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No Water Day Four, and Why Kalyn Won’t be Posting Recipes for a Few Days

What’s a food blogger to do when it’s day four without water, every dish in the house is dirty, no way to wash them, and there’s a big hole in the lawn where the water meter used to be? Take photos of course. Here’s part of what’s been going on around here the last four days.

Much, much, much thanks to my wonderful brothers Mark and Dave and my brother-in-law Kelly who spent the last two days at my house trying to figure out what was wrong (after two days of trying to thaw the pipe with an electrical charge didn’t work.) Also thanks to Rand who sent financial and moral support from California. I cannot adequately express how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful, supportive family who would pretty much do anything they could to help me..

Since my entire life has been completely disrupted by this little act of nature, I may not be posting any recipes for a few days. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

(Edit, Monday morning. I finally had water by Sunday evening and am getting things cleaned up. It’s a long story, but my main water line was frozen where it goes under my sidewalk and there were some rubber fittings where the line had been repaired which kept the electrical current from thawing the line. Thanks to Ulrike from Kuchenlatein who has agreed to switch weeks with me and host Weekend Herb Blogging this week while I get my life back in order! Send your entries to ostwestwind AT yahoo DOT de. If you would like a photo to be included, send her a photo either 100 X 75 px or 100 X 100 px when you send the link. These should be sent by 3:00 Sunday, Utah time.)

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24 comments on “No Water Day Four, and Why Kalyn Won’t be Posting Recipes for a Few Days”

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  3. Hooray! Water! You are so lucky to have such supportive family and friends.

  4. Oh, my, Kalyn. I am so sorry for you disrupted life! Believe me, I know what it’s like. We lose power every winter and since our water comes from a well in the creek at the bottom of a hill and has to be pumped up to holding tanks, when we lose power, we don’t have water. You have my complete sympathy!

  5. Well I am pleased to hear that you survived! If I had faced that I would have likely borrowed a bucket or 6 of water to clean up what was around at the time – and spent the rest of the week eating else where!

  6. Looks like my kitchen I we have water! bad luck. Hope it come back on soon. Funnily enough as soon as I wash my hair we usually get cut off because the pipes in our stret are old and the earth is moving because of the drought.

  7. Thanks again everyone for all the good thoughts. I’m much better tonight after doing several loads of dishes and laundry and quite a bit of cleaning. And right now I’m having a big glass of water!

  8. Oh, Kalyn, I am so sorry. How frustrating. Glad to hear the water is back, but sorry to imagine you with all that cleanup to do.

  9. Hi !!!

    Yeah, been through similar doings and a few worse. We did no water, then the sewer snapped.

    I kinda enjoyed it. The ideas you come up with to make life nicer that moment, the ways you find to circumvent the situation, the love that shows up at your doorstep, day after day how you impress yourself with ways of making it ‘work’ without our normal routines. It tests your mettle and when you come out, you own its soul. Now you are Queen and can handle it. No water? You can do that!
    Bring on the failre, Biggles is ready.


  10. I am glad it is finally fixed! We saw the workers outside every day…NOT FUN!! I hope you can get things back to normal soon!

  11. It’s always kind of salutary to realize how much we take our “modern conveniences” for granted, but heck, who needs that lesson! Glad you are back in business.

  12. I really hope this all gets resolved as quickly as possible

  13. Thank heavens for wonderful brothers and brothers-in-law. The pictures say it all, I must say. Soon this will all be a distant memory. Hang in there! Hugs.

  14. Oh Kalyn… you poor thing! I can’t imagine having to go without water of any kind for this long.
    You do have a great family! You are blessed in that regard 🙂

    When I first saw the title to this post I thought “What kind of diet makes you go without WATER?? I hadn’t heard that about South Beach! Glad that’s not the case 🙂

  15. What a horrid ordeal! I’m glad to hear water is back, but I know what a chore it is to get things back to normal! Thank goodness for the helpful people in our lives. I’ve a few friends who’ve helped me in a pinch too!

  16. Kalyn — I’ve recently discovered your blog and love it!

    I’m so glad you now have water and that life can begin to get back to normal.

    Also, how lovely to have the family support you have been blessed with.

    I love your blog because it is so well organized and provides great information on South Beach diet and products that you’ve found helpful.

    Hope your life sails along more smoothly now!

  17. Looking forward to reading your recipes!

  18. “Mater artium necessitas”.
    (Necessity is the mother of invention) No better words could be used to describe your situation.

  19. Kalyn, I was going to offer some moral support when I read the post but as I see you now have water … YAAAYY!!
    You have been soo strong these past few days. Kudos! Just think of it as a early spring cleaning LOL!

    All the best and a huge hug from me!

  20. Thanks everyone for your concern.

    I finally have water thanks to my great brothers and brother-in-law! Now the clean-up begins. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.

  21. Well goodnight! Kalyn, your pictures bring back memories of the flood in my kitchen, the caved in ceiling, no stove etc, etc. But no running water and all that camotion. We don’t really appreciate how fragile our modern convieniences are and how really vital to our sense of order.
    I am so sorry.
    I am glad you are warm and have great family.
    It will end and there will be water! It has to happen.
    Hugs for all.

  22. Oh you poor dear! Oh MY! I hope things are back to normal soon!

  23. Thanks for not showing us a picture of your bathroom!! 😀
    Seriously, it’s unbelievably disrupting, not only to your day-to-day dealings, but to your state of mental health. You are one of the strongest people I know, however, and there you are surrounded by all those helpful men…
    Hang in there, baby. (I won’t talk about my week — week! — without electricity; dead of winter; dark, dark, dark… wahh.)

  24. Kalyn, Hope you will have water, soon! It was hard without water – I completely understand!

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