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Friday Night Photos: The Porch is Gone! (House Renovations v. 2.0.1)

It’s been another exciting week of house renovations here. Last week I showed you a before picture of my house which is being completely renovated on the outside. Now the front porch is completely gone!

Here’s the porch loaded into a trailer, ready to get hauled away. I came home from work the next day and the trailer was empty so apparently my porch has gone to the dump!

After the porch was no more, the thoughtful contractor nailed a board across my door to make sure I didn’t forget and walk out of the house!

All the old shingles are also gone from the east side of the house now, exposing this wood which is nearly 100 years old, since my house was built in 1912. (Editing to add a note that the still-painted addition that you can see at the very back of the house in this photo is my office/photo studio where I take photos and write my blog posts! The rest of my house has new double-pane windows, but I’m getting new ones there as part of this project. Not looking forward to that process, but it will be nice to have the new windows, followed by blinds that can be lowered/raised to control the light!)

And if you were reading my blog last winter, you’ll know why I’m especially happy that the new water line is all completed! No more frozen pipes this winter; the new line is nice and deep. Stay tuned, lots more renovations to come!

(If anyone is interested, you can see my whole set of House Renovations Photos on Flickr.)

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    11 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: The Porch is Gone! (House Renovations v. 2.0.1)”

  1. CC, I’m certainly trying to do my part! I’m guessing the contractor is very happy to have this job.

    Cynthia, this is a huge project, no way it will be finished by Thanksgiving, or Christmas either I’m guessing. I’d guess probably about 4 months, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. A lot depends on the weather,so the contractor hasn’t given me any idea how long it will take but I’m getting a new front porch, new siding and trim on the whole house, a new two-layer deck in back, a roof extension to cover part of the new deck, new sidewalks, skylights, new windows in my office, and some new shelves and other inside work. Just praying that I don’t run out of money, and thankful that I got the loan before everything went so bad with the economy! And I’m thankful that I’m out of debt except for this house or I could never afford it.

  2. So everything will be finished in time for Christmas? or are you racing to a Thanksgiving finish?

  3. Bless your heart; you’re keeping the economy afloat!

  4. Thanks Mary. I’m excited!

    Rand, can’t wait to see you guys too. You’ll be amazed at how much has happened in just two weeks.

  5. We can’t wait to see the progress IN PERSON!

  6. How exciting!!


  7. It is really quite exciting to watch the progress. Of course it’s barely getting light when I go to work and it’s usually dark when I come home so I’m going to go outside today and see it in the daylight (as soon as it warms up a bit more.)

    The best part is that I have such a good feeling about this contractor, so I feel like I can do all the things I’ve always wanted and trust him to do a good job.

    I know Maria will see the finished house, but Tanna, Ilva, and Lydia, I hope you guys will get to come and see it sometime too. (When I’m retired, come any time! I will be ready for visitors!)

  8. Looks like the house is coming along nicely!! Very exciting!!

  9. Progress! Especially good news about the water line. Now it will be exciting to watch the house get put back together.

  10. It is strangely exciting to see your renovation, I am looking forward to see how it proceeds and then, in the future, inspect the results in person! Hopefully! One day…

  11. Oh I remember the nightmare of the water line!
    Great photos. I especially like the old wood photo, it’s so interesting to see how they constructed homes then.