Hires Big H is the name of Utah’s most famous hamburger joint, as well as the signature burger sold there. It’s a landmark in Utah fast food eateries, partly due to the delicious food and partly due to the longevity of the place. Hires is a place I’ve been visiting for a long time, and for many years whenever I had nieces and nephews staying at my house we would always go to to “Hire’s Hamburgers” as they called it. This past weekend I’ve had three of my youngest sister’s eight kids staying with me for Pioneer Day weekend in Utah, a celebration of the Mormon pioneers who settled Utah in 1847. Of course I haven’t been to Hires much for the past two years, since I’ve been eating the South Beach way, but a visit to Aunt Kalyn’s really would not be complete without a visit to Hire’s Hamburgers.

Olivia, or Livi is 11, and a very good cook. When the kids stay at my house or I visit their family in central Utah, she’s the one who helps me cook. She’s also a relatively adventurous eater for an 11 year old who lives in a small town in Utah.

Emma is nearly 9, and quite the fashion icon. She favors glittery clothes, and brought at least 10 different pieces of jewelry to supplement her wardrobe while she visits at my house. Emma doesn’t like many different foods, but she does love eating at Hires.

Ethan is five years old, and full of questions. He also frequently makes us laugh with “Ethanisms,” funny things he says. Ethan is a little more of an adventurous eater than Emma, but he also likes to stick to the basic kid foods as much as possible.

Hires Root Beer is one of the things Hires is famous for, and it comes in big frosty mugs.

Emma also went for a frosty mug of root beer.

Ethan went for Sprite, the kids standard in Utah where most parents don’t let their kids drink cola drinks. Aunt Kalyn however, got Hires famous cherry syrup added to her Diet Coke.

Hires is famous for “cheese fries,” but we managed to resist ordering them. I shot this photo from a neighboring table of college kids who were quite excited that their fries were being blogged.

Here’s what we ordered. Kids meal hamburger and fries for Livi.

Kids meal grilled cheese and fries for Emma.

Kids meal chicken and fries for Ethan. All these fries come with Utah
“fry sauce” which is a blend of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Onion rings with fry sauce for Aunt Kalyn.

Besides the onion rings, Aunt Kalyn abandoned her diet and ordered the famous Hires Big H, a burger on a sourdough bun, with Hires own brand of special sauce. It was a delicious splurge and a fun time spent with three cute kids.

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