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Friday Night Photos: Eating at Hires Hamburgers with Aunt Kalyn

If you’ve been reading Kalyn’s Kitchen for a while you might have heard me talk about my large Utah family (40+ nieces and nephews and 20+ great nieces and nephews at last count!) The kids in this post belong to my sister Valerie. She lives in central Utah, so I don’t see her kids as much as I’d like, but every summer they stay a few days with Aunt Kalyn. One of our traditions is visiting Hires Hamburgers, where the food is delicious but most definitely not South Beach Diet friendly. Recently the kids were here for three days, so here are some photos of them and what we had at Hires.

This is Olivia who’s 13 and such a nice, sensible, low maintenance kind of kid. She likes to cook, and I predict she’ll grow up to be a foodie like her brother Jake.


Livvy is the only one of the kids who would touch onion rings with a ten foot pole, and she says Hires has great onion rings. All the fries and onion rings at Hires come with the famous Utah Fry Sauce.


Emma is (almost) 11 and is talented at gymnastics and dance. She’s a fashionista, and likes glitter in her wardrobe.


In 2006 when I posted a grilled cheese sandwich photo as the Cheese Sandwich Chronicles were just starting to unfold, it was actually Emma who took a bite out of the sandwich. Even at Hires where the burgers are famous, Emma and Mitch would opt for a grilled cheese.


This is Ethan, a precocious 7-year old who keeps everyone in the family amused with his interesting observations, which my brother Rand refers to as “Ethanisms.”


At Hires, Ethan went for a corn dog and fries, and to drink, Hires famous All-American root beer.


Mitchell is four and this was his first time visiting Hires. He was especially interested in the candy sucker that came with the kids meal!(Edit) A couple of commenters have wondered what Aunt Kalyn had to eat at Hires.  For the record, I’ve eaten a lot of burgers here in my day, but this time I had one of Hires fantastic green salads with blue cheese dressings, plus an order of onion rings. I ate about half the onion rings and Livvy took the rest home and ate them for breakfast the next day!

Hires Big H (aka Hires Hamburgers)
400 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

Blogger Disclosure:

The people at Hires know that I’m a food blogger, but they’ve never given me any free meals and they had no idea I would be writing about this lunch. 
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    16 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Eating at Hires Hamburgers with Aunt Kalyn”

  1. Hires Hamburgers? the onion rings, the grilled cheese and the burgers are all so tasty! I knew i wasn’t satisfied with i ate a while ago because i’m seriously craving for a grilled cheese! I’m definitely a cheese lover and wants to find fly to argentina for some more cheese count lol! This post http://www.foodista.com/2008/06/20/the-epoch-of-cheese/ has intensified my cravings for cheese.

    I hope you can post more stuff about cheese here. I love your blog and it deserves all the recognition it’s getting.

  2. What gorgeous kids! Isn’t it great being an aunt – so much more freedom than being a parent 😉

  3. Ohhhhhhhh …. you are making me homesick. I have In-n-Out but I miss Hires. And Crownburger.

  4. Cute nieces and nephews! They are lucky to have an aunt like you! Sounds like a fun night out!

  5. Wow, they just get cuter and cuter. Such wonderful bright faces and incredible smiles. Thanks for sharing your family outing with us.

  6. Tanna, the onion rings are great here. All their food is good!

    Paz, a great time was had by all.

    Nika, they are really good kids too.

    Nicole, great onion rings + fantastic Utah fry sauce!

    Katie, I can resist the corn dogs, but I did have some onion rings. I edited the post to tell what I ate, since I forgot to take a picture of it.

  7. And what did Aunty Kalyn have?
    (I would have had the onion rings and corn dog)

    Cute kids – sounds like a fun ‘event’

  8. I’m not a big fan of onions but those onion rings look mighty tempting! And I’m a sucker for special sauces 😉

  9. Goodness, such cuties!

  10. 40+ !? Wow!

    A beautiful-looking family here. They look like they’re having fun with Aunt Kalyn.


  11. What great friends to have in the family! It sounds like the stuf memories are made of!!
    Grand photos of the kids and the foods.
    Now could you pass me the onion rings! Please .. .

  12. Glad people like the photos! Mindy, I confess I did eat some onion rings, but my main item was one of Hires big green salads with blue cheese dressing. I was mad when I realized I forgot to take a picture of it!

  13. What a fun post- it is great to see those young smiling faces (though looking at those onion rings was a struggle since I am toward the end of South Beach Phase I)!

  14. I enjoyed reading this post, Kalyn! They are lucky to have an aunt like you. I too have some aunts that have given me my best childhood memories by taking me places and introducing me to new foods and experiences.
    Looking forward to future “Friday night photos” 🙂

  15. Beautiful nieces and nephews you have Kalyn !

  16. Your family is adorable. Where’s the picture of what you ate? ;~)