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Frequently Asked Questions About Kalyn’s Kitchen

How can I find recipes using a certain ingredient?
Finding recipes to use an ingredient you have on hand is super easy. Just use the search bar (upper right hand side or on the drop-down menu on mobile) and type in the ingredient you have, then hit search. Google will search my blog and find recipes with that ingredient. The more ingredients you list, the more specific the search results will be.

How can I find recipes on the blog that will freeze well?
Whenever I’m writing up a recipe that I think will freeze well, I always say “this freezes well” at the end of the recipe instructions.  To find all the recipes that I think will freeze well, just use the search bar (upper right hand side) and type “this freezes well.” Another way to find recipes like this is to use the label Can Freeze. Using the label will show the most current recipe first; entering “this freezes well” will show the most trafficked recipes first.

Where do you get the recipes featured on Kalyn’s Kitchen?
Kalyn’s Kitchen features recipes I’ve created myself or found and adapted to my lower-carb and South Beach Diet friendly way of eating. There are recipes from cookbooks, food magazines, and other food blogs as well as recipes I’ve come up with on my own. For recipes that are not my own, I always credit the original source of the recipe if I know it.

Why do you talk about the South Beach Diet on your blog?
In 2004 I got sick of being overweight and went on the South Beach Diet, losing 42 pounds before I reached my goal weight. I actually started the blog when friends kept asking me for recipes for the kind of dishes that helped me lose weight. Of course many people enjoy my recipes who aren’t following the diet, but I am happy that these recipes can be a resource for people who are using South Beach to help them lose weight. (In 2016 the South Beach Diet trademark was sold to a company that will sell pre-made food, which is why I no longer link to their site, since they don’t provide support for the original diet any more.)

What are the buttons for at the top of each post?
Buttons at the top of the posts are for people who want to share recipes by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Yummly.

Why don’t you provide nutritional information for the recipes?
UPDATE November 2019: I have started calculating nutritional information, starting with the most popular recipes. Thanks to everyone who has been patient while I edited my entire blog! You’re welcome to leave a comment on a recipe if you want to ask me to move it up in the editing process. And this will probably take more than a year, but I am working on it as much as I can!
More than a year ago I switched my site to WordPress, which created the need to edit by hand to add more than 2,000 recipes to the preferred format for google. I have been working on that (with three assistants) for more than a year, so there is no possibility of me being able to calculate nutritional information until that project is completed. And I know that once I start doing nutrition info on one recipe people will expect to see it on every recipe, which is why I have decided to keep these two projects completely separate.

If you look after the recipe itself (where it says “Nutritional Information”), I give links  for suggestions of two ways to get that information. If you want to figure out the nutritional information yourself, a site that’s very easy to use is this nutrition analyzer.  Just copy the recipe and enter the number of servings and it will calculate everything for you. Or if you’re a member of Yummly, you can use the Yum button on my site to save the recipe and see the nutritional information there. (Yummly is not always completely accurate because their database doesn’t have every ingredient, or sometimes if I have recently updated a recipe they have the old info.)

Why are there some recipes that seem high in carbs?
I started my carb-conscious eating journey in 2005 as a fan of the South Beach Diet, which is based on the Glycemic Index (a measure of how quickly foods affect blood glucose levels.) The South Beach diet doesn’t limit carbs as much as some low-carb eating plans, and actually encourages a diet of what are called “Good Carbs,” or those which don’t raise blood glucose very much. This includes things like dried beans, lentils, whole grains, and some complex-carb vegetables like sweet potatoes and winter squash. Through the years I’ve transitioned a to more of a traditional low-carb way of eating, but I do still eat a few of those good carb foods occasionally.

What camera do you use for photos?
Unless the photo is credited to another source, all photos featured on Kalyn’s Kitchen are taken by me. Learning about photography has been one of the most fun parts of blogging, although I still have a lot to learn! When I started my blog I hadn’t entered the digital camera age, but right away I got a little Panasonic point and shoot camera. There are still a few early photos on the blog taken with that camera, although I’ve slowly been replacing those photos with better ones!In 2006, I started my foot photography with a Canon Rebel XT. (The current model of that camera is the Canon Rebel T2i , which is a great camera for beginning food bloggers.) In 2009 I bought a Canon EOS 40D, which I used until 2012 when I upgraded just a little to the Canon EOS 60D.  A few years later I got the Canon EOS 70D, a camera I still use for process shots and some final shots. My next camera purchase was a Canon EOS 6D full frame camera, and I love that camera. Then in 2016 I really took the plunge into professional equipment and got the Canon 5D Mark IV, which is an amazing camera.

I also have a number of good lenses which help me make the food look as appetizing as possible. My current favorite lenses are the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Zoom Lens and the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro Lens, which are both great for food photography.  I also use the Canon EF 50mm f1.4 for some photos. (And if you’re just starting out in dSLR photography, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens is almost as good as the 50mm 1.4 lens. That’s the lens I started with.)

Can I post one of your recipes on my own blog?
If you’re featuring one of my recipes, I ask that you take your own photos and re-write the recipe in your own words, plus provide credit with a link back to the original recipe on my site.

