Peach-Plum CakeOn Fridays I share photos I’m taking to practice using my camera, and last week I featured Neighborhood Block Party Food #1. That post also included a link to the recipe for Merritt’s fabulous Cannellini Beans in Mint Marinade, which I’ve made a second time since I posted it. There was so much good food at the party that I’m back with more photos. Let’s start out with Julia’s Peach-Plum Cake, which was a big hit.

My apologies to Matt and Julia who have a pizza oven and made several fabulous pizzas, but every time I tried to take a photo, people’s hands grabbing pizza ended up in the picture. The only pizza photo I got without hands was this one, which tasted fantastic, but wasn’t their most photogenic pizza of the night.

I started losing track of who brought what, but I’m pretty sure it was Russ and Brooke who made this wonderful dish I’m calling green chile quiche. This is something else I need to get the recipe for because it did taste great.

Two delicious cheese balls and dippers from smart neighbor JoAnne who fashioned a disposable “dish” out of a box and tin foil so they could go home when they had enough of the party without worrying about the dish.

No idea who made the lovely cookies, which did look delicious even though I skipped them because I knew they were not on my diet!

I had some lovely tomatoes that day, so one thing I made for the party was this Hearts of Palm Salad with Tomatoes, Olive, and Feta. I have an abundant amount of basil this year, but you could get by with a lot less.

My second dish for the party was this Chickpea Salad with Tomatoes, Olives, Basil, and Parlsey (which looked considerably more glamorous when I photographed it earlier in the day for the recipe post, but still tasted great at the party.)

Yes, I am lucky to live in such a great neighborhood. In October I’ll be starting a huge renovation project updating the outside of my house. The project includes a new water line, and I’m happy to have nice neighbors because there may be a few days when I’m needing a place to take a shower. The project will provide plenty of photo opportunities, so watch for some “before” house photos coming up on Friday Night Photos and a lot of contruction photos in the future!

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