I’ve started taking lots of pictures to practice my photography, and Friday Night Photos is where I share some of the photos; hopefully they’re entertaining even if they aren’t always technically that good! These shots are from a family wedding in June, and the cute twins above are flower girls Morgan and Lauren. Since my brother Rand lives in California and only gets to see them a few times a year, he calls them Bangs (Lauren) and No Bangs (Morgan.)

Sitting on the steps of the reception center are Jaxon (who loves to pose) and Bridger (who is frankly quite bored with the constant picture taking at these family events.)

This is Mitchell, looking quite angelic here. When we last saw him he was eating at Hires Hamburgers with Aunt Kalyn.

The official Gerber Baby in our family is Hudson, little brother to Jaxon. These kids belong to my niece Becca and her husband Ryan, both great parents. (If I always say my nieces and nephews are great parents, it’s because they really are!)

Ring bearer for the wedding was Cooper who caught the pine beetle in an earlier edition of Friday Night Photos. Weddings are okay, but truly Cooper would prefer camping and catching bugs.

Finally, a picture of my beautiful niece Kristen and her husband Shane, who’s already like a member of the family. They had a fantastic wedding and a great trip to Costa Rica for their honeymoon!

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