amount of dark chocolate to make enough shaved dark chocolate for two servings. Coarsely chop the pecans if you’re using them. Put 5-6 oz. Greek Yogurt into a parfait dish and drizzle with a little agave nectar (or use sugar-free maple syrup if you prefer.) Then sprinkle with the shaved dark chocolate and pecans and enjoy! And if you’ve ever been to Greece and had Greek Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts, this is a spin-off from that classic Greek dessert!

10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans found on KalynsKitchen.com

10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans

This 10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans was inspired by a famous Greek dessert where plaint Greek yogurt is drizzled with honey and sprinkled with walnuts.


  • 10-12 oz. plain Greek yogurt
  • 4 tsp agave nectar (or use sugar-free maple syrup if you want less carbs)
  • 4 tsp. shaved dark chocolate
  • 2 T chopped pecans (optional)


  1. Use the fine side of a cheese grater to make the shaved dark chocolate.
  2. Chop pecans if using.
  3. Put Greek yogurt into two dessert dishes and drizzle with desired amount of agave or sugar-free maple syrup.
  4. Sprinkle with a few teaspoons of shaved dark chocolate and chopped pecans and serve!


Recipe developed by Kalyn with inspiration from Greek Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts that she had in Greece many years ago! I originally made this with Hazelnut flavored agave, which is delicious if you can find it.

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Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
This 10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans does have some carbs, so it could only be an occasional treat for the South Beach Diet or any low-carb diet plan.

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10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans found on KalynsKitchen.com

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46 comments on “10 Minute Greek Yogurt Dessert with Agave, Dark Chocolate, and Pecans”

  1. Man, this looks so good! Definitely going to give it a try!

  2. So is Marks & Spencer’s 10% and also Lidl’s and Aldi’s.- and the latter much cheaper.

  3. Well, now I will be on a serious mission to get hazelnut agave nectar. I love hazelnuts and this dessert has everything going for it!

    Valentine's is over, but life goes on! 😉

  4. Personally I would not use regular yogurt in this.

  5. Looks very much delicious and must be very tasty to eat.You can also replace Greek yogurt with normal yogurt.

  6. Lydia, for something that's so simple, it's really so good!

  7. Proof that a great dessert need not be complicated, fattening, or baked! I love this idea.

  8. Becky I don't know how hard it is to find, but it's delicious!

  9. okay, the fact that I've never tried hazelnut agave is startling!! I adore hazelnut anything but have yet to try that! Thanks for the tip and great recipe idea!

  10. This looks delicious. Similar to Chobani's new espresso-chocolate bite yogurt (except for the sweetener). I would definitely add a little espresso to this, as coffee and chocolate are a dream combination for me.

  11. Kalyn, this looks and sounds delicious! Great combination of flavors. I have a hard time getting my husband to eat yogurt and this may just do the trick! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Donna, you're welcome. I do think there is a lot of misinformation on the internet, and I always try to read all sides of an issue before I decide.

  13. Thanks for your reply, Kalyn. I am always interested in knowing truth, and having a fuller understanding about new information. I am reading the links you posted. Appreciate it!

  14. Hi Donna,
    I'm aware of the writing by Dr. Mercola about agave nectar, but I don't believe all brands of agave nectar are unsafe. Obviously I wouldn't use it if I didn't think it was safe, but in the low amounts I consume I'm not concerned about the brand I use. You may want to read Is Agave Nectar Safe and Agave Myth Buster for more information.

  15. One of my VERY favorite desserts is Fage non-fat plain yogurt with almond extract, stevia natural no-calorie sweetener, with coarsely chopped almonds. Adding grated dark chocolate to make a mini-almond joy experience would be amazing! Thanks for the idea!

  16. Hi Kalyn,

    There's new research on agave that is not good news for dieters, or health-wise. You might want to search it out on http://www.mercola.com. Dr. Mercola is an M.D. who is a strong proponent of low-glycemic weight loss. He also posts news about "natural" or "health" foods that don't make it to the mainstream.

    Thought you would want to know.

    Your avid fan,

    Donna Callahan

  17. Hey Kayln,

    This dessert looks amazing. I've been to Greece, yet never tried their dessert. I'll have to make it soon. Thanks!

  18. The latest South Beach Diet book lists Nonfat Greek Yogurt for phase one, so that sounds like it would be okay to me.

