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Two Years and a Lot of Doubly Delicious Recipes with Vegetables and Herbs: The Recap

We’ve reached the end of our week of celebrating the Doubly Delicious Two Year Anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging. People have voted for their favorite vegetable and favorite herb, and one lucky blogger has won two great cookbooks. But before I give you details about both those events, there are people to thank, and a whole lot of great recipes to share.

What a great week of herb blogging it’s been! So many friends have shown up with delicious veggie and herb dishes, as well as some new people joining the fun. I’ve been misty-eyed more than a few times at some of the nice things you guys have written about me, and extremely gratified that other people love learning about herbs, plants, vegetables, and flowers as much as I do. The quality of the entries for this event is something that astonishes me every week, but this week they were really over-the-top outstanding. I am completely aware that it’s the wonderful entries written by so many great bloggers that makes WHB a success, and you all deserve credit for what we’ve been able to create together. Thanks to everyone who participated, either by predicting the winners, voting for your favorites, or sending one of the sixty-eight entries featuring vegetables and herbs.

Acorn Squash

Katerina from Daily Unadventures in Cooking used an ingredient she hadn’t ever cooked with before to make some Acorn Squash Soup with Toasted Seeds. The soup is flavored with rosemary, which I think tastes so wonderful with winter squash, and I love the idea of topping the squash with the toasted seeds.
At Blog From Our Kitchen, Elizabeth first made this recipe for Quiche, and then when she realized there were special rules for this week, she good-naturedly wrote a second post! Even though I would have let her slide with the quiche, I loved the sound of Pepper Squash and Sage Lasagne, so I was so happy she did a second post (and isn’t everything happening in twos anyway?) For those who don’t know, pepper squash is called acorn squash in the U.S. and this combination of winter squash, sage, and lasagne made with fresh pasta sounds like a total winner.


The Chocolate Lady from In Mol Araan has found herself with an abundance of artichokes, at a time when they might not be in season. Since she loves artichokes, she’s happy, and promptly makes some Artichokes with Dill Vinaigrette for our celebration. This post has some great tips for preparing and cooking artichokes, as well as links to some other great-sounding artichoke recipes.


Although it had yellow pear tomatoes and basil, what caught my eye on the Greens and Yellow Pizza made by Genie at The Inadvertent Gardener was the arugula, an ingredient Genie combined with fresh mozarella for this pizza! Love tomatoes, love arugula, love basil, love fresh mozarella! I think I love this pizza.


Just try to imagine all the delicious flavors in Corn and Thyme Soup with Seared Chicken Thighs and Roasted Asparagus. That’s the entry from Christine of Christine Cooks, which has to be at least triply delish, wouldn’t you say? I’m filing this under asparagus since I love the idea of using roasted asparagus in a soup!

Pam from The Backyard Pizzeria lives where the asparagus season is just starting, and she’s taking full advantage of it in her very flavorful-sounding dish of Asparagus Custard, Herbed Goat’s Cheese, and a Parmesan Wafer on Top. You must see the photos of this creative dish; to me it looks like something you might get for brunch in a fine restaurant!

Another blogger who managed to create something despite kitchen renovations is Helene from News From the Kitchen. In a very creative use of ingredients, she creates Appetizer Tarts with Avocado, Mozarella, and Dill, and Helene says they’re good hot or cold!

Bell Peppers
Although there are other tastes going on here like tomatoes, scallions, garlic, and (sigh) cilantro, I decided that it wouldn’t be Susan’s Fiesta Cottage Cheese Veggie Dip with out the red bell peppers, so that’s what landed this great sounding recipe from Farmgirl Fare in the peppers section. Not only is she great fun to compare gardening stories with, but Susan was one of the very first participants; check out her oregano for Weekend Herb Blogging #4.

Another dish I made a judgement call and decided should be immortalized under bell peppers is KayKat’s Best Veggie Fajitas Ever from Cooking From A to Z. This post has so many great recipes, the fajita veggies, a marinade, guacamole, salsa, and even a delightful sounding rice; be sure not to miss it!

From Kalofagas – Pursuit of Delicious Foods, Peter sends us a dish of delightful Piperies Gemistes or Stuffed Peppers for those who don’t speak Greek. With mint, parsley, and dill, as well as garlic and onion, the stuffing mixture sounds delightfully seasoned, and red peppers are one of my favorites.

