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Friday Night Photos: House Renovations v. 2.0

This week house renovations started at my place, so I thought I’d document the process for Friday Night Photos. I live in the part of Salt Lake called Sugarhouse, in a little bungalow type house built in 1912. I bought the house in 1988, and in 96-97 I had the inside completely gutted and remodeled. Now it’s beautiful inside, but as you can see from this “before” photo, the outside needs help. Time for house renovations version 2.0!

The contractor is starting with the front porch, which will be completely torn off and replaced with a new one, with the floor made of Trex decking. I won’t miss the awful cement steps which stay covered with ice all winter!

I did paint the house once, but now my shingles are in such bad shape that this time I’m getting James Hardie siding, which really gives a great look on old houses like this. (If you want to click that link and see the color, I’m going with the smooth siding in Mountain Sage, with white trim. The house has a black roof and the porch and new back decks will be gray.)

One side has the old shingles torn off and new weather-guard in place, ready for siding. BTW, that strip of dirt you see next to the house is a semi-shady spot where I’ve grown arugula some years.

Finally, these old porch railings have had people of all ages sitting on them at parties through the years, but for several years now they’ve been too wobbly to sit on. It will be so nice to have a good party porch again.

The new porch and siding are only the beginning of the project. In the back of the house where my garden is, I’m adding a two-level deck with a new section of roof to cover part of it. There are also several new sidewalks, a skylight, and some less exciting things like a new water line, and replacing a section of my sewer line. Stay tuned for more updates. And I’m trying hard not to think about how long all this is going to take.

(If anyone is interested, you can see my whole set of House Renovations Photos on Flickr.)

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    32 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: House Renovations v. 2.0”

  1. Oh Katie, no worries. I absolutely knew why you didn’t participate. Nice to see you back!

  2. House renovations…. Yep, I can relate… As I sit here in an empty room while mon mari stains ceiling boards….
    I love your house, now I want to see the inside.
    Sorry I missed the big 3 celebration but without only internet cafes for 2 months it’s been a challnge. I’m slowly dipping my toes back into the online world….

  3. For anyone who’s wondering, this part of town is called Sugarhouse because back in the late 1800’s there was a sugar factory here. So it really is sweet! (BTW, the entire porch is now gone.)

  4. You live in a place called Sugarhouse? How *sweet* is that? I can’t wait to see the improvements. How exciting!

  5. Ooh! I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done. I bet it’s going to look gorgeous!

    I love remodeling…I’m a sucker for HGTV.

  6. Your house is so cute! I love that style of house. There’s something very charming and cozy about it.

  7. How exciting…really cute house.
    will be about perfect when your done.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  8. What fun, Kalyn! I can’t wait to learn more.

  9. I love bungalow houses! It’s the one thing I miss from the Midwest. We went to St. Petersburg last year and were so excited to see bungalows that DH and I just drove around looking at all the different houses! I can’t wait to see the final result (and I enjoy watching the work in progress too).

  10. Oh yes, I’ll definitely show some photos of the inside at some point in this process. And for those who are wondering how I can do everything, it’s actually kind of sad but I never have time to watch TV, read a book, or even go to the movies. This is why I MUST retire, so I have time to have some fun again.

  11. Kalyn, I love your house! Please show some pictures of the inside!

  12. How do you find the time??? Teaching, blogging and a remodel too! I’m impressed…