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Exciting Prizes to Celebrate Three Years of Weekend Herb Blogging and Some Future Plans

Weekend Herb Blogging IconsThree Cheers for three years of Weekend Herb Blogging (and for my creative brother Rand, who designs the icons!) Can you believe the week of October 27 – November 2 we’ll celebrate Weekend Herb Blogging’s third anniversary? If you’re new around here, Weekend Herb Blogging was started by accident in October 2005, and it’s been going strong ever since. We had special activities when we reached One Year and Two Years and this week’s celebration will include exciting prizes, three days of voting for favorite herb, vegetable, and fruit, and of course, you can send your entries for WHB #156. Read on for more about the prizes, then be sure to read to the end for a big announcement about the future of Weekend Herb Blogging.

First Thing To Do: Help us Choose the Favorite Herb, Vegetable, and Fruit, and You Might Win One of Three Valuable Prizes:

Become eligible to win just by leaving a comment telling us about your favorite ingredients. We’ll be asking you to name your Favorite Herb on Tuesday, Favorite Vegetable on Wednesday, and Favorite Fruit on Thursday. For maximum chance of winning, leave a comment on the post for each of those three days. After comments are closed, (at 10:00 MST on Friday, October 31) we’ll draw lots to see which prize goes to each post. Then the random number generator will choose the winners, and they’ll be announced when the recap for WHB #156 is posted. (Since Weekend Herb Blogging is a world-wide event, prizes can be shipped anywhere in the world.)

Prize #1 is this set of Three Gorgeous Fusionwood Knives provided by New West KnifeWorks. The winner will receive the 9 inch Fusionwood Bread Knife, the 8 inch Fusionwood Chef’s Knife, and the 5.5 inch Fusionwood Chopper. (Here’s more about the entire line of Fusionwood Knives.) Total value of the three knives is $377.00 USD. Thanks to New West KnifeWorks for this wonderful prize.

Prize #2 is this Blue Point Pressure Pan Set made by Fissler USA. This pan allows you to grill, sear, fry, saute, steam, braise, and pressure cook. The pressure lid exceeds the minimum safety requirements for pressure cookers in both Europe and the U.S., and the set has a lifetime guarantee. Value of the set is $255.00 USD. Thanks to Fissler USA for donating this wonderful prize.

Prize #3 is Kalyn’s three favorite cookbooks of 2008. Although it was hard to choose, I narrowed it down to Fine Cooking Annual 2008, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, and From Tapas to Meze – Small Plates from the Mediterranean. (You can tell these are my favorites by all the post-its stuck in the books!) Value of this prize is $95.00 USD and the prize is donated by Kalyn’s Kitchen.

Second Thing To Do: Join in the Anniversary Edition of Weekend Herb Blogging by Submitting a Recipe Using Your Favorite Herb, Vegetable, or Fruit:

The anniversary edition of Weekend Herb Blogging will be hosted by Kalyn, and bloggers who want to send entries should post a recipe featuring their favorite herb, favorite vegetable, or favorite fruit of 2008, with a link to Kalyn’s Kitchen and a mention of Weekend Herb Blogging’s Three Year Anniversary in the post. Then send your entry to kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net by 3:00 P.M. (Utah time) on Sunday, November 2. Entries should also include a photo, sized to 300 wide and 200 high. You can use the new three year icon (left) or the three year header (above) designed by the fabulously talented Rand if you wish.

Third Thing To Do: Give Your Support to Haalo Who’s Being Crowned as the New Weekend Herb Blogging Goddess-in-Chief :

Weekend Herb Blogging has built a great online following, plus personally I’ve learned a tremendous amount and met many wonderful people. But my blogging life has greatly changed since I started the event three years ago, and for a while now I’ve realized I can’t keep up with all the things I’m trying to do. When Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once offered to take over management of the event, I knew it was the perfect solution. Since then, every person I’ve told has remarked on what a great blogger Haalo is, and all are agreed she will do a wonderful job as the new WHB mistress.

Weekend Herb Blogging will continue as always but the new Weekend Herb Blogging Headquarters will be at Haalo’s blog. She’ll continue to have a post where you can check Who’s Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging, as well as posted Rules for Weekend Herb Blogging. Current pages on Kalyn’s Kitchen will be getting a link at the top directing participants to Haalo’s new pages so people don’t lose their way when WHB moves halfway around the world! The current archives will also remain on Kalyn’s Kitchen, but Haalo will start accumulating the Archives of Year Four.

Let The Celebrating Begin!
Those are all the announcements about the week of WHB celebrating that begins October 27. Even if you can’t manage an entry for the anniversary edition, don’t forget to come back and vote for your favorite herb, vegetable, and fruit (three different days) which enters you in the contests for the fantastic prizes above. People who aren’t bloggers are welcome to enter as well; more details on how to comment coming with the first post on Tuesday morning.

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    33 Comments on “Exciting Prizes to Celebrate Three Years of Weekend Herb Blogging and Some Future Plans”

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  2. Favourite Fruit – Has to be the Local Durian which we call the Lobster Brain Durian (Translated) 😛

    Happy 3rd Anniversary..

  3. Kalyn, I managed never to respond to your email about this — not because I wasn’t both excited for your new adventures and thrilled that Haalo will be taking over (she’s fabulous) and a little wistful to see you passing the baton, but because my week got over-crazed! So…here’s my official cheers to you — for the wonderful three years of work you’ve done on this event, for being such a catalyst in the food blogger community, and for being an all-around wonderful person. I’m glad to have been a part of WHB under your watch, and I’m glad to know you!

  4. Congrats!

  5. hi kalyn, congratulations on reaching your three-year anniversary!

  6. Holy Moly….3 years? How time flies when you’re creating a great time for fellow foodies. 🙂 Thanks for all you’ve done, and continue to do!

  7. Congrats on 3 Years of Successful Blogging!!

  8. Three cheers indeed, Kalyn! I’m so impressed at your success. While I don’t participate often in WHB, I always love putting together posts for it, as well as seeing what others have come up with.

    It’s Tuesday: after much deliberation, my favourite herb is thyme. (Or at least, thyme is my favourite herb today….)


  9. those knives are very cool!

    congrats on three successful years of WHB!

  10. Woo-hoo! Let’s celebrate!

  11. buon giornooo Kalyn!!
    sooooo…3rd year..wow!
    I’ very happy beeing parto of all this..so fantastic knowing new bloggers and learning new things all the time!
    thank you Kalyn..it was/is a affascinating idea!
    WHB Goddess-in Chief??
    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! 🙂
    see you soon
    have a nice week!!

  12. Congratulations on achieving three years of WHB. You did a fantastic job at the helm and made this event the global success that it is. Welcome Haalo! You’ve got your work cut out for you.
    I’m eagerly awaiting what’s next for you, Kalyn, and I know it will be exciting and fulfilling for you.
    See you in Trinidad!

  13. WHB is such an accomplishment. I am looking forward to Haalo’s reign as the new WHB goddess, but you will always be the mother of WHB!