An interesting soup with a Thai flavor and a delectable collection of aromatics as well as broccoli, baby corn, carrots, mushrooms, tofu, and (hooray!) cilantro is the Veg Tom Kha Gai from Fun and Food. Mansi also includes a link to some info about galangal, an herb we haven’t seem much of on WHB, don’t miss it!


Surely you’ve noticed how lots of the WHB regulars are passionate about unusual vegetables, and at Teczcape, Tigerfish has become smitten with broccolini. Check her version of Broccolini with Steaky Oyster Sauce and Golden Shallots, and you’ll want to try this natural hybrid too.

Butternut Squash
At Thyme for Cooking, Katie always has dishes that sound just great to me, and for the celebration she has used my beloved butternut squash. Check her recipe for Butternut Squash Timbales with Apple Chestnut Sauce and you’ll see why this dish not only sounds delish, but is also the ultimate example of eating local!

Sage and butternut squash are a great pair, and Jerry from Jerry’s Thoughts, Musings, and Rants made Butternut Squash with Tangerine Sage Glaze for the occasion. I pretty much like butternut squash any way you cook it, so this sounds like a winner to me!


The dedication of some of the WHB regulars is truly touching. Ulrike at Kuchenlatein is starting a kitchen renovation this week, but she still managed to create Spagetti with Thyme-Flavored Carrot Pesto so she wouldn’t miss out on the celebration. Sounds just fantastic too!

Ruth from Once Upon a Feast has come up with a great salad combo in her version of Roasted Carrots, Beets, and Cumin Salad with Feta. I was already drooling, and then I found out the salad was garnished with chopped mint!

I was so excited to get an entry from Lima, Peru, from brand new herb blogger Gretchen of Canela y Comino (and I immediately added her blog to my rss reader so I can learn more about Peruvian food!) I made another judgement call here to include this recipe for Peruvian Cilantro Stew with carrots, because there are also peas, meat, cilantro, onions, cumin and aji amarillo peppers, which I hadn’t heard of before. (See, I’ve learned something already!)

From Intoxicated Zodiac, a very unique blog which combines cocktails and astrology in a charming way, comes a drink called The Carrot Top. Perfect for Virgo, this drink combines carrot juice, and Herb’s Dill Vodka, plus a bit of lime juice and ginger ale. Hooray for a doubly delicious drink entry!


Lisa of Homesick Texan made Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic and Purple Sage, which I think sounds great just from the name. But wait until you see the cheddar cauliflower and purple cauliflower Lisa used to make this delicious roasted cauliflower, it’s stunningly beautiful!

Since she’s know for her vegetable recipes, this party is a natural for Alanna from A Veggie Venture, but this time the recipe is from her food column Kitchen Parade, where she shares tried-and-true recipes that are always wonderful. Alanna’s doubly delicious combo is Cauliflower Risotto, which also features leeks and a touch of oregano, and Alanna says she loves to make this when she’s visiting friends.

Another great-sounding cauliflower dish, this one from the adorable Pille of Nami Nami, who’s adapted a version of a traditional Estonian dish, how great is that! I love recipes that fall in the category of comfort food, and this Cheesy Cauliflower and Mince Gratin with Dill sounds like it would be so delicious.

A first time herb blogger with a great entry is Chris from We [heart] Food who created Seared Tuna Salad with Chayote Slaw. Besides the chayote (a type of summer squash), there’s also chiles, cilantro, and romaine adding extra flavor.

Chile Peppers
A very unique and interesting entry that features chile peppers comes from Chicajo at 80 Breakfasts who made Raisin Stuffed Chili Pepper Pickles. Joey grew her own sage and thyme to flavor these interesting pickles, and we’re looking forward to hearing how they taste when they’re ready in a few weeks.

This recipe for Peppery Shrimp with Cilantro Coconut Sauce from Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes is a double winner for me. Not only is the shrimp marinated before grilling in a blend that includes cilantro, but there’s more cilantro in the sauce, plus chile peppers, onions, mango, and lime. I filed this under chile peppers because there’s a lot of peppery action here!


