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Friday Night Photos: Cute Kids Run in the Family

I love taking photos of kids, but when I see these pictures on the blog it reminds me that Friday Night Photos started as a way for me to practice my photography. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures in different light conditions, especially sunlight, but no worries because you can’t take a bad photo of these darling girls who stopped by to see my “new” house. Then a few weeks later the twins spent the night, and we had a great time! These girls are cousins, and grandkids of my sister Pam.

Loved the looks on the faces of Morgan and Sophie in this one. Sophie doesn’t seem to enjoy the picture-taking process too much. My brother Rand calls Morgan (the twin on the left) “no bangs” and her sister Lauren (above on the right) is called “bangs.” But in his defense he lives in California and hasn’t gotten to see the twins enough to tell them apart. Now they’re going to be living close to him for a few years so Rand will get to know them better, but we’re sad they’ll be so far away.

A few weeks later, two cute boys came to spend a few nights like they do every summer and we had a cousins outing to the Olympic Fountain at Gateway Plaza. The two boys on the right are my nephews and the brother and sister on the left are my great-niece and great-nephew, so they’re not actually cousins, but they’re cousins in spirit!

Life is good when you’ve been running through the fountain and then you get to warm up on the hot pavement. Mitchell and Cooper are loving it!

Bright hot sun that day and I see my limitations as a photographer loud and clear in this photo, but I loved the expressions!

After the fountain, Ethan, Mitchell and I went to one of our favorite spots in Salt Lake. Ethan was definitely happy to be there.

Mitchell was loving our favorite place too. They had a great time sleeping over at Aunt Kalyn’s, and we’re planning to have them come back in August for a little school shopping!

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    9 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Cute Kids Run in the Family”

  1. the kids are really cute… and really nice pics..

  2. Just wanted to chime in and say, not only are these kids cute but they are all really well-behaved. We do have some very fun family times; and occasionally the parents even get to come.

  3. How lovely to come from such a big , close family, Kalyn! Your mob scene doings with all the kids must be such a treat for you – and them!

  4. Lovely photos of those kids Kalyn! I think you managed to capture their spirits and the summerfeeling quite well!

  5. All those kids are precious! It wonderful to have such a huge family. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great photos! What happy kids!

  7. ahhh cute overload 😉 what a a blessing to have such gorgeous happy kids in the family Kalyn. xxx

  8. Isn't summertime so much fun! Love your photos!