Why does this site talk about The South Beach Diet?

I started Kalyn’s Kitchen in 2005 after I’d lost over 40 pounds on The South Beach Diet. I followed the original South Beach Diet for many years, and it was life-changing for me so you’ll find a lot of recipes here that are suitable for South Beach. Through the years, my personal way of eating has evolved from the South Beach plan, especially regarding restrictions on saturated fat, but I still consider South Beach a healthy way to eat.

Currently I’m focused on carb-conscious eating in general, and my personal way of eating is generally low in carbs, with a few treats once in a while. On this site I’m not promoting one certain type of diet.

My goal is for this website to be a resource for anyone who’s following a low-carb, carb-conscious, or low-glycemic eating plan, whether it’s for weight loss, controlling blood sugar, preventing or treating insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, or any other reason a person chooses to limit carbs in their diet. I also have recipes that are suitable for other types of restricted eating plans such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian, and my site makes it easy to find recipes that work for your personal way of eating.

How the South Beach Diet Changed My Life

If you want to see what I looked like before I discovered the South Beach Diet, here’s more about me from an article that appeared in Woman’s World Magazine.

If You’re Considering the South Beach Diet, read the book:

From Kalyn: Getting Started on the South Beach Diet
Buy the South Beach Diet Book (affiliate link)
The South Beach Diet Supercharged (affiliate link) has more extensive food lists than the earlier editions.

Update on The South Beach Diet

In 2016 the South Beach Diet brand was sold to Nutrisystem, which now sells packaged food that fits the South Beach Diet principles. 

Original South Beach Diet Support Groups on Facebook:

There are two active groups on Facebook for people who still follow the original South Beach Plan:

South Beach Diet Support Group on Facebook

South Beach Diet Friendly Recipes Group on Facebook

Diet-Type Indexes on Kalyn’s Kitchen:

Low Carb Recipes that are low in carbs.

Keto The lowest carb/highest fat recipes on the site, suitable for Ketogenic diets.

South Beach Diet These are recipes for Phase One or Two of the South Beach Diet; sometimes they might need to be modified to use lower-fat dairy. You’ll find tips in the recipes about the phase. (Remember any Phase One recipe can be eaten for Phase Two.) The South Beach index also has recipes suitable for Low-Glycemic Diets.

Dairy Free Recipes with no dairy products.

Gluten Free Gluten-Free recipes.

Vegetarian Both Vegetarian and Vegan recipes.

Low-Carb Recipe Round-Ups on Kalyn’s Kitchen:

There is a visual index for all the Recipe Round-ups on the site. My site does some kind of recipe round-up featuring recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen (and often from other blogs around the web) almost once a week.

My South Beach Story Featured Elsewhere:

Kalyn’s Kitchen Featured in Woman’s World Magazine

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