A delightful sounding soup entry came from Lisa’s Kitchen whose version of Corn and Roast Pepper Soup has so many exciting flavor elements, I’d love to try some. If you’re thinking, ordinary corn soup, check out this recipe; there’s nothing ordinary about it.

The Haddock, and Prawn Stew with Saffron from Joanna at Joanna’s Food has potatoes, but she says it’s the fresh corn and the saffron that really make the difference in this dish. This is one of the healthy dishes Joanna is famous for, and ready in less than 30 minutes as well!

From the blog Lemonpi, Y has made a lovely Cucumber Yogurt Sauce with Fresh Herbs to top Fish Cooked in Filo. She’s using mint, chives, and parsley in this delicious sounding doubly delicious sauce.

I was delighted to get an entry from Lydia at The Perfect Pantry, since she says she never enters events because she doesn’t do food photography. You’ll wonder why not when you see her great photo of the Tzatziki Sauce with parsley in the starring role. There are also some great photos her of Lydia’s lovely herb garden; don’t miss it.

Tanna from My Kitchen in Half Cups has been traveling for weeks, so I didn’t expect to hear from her since I knew she was just getting home on Sunday. Imagine my surprise when she not only managed to join the fun, but also used one of my recipes for Spicy Cucumber Salad with Basil and Sesame Seeds. Tanna says that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and believe me I’m truly flattered if a good cook like her would use my recipe!

Dried Beans and Lentils
I love wonderfully complex soups with lots of flavors, and the Pasta e Fagioli from The Houndstooth Gourmet sounds just fantastic. Besides the Canneloni beans, there is onion, shallots, spinach, basil, oregano, and thyme, to name just a few of the things adding to the flavor quotient here.

From A Fridge Full of Food comes Glenna’s Beans and Rice with Zucchini and Anatto, a delightful sounding creation Glenna came up with after she had quite the shopping spree in the spice department. Don’t miss seeing all the fun new ingredients Glenna will be playing with, plus get the recipe for this interesting dish.

I’ve been a bit infatuated with eggplant this summer so it’s no surprise that I’d really get excited over the Spicy Eggplant Relish from Desie at Maybahay. There are so many interesting flavors going on here like peppers, ginger, garlic, mint, and cilantro, that I have no doubt that this would taste amazing.

In a post with the type of stunning photos she has become known for, Ilva from Lucullian Delights shows off Mushroom, Thyme, and Barley Filled Eggplants, a combination that sounds inspired to me. We may well not have had a two year celebration without Ilva, who not only was one of the earliest participants, but also the first guest host when I realized I just couldn’t keep doing it every single weekend!

More delicious eggplant from Burcu at Almost Turkish Recipes, who makes such unusual and delicious sounding dishes every week. This time Burcu has created Vegetarian Stuffed Eggplant, with the eggplant cut in fourths lengthwise, the onion/pepper/tomato/parsley filling placed inside, and then the eggplant is cooked in olive oil. Don’t miss Burcu’s description of how this dish got it’s Turkish name when you go check out the recipe!

This dish also has tomatoes and peppers, but it was the roasted eggplant that got my attention in the Roasted Veggie Pasta Pie from Passionate About Baking. Penne pasta, roasted vegetables, two sauces, and a tasty looking bread crumb topping make this dish a hit with kids and adults alike.

Sometimes the simplest of dishes can be the most delicious, and as soon as I saw the photo of White Eggplant and Potatoes with Garlic and Cilantro at Evolving Tastes, I knew it would taste incredible. I was sold even before I read the directions that said add as much cilantro as you can!

Leafy Greens
Anna from Anna’s Cool Finds creates a very interesting dish when she’s faced with a group of dinner guests with various dietary needs. Not only does the chicken in Anna’s Poached Ginger Chicken Make Your Own Salad sound just delicious to me, but Anna has some of my favorites as salad options like arugula, red leaf lettuce, edamame, and mint.

My own entry for the special event was for Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette and Three Salad Variations. This salad dressing is a complete keeper for me, and it was good on every combination of greens I tried it on.

A delicious sounding dish from Mike at Mike’s Table reminds me of something I used to love eating at a French restaurant where I worked in college. Mike’s version of Chicken Francaise has lemon, capers, garlic, parsley, basil, and oregano, and I’ll definitely be trying this recipe.