  19. I was wondering if you had fage fat free yogurt with cinnamon and pecans and splenda …. does it classify as phase 1? I really need to know because this is finally a dessert i LOVE and found I can PERHAPS have it on phase one =)

  20. Debbie, would you believe I went to Greece and never had Greek yogurt even once. That was 10 years ago, and now I’m dying to go back so I can have it there. I agree, the Fage brand is the best I’ve had.

  21. Kalyn,

    Before this past summer I had never tried Greek yogurt. I was in Greece for a couple of weeks and fell in love with the yogurt and had it with honey almost every morning at breakfast.

    When I returned home, I was on a mission to find Greek yogurts. My local grocery store stocks several brands but I am partial to the Fage brand even though it is a little more expensive. Every time I eat it I have memories of my trip to Greece. Now I can’t wait to try your recipe.


  22. I absolutely love Fage…this sounds amazing- thanks Kalyn!

  23. Yogurt is so rife in the Greek cuisine – used for desserts, condiment, marinade, snack or breakfast! I should try this agave…why not reduce sugar, right?

    Thank you for the link to the homemade yogurt recipe. It’s courtesy of my mom and it’s a good one.

  24. Kalyn, this dessert looks so appetizing. It caught my eye on Photograzing and I had to drop by and see what you were up to. It sounds delicious and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  25. I definitely haven’t been waiting for Valentine’s Day myself; had some of this again for the third time.

    Llyn, I do try to be aware of the fact that not everyone will have special ingredients, thanks for noticing!

    Shari, love the hazelnut agave!

  26. Hazelnut Agave Nectar sounds delicious! I’ll have to look for that.

  27. Hi Kalyn,

    I love Greek Yogurt Dessert with Hazelnut Agave and Shaved Dark Chocolate…yummy! The recipe is great. And i like the fact that when i’m having a hard time finding some ingredients you’ve got an alternative way on how to make it on my own. Thanks Kalyn.

  28. Awesome dessert!! This looks so simple and yummy. Why wait for Valentine’s Day to enjoy it??? 🙂

  29. Glad people are liking this.

    Anonymous, if you want to duplicate this recipe with homemade yogurt, you’d still need to go through the step of straining the yogurt to remove the liquid, which is the instructions that are at the link I shared. Regular homemade yogurt is not going to be the same as Greek yogurt unless you strain it.

  30. I saw a recipe elsewhere on this site for making your own yogurt. If you want to try it yourself, it’s ridiculously easy. You get rich tasting yogurt with none of those peculiar ingredients you find in some brands and it costs a fraction of what you’ll pay at the grocery store. Four cups milk, one-half cup dried milk and a six ounce carton of good quality yogurt for a starter makes five cups.

    The recipe on this site called for using your oven. I splurged ($20 with a coupon) on a Salton Yogurt Maker. I get everything assembled after breakfast, plug her in and like magic ten hours later there’s yogurt waiting to be popped into the fridge to cool.

    In my research I found two kinds of yogurt makers: those that have individual serving containers and those that have one multi-cup container. If there’s one thing I don’t need it’s more pesky bits of plastic getting lost in the cupboards but you might find that kind suits you better if you have small yogurt-eaters around the house.

  31. Love it!!! I have greek yogurt a couple times of day everyday!!

  32. I’ve just discovered this blog, and wanted to give a double thumbs up! As a recent returnee to the South Beach way of eating (and one who gets bored very easily with the same old, same old), I’m finding this to be an excellent resource for mixing things up on the menu. Thanks!

  33. That looks good! I enjoy serving greek yogurt with honey and walnuts.

  34. Oooooh.. that's a keeper. You've inspired me to search it out in my town & I'm off to the store. Thanks!

  35. I bookmarked this from title alone!!

  36. What an incredible dessert! I love hazelnut everything!!

  37. Kalyn, these look soooooo good! 🙂 I love healthy recipes that still feel like an indulgence. Thank you so much for all your fabulous recipes and ideas

  38. I am looking forward to trying out the hazelnut agave – also wondering what the process is like for creating the infusion? It’s easy to grasp olive oil, but the agave is a bit sticky and a lot thicker – you’ve totally got me thinking!!

  39. Hmm, Greek yogurt with chocolate? What a combination, I have to try that now!!

  40. Tanna, it definitely did it for me (two nights in a row, he he he. Must do that blog research!)

  41. Hazelnut Flavored Agave Nectar . . . really that sounds interesting. Greek Yogurt is great with just about anything. And chocolate, that should just about put it over the top.

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