Kalyn’s Kitchen had a make-over and the new design has some great features, including Filtered Recipe Search! This post spotlights how to use that, plus a few other things that have been updated for the new design.

A New Look for Kalyn's Kitchen with Filtered Search! graphic announcing new blog design

If you’re reading this post you’re seeing the newly-updated design for Kalyn’s Kitchen, and I’m excited to share the new features, especially Filtered Recipe Search! Once again Lindsay from Purr Design did a beautiful job on my site!

Loyal readers may remember back to 2017 when I had a major re-design and switch in blogging platforms that led to years of editing posts, adding nutritional information, and updating of older posts. I’m glad that’s mostly done now, and the new design really bumps up the functionality of the site and adds a clean, crisp new look that I hope you will love !

What is Filtered Recipe Search?

Let’s start the review of new features with Filtered Recipe Search, which will make it so much easier to find recipes that work for you! Now you can narrow search results by entering the Course, Diet Type, Method, and Ingredients you prefer. Here’s how that works:

  1. When you go to the Filtered Search page you’ll see the latest recipes with a check list of options where you can make selections.
  2. (On mobile, tap Open Recipe Filters to see the checklist.)
  3. Click boxes to select the Course, Diet Type, Method, and Ingredients you want. 
  4. Each item you select will narrow the search so you see only recipes that fit ALL those categories.
  5. I recommend starting with the choices that are most important to you, probably Ingredients and Diet Type. 
  6. Then choose Course or Method if you want to narrow the results even more.
  7. (On mobile, you’ll want to click the X to remove recipe filters to see your search results.)
  8. You can simply unselect something to go back to broader search results.
  9. If there’s a type of recipe you make often (like Casseroles) I might select that first, then narrow it down by diet type and ingredients.
  10. To start a new search, just select RESET at the bottom (on desktop) or use the back arrow (on mobile).
  11. Have fun playing with it; I hope this is useful for you!

How can you show me when you LOVE a recipe?

I know my site has many long-time followers who love my recipes and make them over and over. If you’re one of those people and want to support the site, the most important thing you can do is leave a star rating on the recipe!

It’s not required that you sign-in, just click on the stars (directly under the print button) to leave a rating without writing a full review. If you do want to leave a more extensive review, when you click the star rating you’ll have the option to do that. (This is something that Google is now showing, and the star ratings are so important to be included in Google Search results, so thanks for taking time to do it!)

What’s NEW on the home page?

  • The homepage on Kalyn’s Kitchen has been redesigned to spotlight content useful categories on the site. The top of the homepage spotlights four recipes or round-ups that are currently in season.
  • The next section shows you the six latest recipes or round-ups, with the new Diet-Type Icons that show if a recipe is Low-Carb, Keto, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian (including Vegan), or suitable for the original South Beach Diet.
  • As always, there is more information about diet types for a particular recipe in the recipe post, immediately following the recipe.
  • The next section shows five recipes that are the most popular recipes on the site!
  • The lower part of the homepage shows three featured categories including Weekend Food Prep (for things to make on the weekend and eat during the week), Quick and Easy Recipes (simple recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less), and Casseroles (always the most popular category on my site.)

What features will you still find on the site?

Most other features on the site haven’t changed, although some might be accessed from a slightly different location:

Thanks for the support!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who follow my site, and everyone who’s read through all this information. Hearing from people who use the recipes is one of the main things that has made me enjoy blogging and stick with it for so long!

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