Can I use one of the photos from your blog?
All photos on Kalyn’s Kitchen are copyrighted, as is the text that accompanies the recipes. I generally don’t mind having thumbnails of my photos republished on other sites as long as there is a link back to the recipe on my blog. However, I never give permission for any photo from my blog and the recipe that goes with that photo to be republished together elsewhere on the web. I maintain the right to ask for removal of my photos and/or recipes at any time for any reason. (Please contact me if you’d like to ask about using a full-size photo.)

Who designed your blog?
The newest version of my blog, including a WordPress transition was done by Lindsay from Purr Design. Other techie web stuff for both my blogs is done by Jennette from Makeworthy Media. Anything remotely artistic or design-related is done by my brother Rand who’s uber-talented in everything he does. Thanks everyone for helping me keep my blogs looking good!

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    17 Comments on “Frequently Asked Questions About Kalyn’s Kitchen”

  1. I enjoy your blog and have cooked some wonderful dishes as a result of finding it a few years ago, thank you! I especially love your bold flavors. I wondered if the What’s Trending Now & All Time Popular Posts sidebars could add a recipe title when hovered over to help me choose which one I’d like to look over? Likely this is most helpful for deep country, slow internet readers, as I am.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and the recipes. I’m afraid the amount of coding and $$ involved to add that feature makes it something that it’s not possible to add. But it sounds like you are on desktop. Did you know that if you hover over one of those photos down in the lower left corner of your screen you will see the url (internet address) of that post. I’m guessing at least 90% of the time that will be specific to show you what the recipe is. And for older recipes where the title might have been changed, you’ll just have to click the photo to see it. But that hovering trick should reduce the waiting time considerably.

  2. I use these abbreviations:
    T = tablespoon
    tsp. = teaspoon

  3. Hello Kalyn:

    I am going to cook my zucchini harvest into your Zucchini Bake with Feta and Thyme. What I see nowhere is what your abbreviations mean.

    2 T grated parmesan cheese

    Large T seems to imply tablespoon. Still poking around to find the answer. If only something in this recipe used a teaspoon (for comparison and confirmation).

  4. Colleen, so glad the recipes are helpful for you!

  5. Kalyn…I love, love, love your recipes. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my doc recommended atkins or south beach. I started with Atkins mixed with a little South Beach. Down 31 lbs. and your recipes have kept me interested in staying the line…thanks. In the oven now is spaghetti squash with spinach instead of chard. Can't wait to taste it. Colleen

  6. Debbie, that's great. I'm always happy to hear that my blog is helpful for someone.

  7. Kalyn, just wanted to let you know that reading through the recipes you have posted has inspired me to get back on the straight and narrow with South Beach. I was doing well until Easter and I have just not been able to get going again until now. Many thanks for all the hours you have put into making and adapting recipes, and getting such a user-friendly website and blog up and running. Debbie

  8. I look over www.kalynskitchen.com via google translate – provision up with the updates !


  9. Anonymous, thanks for that nice feedback.

  10. Congratulations on possessing actually one of one of the most refined blogs Ive arrive throughout in a while! Its simply amazing how much you’ll be capable to take into account away from a thing basically merely due to how visually stunning it is. Youve place collectively an ideal blog web site area –nice graphics, films, layout. This is actually a must-see web site!

  11. Leah, that is nice of you to say that, but truly I have no aspirations to write a cookbook. A lot of my recipes are adapted from other sources, and creating new recipes for a cookbook is A LOT of work. I can barely keep up with the blog!

  12. I'd love to see your recipes in print. Have you considered publishing a book? Let me know if do, I'll buy a dozen or so.

  13. Rita, you're welcome to modify the recipes in any way you wish; however don't come to my blog and scold me about my eating choices. I personally don't believe Splenda is harmful (especially in the small amounts I use) or obviously I would not use it. Here is a summary of two research studies confirming that it's safe. I'm sure you can find sites on the web that claim otherwise, and I respect your right to have a different opinion, so please allow me to do the same. (BTW, I am not going to debate this in the comments on my blog, so if it turns into a debate I will delete the comments.)

  14. I just came across your site and really like your low sugar recipes. However,I was dissapointed to see that you use Slenda.Are you aware of how harmful that product and others like it are? I am trying to modify your recipes that use splenda with Stevia and a little bit of natural sugar.

  15. Rose the method I use for printer friendly recipes works well, but it's labor intensive to get it going. I set up a separate blog that has all the template stripped out except a title (and the column where the ads are, if you want ads.)

    I set that blog so it's not public and so it only displays one post at a time; then copied and pasted each recipe into the new "blog" making a link to that printable recipe on the main recipe post. I had help with a lot of this so I don't know everything about how to do it, but that's the basic method.

    I had over 700 recipes when I set it up and it took me months to get them all copied over, but now it's easy to create a printer friendly version for each recipe as I'm posting it.

    Good luck!

  16. First, let me share my condolences on the death of your father. I have followed your blog for some time now and I love your recipes. I use Blogger for my blogs (knitting, cooking, photograph and non-profit); you'd think I'd know all I need to know about using Blogger, but I don't. Today I noticed that I was able to choice "printable version" of your shrimp/bean recipe. I would like to offer that on my blog. How were you able to set that feature?