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I started Kalyn’s Kitchen in 2005 after I’d lost over 40 pounds on The South Beach Diet. I followed the South Beach Diet for many years, so you’ll find a lot of recipes here that are suitable for South Beach. Through the years, my personal way of eating has evolved from the original South Beach plan, especially regarding restrictions on saturated fat, but I still consider South Beach a healthy way to eat.

Currently I’m focused on carb-conscious eating in general, and my personal way of eating is still low in carbs, with a few healthy treats once in a while. On this site I’m not promoting one certain type of diet. My goal is for this site to be a resource for anyone who’s following a low-carb or carb-conscious eating plan, whether it’s for weight loss, controlling blood sugar, preventing or treating insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, or any other reason a person chooses to limit carbs in their diet.

I also have recipes that are suitable for other types of restricted eating plans, and the new site makes it so much easier to find recipes that work for your personal way of eating.

You can use photo-index pages on Kalyn’s Kitchen for the following diet types:

Low Carb Recipes that are low in carbs.
Keto The lowest carb/highest fat recipes on the site, suitable for Ketogenic diets.
Low-Glycemic Carb-conscious recipes suitable for Low-Glycemic Diets. These are recipes that might not be strictly low in carbs, but have ingredients that don’t raise blood sugar.
South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes for Phase One of the South Beach Diet; sometimes they might need to be modified slightly to use lower-fat dairy.
South Beach Diet Phase Two Recipes for Phase Two of the South Beach Diet. (Remember any Phase One recipe can be eaten for Phase Two.)
Can be Paleo Dairy-Free and Grain-Free recipes that are Paleo or Whole 30 suitable or which can be easily made so with specific ingredient changes.
Dairy Free Recipes with no dairy products.
Gluten Free Gluten-Free recipes.
Meatless Both Vegetarian and Vegan recipes.
Vegan  Recipes with no meat or animal products.

There is a huge visual index for all the Recipe Round-ups. You can use numbers at the bottom of that page to go farther back to South Beach Diet Phase One Round-Ups and Deliciously-Healthy Low-Carb Round-ups. I’ve been doing recipe round-ups since 2008, so there are a lot of good South Beach Friendly and low-carb recipes collected there!

Below is information that may help for anyone who’s following the the South Beach Diet.

How the South Beach Diet Changed My Life
If you want to see what I looked like before I discovered the South Beach Diet, here’s more about me from an article that appeared in Woman’s World Magazine.

If You’re Considering the South Beach Diet, read the book:
From Kalyn: Getting Started on the South Beach Diet
Buy the South Beach Diet Book
The South Beach Diet Supercharged has more extensive food lists than the earlier editions.

Update on The South Beach Diet
In 2016 the South Beach Diet brand was sold to Nutrisystem, which now sells packaged food that fits the South Beach Diet principles. At the original South Beach Diet site, they now have a South Beach Diet handbook, with limited food lists and tips for following the diet, using their purchased meals as a base. People who have followed South Beach in the past will see some changes in what foods are now permitted.

What Can You Eat on the South Beach Diet?
Here’s the official South Beach Diet Foods list, from the original plan.

More South Beach Diet Support:
There are two active groups on Facebook for people who still follow the original South Beach Plan:
South Beach Diet Support Group on Facebook

South Beach Diet Friendly Recipes Group on Facebook

Help on this site for South Beach Phase One:
There’s an Index of South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes on Kalyn’s Kitchen. (No longer being updated.)

South Beach Diet Friendly and Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes on Slow Cooker from Scratch:
You can also find South Beach Diet friendly slow cooker recipes using the Recipes-by-Photo Index on my other site, Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker. There’s a  photo index page for South Beach Diet Phase One Slow Cooker Recipes or South Beach Diet Phase Two or Three Slow Cooker Recipes.

SBD / Low-Carb Holiday Recipes:
There’s an index of South Beach Diet / Carb-Conscious Holiday Recipes (No longer being updated.)

Other Phase One Recipe Round-Ups on this Site:
Twenty Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes for The South Beach Diet Phase One
Five Favorite South Beach Diet Phase One Breakfasts
Ten Favorite Phase One Soups to Help You Get Through December!
Five Favorite Phase One Soups

More South Beach Diet Thoughts from Kalyn:
From Kalyn: Top Ten Reasons I Love the South Beach Diet
Kalyn’s Top Ten Favorite South Beach Diet Snacks
Kalyn’s Perfect South Beach Breakfast: Egg Muffins
An Alternative to Eggs for Breakfast: Peanut Butter Oatmeal
Choosing the Right Bread for the South Beach Diet (Phase 2 or 3)
Why Kalyn Recommends Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice
Choosing the Right Bread for the South Beach Diet 
Eating Steak on the South Beach Diet

My South Beach Story Featured Elsewhere:
Half Size Me interviews Kalyn about her weight loss journey.
Kalyn’s Kitchen Featured in Woman’s World Magazine
Kalyn’s Diet Success Featured on Weight Loss Tips
A Success Story with the South Beach Diet from SlimKicker
Kalyn is picked as a BizyMom’s Top Blogger and interviewed about the South Beach Diet.
Babble.com posts Ten Food Blogs to Inspire You if You’re Trying to Lose Weight.
Kalyn is featured in 5 Bloggers’ Weight Loss Success Stories on FoodieCrush.

