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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Kirkland Organic Feta from Greece

I wanted to do a happy dance in the aisle at Costco when I spotted this Kirkland Organic Feta from Greece, and now this is my favorite Feta! In this post I’m sharing about why I like this product so much, and some of my favorite recipes that use Feta.

Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Kirkland Organic Feta from Greece photo of Costco Feta in container

You probably couldn’t help noticing that I’m an enthusiastic consumer of Feta Cheese! For years I’ve been buying the blocks of Feta at Costco and they have always had various brands of Feta that came in a block. But the 100% sheep’s milk Feta was always the type I liked most. Then recently I was walking through the huge SLC Costco and I spotted this Kirkland Organic Feta from Greece, a new Costco sheep’s milk Feta that has rocked my world! This post will talk about why I love particular Feta so much, and share some recipe ideas where I’d love to use it! 

This Feta Cheese is a real Costco Bargain!

My apologies to those who don’t live near Costco, but for those who shop there I felt like I should alert you to this new Kirkland Organic Feta, because at $9.99 for nearly two pounds of creamy Greek sheep’s milk Feta, this is such a bargain! I’m lucky to live near The World’s Biggest Costco, but since this is a Kirkland product I am guessing that eventually most Costcos will be carrying it and hopefully you will soon be able to order it at Costco.com.

Why I love Sheep’s Milk Feta so much:

This organic Feta from Costco is 100% sheep’s milk Feta! All brands of Feta Cheese contain sheep’s milk, but some are made from a combination of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. I find the pure sheep’s milk Feta to be milder and creamier than those which contain goat’s milk. And after I discovered this new Greek Feta at Costco I tried it out on my Greek friends Mary and Loretta, and they both declared it to be very good!

How do I keep such a big block of Feta good in the fridge?

This Feta comes in brine, and I found various sources online that says Feta refrigerated in brine will stay good for several months. But I might not buy such a big package of Feta if I didn’t have a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer (affiliate link)! The Feta comes in four separate flat blocks, and I seal each inside a plastic bag with the FoodSaver, which will keep it good in the fridge for months! You can read more about why I love the FoodSaver if you’re not familiar with it.

Is Feta Cheese low in carbs?

This delicious Feta Cheese has less than one gram of carbs per serving, which certainly makes me love it even more! Check your package, but I’m sure every brand of Feta is going to be very low in carbs.

What do I love to make using Feta Cheese?

You must also be a fellow fan of Feta cheese if you’ve made it to the end of this post. I’d love to hear in the comments about your favorite ways to eat it!

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    12 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Kirkland Organic Feta from Greece”

  1. Kalyn, just came across your feta cheese article. I have an older food saver( lost instructions) & was wondering, do I seal the block of feta drained or put in some of the brine?  Thank you, Kathy

    • Hi Kathy! Drain the brine before you seal the Feta with the FoodSaver. And if your FoodSaver model lets you choose between dry and moist, I would always use moist when sealing something like this with high water content. (I learned that the hard way after I ruined one FoodSaver by getting too much water in it.

  2. I am searching to find out which feta cheese producer in Greece is providing this new product to Cosco? I personally as well preferred Dodoni but still this Sheep’s milk feta is a far cry better than what I find here in the US outside of Greek shops. Still curious to know who in Greece is providing them. I have my guess. There are only a few dairy product producers in Greece that could provide this much volume.

  3. Sounds like 1 more thing to add to my Costco list. I’m anxious to see how this tastes. Once we ate in a Greek restaurant up in SLC and the Feta on their salad was so wonderful. I’m hoping this new one will taste like that did. The one I have in the frig right now is not a Kirkland brand even though I bought it there. Thanks for the update.

    • Hope you like it. I know some restaurants use Valbreso Sheep’s Milk Feta. I used to get that at Costco but they stopped carrying it. This one is creamy and mild and personally I really like it.

  4. I’m from the Bay area of California and buy the Dodoni brand of feta cheese, at Costco.
    I purchased the Kirkland brand, yesterday, in Idaho as they didn’t carry Dodoni.
    Kirkland’s brand is mild.
    I prefer the slightly bolder flavor of Dodoni.
    It’s all about flavor and some prefer mild and some bold.
    I’m glad, in California, I have the choice.

    • Yes, I have had the Dodoni brand too and agree the flavor is a bit more bold. I did enjoy the Dodoni Feta but I like the creamy mild Feta the best. But agree, it is nice to have a choice. I have two Costcos by my house and one only has this brand (but used to have Dodoni) and the other has a brand I won’t mention but don’t like at all! So it is all about what you like.

      • I just found out that our Costco stopped selling Dodoni. I’m SO sad and even sadder reading this. I was hoping maybe the Kirkland version was going to be the same. I had never had a feta that tasted like Dodoni…except when I lived in the Balkans. Has anyone seen Dodoni sold anywhere else?

      • Amber if your Costco has this new one I recommend you try it. It is really good, just a little less assertive than Dodoni.

  5. This article on Feta cheese from Costco is wonderful. I too am a fan of sheep feta, I just bought a container from the local grocery store as I was making a salad that day and wanted feta for it. It’s crumbles not block. Made from skim milk. 12 oz for almost $7. So the costco 2# for $10 for real feta in brine is a huge bargain thankyou, I will be looking for it on my next trip to Costco. Will be trying some recipes to use that feta too.