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Friday Night Photos: 2010 Garden Update #1 and What a Great Family!

heirloom tomato seedlingsI love the arrival of Spring, especially when it’s finally time to start planting vegetables and herbs in the garden. A few weeks ago I showed the barely sprouted tomato seeds that I’d gotten in the mail from Nate of House of Annie. I haven’t managed to keep all the tomatoes alive, but in the photo above you can see that some of them are developing their second set of leaves. Meanwhile, out in the yard there was a huge amount of garden clean-up that had to be done before any of this year’s crops could be planted. I do have the world’s greatest family, and last Saturday my brother Dave and part of his family spent the day at my house helping me get my yard and garden cleaned up, ready for seeds and plants to be put into the ground.

Special thanks to my beautiful sister-in-law Amy, because I know she’s the one who organized the garden and yard clean-up. Above is Amy and her daughter-in-law Jessica cleaning up a flower bed. (Some of you might remember that Amy’s already known on the blog for Amy’s Amazing White Bean Chili.)

Here’s my brother Dave and my nephew Stuart cleaning weeds out of some of my raised garden beds.

Dave also tilled around the beds, and then my nephew Brayden raked up the weeds. I don’t think my garden has ever been this weed-free at the beginning of the year!

You can see there were plenty of weeds (and even some dead leftover plants from last year’s garden) when Dave, Stuart, and Brayden started on it!

And here’s the completely cleaned out garden area, ready for seeds and plants to be put into the ground. I’m planning to plant a few herbs this weekend, as well as seeds for kale, swiss chard, and collards (and possibly a few other things if I get brave and decide to risk it with the weather.) Thank you very much to Dave, Amy, Stuart, Jessica, and Brayden for helping me get such a great start on this year’s garden!

If you want to get an idea of what’s coming for the garden, check the 2009 Garden Updates to see last year’s garden in full production mode.

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    19 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: 2010 Garden Update #1 and What a Great Family!”

  1. What beautful beds! Last year was my first "go" at the whole gardening thing. We found out halfway through the growing season (which is not long in upstate NY) that our soil lacked virtually every nutrient. So this year I built my very own raised beds and am getting some good top soil to go in them!

    Don't feel too bad about your tomatoes. I had mine too hot the first time around and they grew too fast! Poor little buggers just couldn't go all the way! So I'm on my second set of tomato seeds! (and they are doing much better now that I'm not so crazy about the heat)

    I can't wait to read about your garden!!! Hopefully mine turns out a little better this year.

  2. Yikes – I'd better plant my tomato plants this weekend!! Having a go at zucchini this year too, after the less-than-spectacular runner beans last year…

  3. Oh I'm so envious of you going into warmer weather. Let me know if your family ever comes up for adoption too as I want first dibs 😉

  4. What an awesome family!! My family is much like yours but they're 1000 miles away. I'm glad that yours can help you.

    We just put in 4 raised beds for a total of 56 square feet. Not quite as big as yours but an undertaking for our first try. I hope we get our product in the ground in time. My husband bought tons of seeds not knowing how long it took to get them sprouted and acclimated to being outdoors before you can actually plant them. I decided that his zeal was so adorable that I just couldn't go and buy plants. Our spring garden might turn into late summer but, hey, I have a wonderful husband who supports my every desire. That's a little more important.

  5. Looks like you are off to a great start! We have started some herbs and a couple of varieties of tomatoes. Hoping the weather will go easy on them until they are big enough!

  6. Oops, hit publish too fast. Bruno, I can't wait to see your garden, it seems to get better every year.

  7. Ann, every year I give frequent updates on the garden.

    TW, definitely looking forward to havest time as well.

    Sally, so frustrating when it rains and you want to be gardening. It took me years to get my garden the way I wanted it, but it was a fun process.

    Daisy, I got those beds a few years ago and added some more beds for tomatoes last year. I really love the beds.

    Chigiy, I know I am the luckiest. Can't wait to start planting. (I actually planted parsley, Italian parsley, and rosemary yesterday, yaay!)

  8. Looks like you're ready for planting Kalyn. Lucky you to have family around to help w/ the yard work! I spent many, many hours this week getting my garden ready for the season.

  9. You are so lucky to have all those wonderful family members to help you!!! Can they come over to my house????
    Yeah! Have a great time with your new garden beds.

  10. Wow… the layout and the raised beds put mine to shame! I'm just starting seeds indoors now; can't put anything in the ground until the end of May around here.

  11. I am so jealous! I should have worked in the yard today, but it rained almost non-stop, so… things are still looking pretty messy

    I need to get better at gardening… (sigh)

  12. How exciting to see the 2010 garden come to life, and have the help of such a great team! Can't wait to see what you harvest!

  13. Nice blog. Hardwork always pay. Expecting the picture of blooms in your garden on your upcoming blog.

  14. Barbara I feel very lucky to have a garden this big! I hope you get to grow some things in pots.

    Lydia, too bad you don't live close enough to borrow them. Dave and Amy have a good garden at their house, so they know what they're doing and are generous about helping!

    Dara, I agree, it's definitely a family to be thankful for!

    Wandering Chopsticks, nice to hear that you've been enjoying the garden updates through the years. I think 2010 will be the best garden ever, with the new tomato beds by the deck, where it will be sunny all day. Can't wait!

    Debbi, thanks. I love having a garden, but if I didn't have a garden space I think I'd go to the farmers market every week.

  15. Beautiful garden! I'm jealous. I have never had a garden, but I love the farmers market!

  16. Aww. What a great family. So sweet. Your garden updates are one of my favorite parts of your blog. And I think it's because your family was so involved in creating the garden beds and helping you with it.

  17. Wow! Now that is a family to be thankful for. Your garden looks as though it's ready for some great veggies and herbs.

  18. I would love to adopt them. Or borrow them. What a wonderful thing to have such great gardeners in the family!

  19. A nice space Kalyn. Lucky you. Someday I may have pots on my balcony.