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    25 Comments on “Low Carb Diet / South Beach Diet Information and Resources on Kalyn’s Kitchen”

  1. Thank you very much for this amazing compilation! 

  2. Kalyn, I can never thank you enough for this website. One of the reasons I became obese is because I never learned how to cook. So I had quite a hurdle. It was not a matter of simply changing my current style of cooking to a healthier style – I had to learn to cook from scratch (and am still learning). You have so many simple, easy to prepare recipes that ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD! I went from 215 lbs to 170 lbs and I'm still plugging away. Thank you for not just learning and losing yourself – but for going to such lengths to share what has worked for you. If "karma" is real, you've sure earned a boatload of good karma. Thank you again.

    • Kristin, I am so happy to hear the recipes are helpfull for you. And even though I know how to cook, I love simple recipes. Best wishes to you in achieving your goal!

  3. Could you please explain how your personal way of eating has evolved and what you do follow? I have done many diets starting with Weight Watchers, I lost a lot of weight doing it, but a lot of muscle and hair loss too. So I switched to Atkins and grew tired of the limits. Then on to Carb Cycling which I am currently doing. I found you somehow, and I wonder you say you have only stuck to this diet. Could you explain what you do stick with currently? I would greatly appreciate knowing what you have found to be a new way of life. I need to find the same. Thanks in advance, and for your site. Alison

    • Alison I don't have time to go into a long reply about this, but I'll share a few things. First, I've been writing the blog for 10 years, and during that time I've gone from a very strict South Beach approach to more of a carb-conscious way of eating that includes a little more whole grains, a little more saturated fat, and probably more treats (although I try!) I haven't stuck with it 100%, in fact at different times on the blog I've talked about gaining weight and going back to a stricter Phase One eating plan for a while.

      In general I still like the South Beach approach better than most other low-carb plans, partly because if the way they allow dried beans and other "good carbs." Where I don't think South Beach has kept up with the diet research is their insistence on low-fat dairy and limits on saturated fat. Not that I want to eat things drenched in butter or high-fat foods all the time, but for me personally the South Beach approach is not realistic and I'm no longer convinced it's the healthiest.

      But what I believe most is that the only successful diet is one that fits your personal eating preferences. That's one reason I've never tried to create menus with my recipes or give much diet advice.

      Good luck!

    • Thanks for your time. If I did a diet with my personal eating preferences I would be 65 pounds heavier and eating big bowls of pasta! Alison

    • Alison, that's not what I mean of course. I mean that any eating plan that helps you lose weight is not going to work unless it includes foods you enjoy. For example, I could never do weight watchers because I love cheese, olive oil, etc. So any plan that works for me has to permit those things.

  4. Which baking soda do you recommend?

  5. I tried baking the peanut butter cookies and sad to say that they came out dry.
    What did I do wrong?

    • Rosa I am sorry to hear that, but without seeing what you did and what ingredients you used, there's no way for me to know what went wrong.

  6. Thanks Kimmy. The only thing that comes to mind is "cauliflower rice." I have a recipe for cauliflower rice with Sumac but you could also make it more plain.

  7. hi there

    i love rice..can you tell me a good substitute to use in phase one?

    Thank You

    And AMAZING blog

  8. I live in India n I m trying to lose weight… Your recipes are very helpful….I just love your recipes…they are so simple n easy…most of all I like that you put pictures of every recipes, which really helps a lot …I love you… You did a great job …you are really helping so many people…keep it up….god bless you… 🙂

  9. Patty, that's great. So glad the blog has been helpful.

  10. Hi Kalyn. Just wanted to let you know how helpful your section on South Beach has been. Both my boyfriend and I are a bit overweight, and he has cholesterol problems too. He wasn't keen on "dieting," but I managed to convince him to give SB a try, as I had a lot of success with it a few years ago. I happened upon your site one day and sent him the link, and that night when I got home all he could talk about was the great sounding recipes you have that he wants to try! LOL. We've made a few so far and like them all. We started SB just over a week ago and he's already lost 9 pounds and I've lost 4. 🙂

  11. Today is my 1st day on South Beach. I have such a sweet tooth and I found your almond coconut cookie w/ splenda.


  12. Can I have whitefish salad on phase 1?

  13. I would adjust your portion sizes for everything based on whether you're still losing weight. If you are, eat as much as you'd like of the allowed foods.

  14. Kalyn,

    I know there are no portion size limits for meat and fish, but is that to be taken literal? Can i eat a whole steak, whole salmon filet, more than one chicken breast, etc if i am still hungry? I load up on veggies too, but still might want some more protein.
    Same with salads too. Can i make a nice big salad with SB friendly toppings and eat the whole thing?

    Rebecca B.

  15. LL, wishing you all the best with your weight loss program. So happy my blog is helpful for you.

  16. I just started South Beach 2 weeks ago. My mother bought the book years ago and I never bothered to look at it. Now that I just had my second child and turning 32 soon, I finally decided to do something about my weight. I was trying to stay motivated, but getting tired of the same ole foods until of course I came across your website. I LOVE IT! Thank so SO much for all these great recipes. Now I'm even more motivated and excited. Thank you! =)

  17. Thanks Jake. Glad you are enjoying the food!

  18. I'm the same as above. As a guy it's not easy to convince myself to start eating well. In my mid 30s and my wife and I decided let's TRY a diet. We're in phase 1 and running out of meal options. Then I googled and found this site and guess what, I could eat this stuff no problem. I have to change my relationship with food and not think of stuffing myself at every meal. Thanks Kalyn for your excellent blog 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for all these wonderful recipes. I`ve been meaning to start South Beach since New Years Day but wasn`t very motivated. Then I found this website with all these AMAZING recipes and now I`m super excited to try them. I have all my meals mapped out for the next two weeks. Thank you again!