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Friday Night Photos: Neighborhood Block Party Food #1

Friday Night Photos is where I share random photos I’m taking to practice using my camera, so this week it’s photos from the annual neighborhood block party last Saturday. My neighbors are great, and I ended up with so many photos of good food that I decided to split them into two groups, so this is part one. This party was the day after I got braces on my teeth, so I was favoring the soft foods like this delicious macaroni and cheese.

Chicken wings on the grill were looking delicious, but with new braces and a sore mouth, this was something I didn’t get to try. I look forward to having them next year!

Taking a good photo of coleslaw when it’s dusk and the light is dim is definitely a photo challenge, but this was delicious.

This salad with spinach, blue cheese, and walnuts looked delicious, but I didn’t dare try nuts with the braces. (Even though I thought I was being careful, I broke two wires at the party!)

Merritt has already sent me the recipe for this amazing-tasting salad with cannellini beans and mint, and it will be making an appearance on Kalyn’s Kitchen soon. (Edit: here is the recipe for Cannellini Beans with Mint Marinade. Thanks Merritt!)

If you’re not in the U.S. you may not recognize this, but layered Mexican dip has refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, olives, and possibly some things I’m missing. Corn chips are off limits for braces, so I had to pass on this too.

Last but not least, another photo challenge that tasted fantastic was this curried whole wheat couscous with cranberries. I definitely need this recipe too! Check back next week to see more food, including the two salads I brought to the party.

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    19 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Neighborhood Block Party Food #1”

  1. The food all looks great, especially the wings! Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Any houses for sale on your block? I think I need to move there 🙂

  3. Looks like you have some very good cooks in your neighborhood!

  4. Congrats on the braces! I’m working on two years with mine and looking forward to getting them off soon! Don’t worry about soreness, it’ll pass! I eat EVERYTHING LOL!

    Love your recipes and ideas!

  5. Thanks everyone; we do have the best parties.

    Anonymous, thanks for that tip. I have the Ibuprofen but need to get some Tylenol because I heard that Ibuprofen alone is hard on the system.

  6. Kalyn,
    As a pharmacist who had her braces taken off last year – I cannot stress enough the value of alternating doses of ibuprofen and tylenol with every tightening. Good luck . . .by the end the list of foods you will gorge on are quite funny . . mmmm taffy.

  7. What lovely food! It was a right feast!

  8. I’d just have a spoon in the bean dip if the chips were off limits ;))
    Bean salad has long been a favorite for me and I’ve just found I really love the mint in them. Can’t wait to see the recipe for this one.

  9. I want to have a neighborhood block party. But somehow, I don’t think it would quite work where I live : (

  10. What a beautiful spread for a block party. Beats any block party I’ve ever been to! I’m loving mint lately, too. It all sounds absolutely delicious.

  11. OOOOOOO, I can't wait to the bean recipe & the couscous recipe.

  12. Italian Dish, thank you! This type of photo-taking really challenges me to think about the light and framing much more than when I do the planned, styled photos for the blog.

    Sara, my family always makes that for holidays too, and it’s my sister Pam who always makes it.

    Melissa, I love Rancho Gordo beans. Salad coming next week!

  13. Oh killer. I bought some Rancho Gordo runner cannelinis and I need something to do with them. I wanted to come up with something on my own, but I just can’t figure it out. Can’t wait to see!

  14. All of the food looks great! We always have a mexican layered dip as an appetizer on Thanksgiving, it’s a family tradition.

  15. Your photos are great! How nice you have a neighborhood block party. The food looks wonderful.

  16. Barbara, the bean salad with mint blew me away. I took one bite and asked her if I could have the recipe!

    Paz, thanks. The food was great and I have the nicest bunch of neighbors.

    Snowiye, Paul warned me that what made the macaroni and cheese so good was “lots of butter and four kinds of cheese.” It was really good too, even if not that diet friendly for me!

  17. Wow!!! How do I make macaroni and cheese that looks like THAT??? *drools*

  18. All this delicious-looking food. I know everyone had a good time. Looking forward to photos from part 2.


  19. my mother used to make a bean salad with mint. I love it. Looks like a good food night.