Wendy from A Wee Bit of Cooking has made a fantastic Tom Yum(ish) Soup to devour before she goes off on holiday. With all the aromatics that make this type of Thai soup so delicious, plus mangetout (snow peas), spinach, spring onions, and coriander leaf, this sounds like a complete winner.

You must see the photos of the gorgeous Pistachio and Almond Cakes with Date Syrup made by Truffle of What’s on My Plate for the celebration. There is some intereting information here about date syrup or jaggery, an ingredient I’ve never tried.

Personally I believe that you can’t make salsa without onion, so that’s why I’m putting the Gingered Pineapple and Grapefruit Salsa from Tami at Running with Tweezers into this category, although there are so many good flavors going on here. Did I mention the crystallized ginger, and of course cilantro is one of the things that makes this recipe a winner for me.


Kalva at Curry in Kadai is a new blogger, but she does know a lot about cooking okra, something I like but haven’t ever cooked, even once. Check her recipe for Spicy Okra Curry with Mint which sounds like it would taste wonderful.


Anna from Morsels and Musings is one of the most adventurous cooks I know, and I just adore the way she loves to try things from all over the world and share the results on her blog. This time Anna has tackled Moqueca, a dish from the north-eastern Brazilian province of Bahia. Not only does she share the recipe and wonderful photos of Moqueca de Peixe or Fish with Dende Oil and Coconut, but there is fascinating information here about the pros and cons of palm oil, a traditional flavoring for this dish.


There’s no doubt that Haalo at Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once is campaigning hard for the potato to be the favorite vegetable, and if you check out her stunning photos of past potato dishes, I think you will agree that Haalo may be able to sway a few votes. Currently she is visiting Italy, living in an apartment with no oven, but no problem for talented Haalo, she hosted WHB away from home last week, and for the anniversary she made Pan-Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic that look completely heavenly.

Another of my favorite herb bloggers using potatoes is Sher from What Did You Eat. I guess it’s more than a year now that I’ve been joking that we have the same tastebuds, and once again she has created something that looks fantastic to me. Of course, there is cilantro (go Sher!) but Potato Fritters with Sweet Pepper Relish also have red and yellow bell pepper, scallions, onions,and jalapenos, and they look amazing in Sher’s great photos.

Erin at Skinny Gourmet has created the ultimate in comfort food, and when she tested it on her husband he wanted to be sure she had written down the recipe. There is a special ingredient in Erin’s version of Baked Potato Soup, and her garnish of tiny green onions is the perfect accent.

A slightly different take on potatoes is the Rosemary Roasted Blue Potatoes from Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook. Potatoes and rosemary are classic together, but I did say *blue* potatoes, and these potatoes are truly striking, in Susan’s great photos. (Susan’s also the host for next week’s edition of Weekend Herb Blogging, when I’m guessing she might be getting a few new first-time participants. You can find out how to send her your entry on the who’s hosting page.)

If you’re in need of comfort, the Potato Gratin with Sage from Sue at Coffee and Cornbread sounds like the ultimate comfort food to me. Sue says there’s nothing better when it gets cold than good smells coming from the oven, and I’ll bet this smells divine.

I do hope I’m putting this entry in the right category, but I believe that most vodka is made from potatoes, and Neil from At Our Table is buying drinks for everyone, along with a wish for Zapraszamy Do Zabawy, or Welcome to the Party in Polish. The spirit Neil is offering is the most unusual Zubrowka or Bison Grass Vodka, seasoned with bison grass of course, which makes it herbaceously delicious, and perfect for our celebration.


Another delicious sounding soup with winter squash comes from Kevin at Closet Cooking. I love the sound of Pumpkin and Chorizo Soup with Cilantro, and it really does look delicious in Kevin’s colorful photo.

The Pumpkin and Red Lentil Curry from Jennifer at Like to Cook really sounded delicious to me, even before I saw the addition of cilantro. Many parts of the world use the word pumpkin to describe all types of winter squash, and I’m not actually sure what the U.S. name would be for the type of squash pictured here, so pumpkin it is!

Spagetti Squash
I know that Chris from Mele Cotte has had a really busy schedule this year with her new responsibilities, so I’m honored that she managed to squeeze in the Weekend Herb Blogging celebration. Chris shares several variations of spagetti squash, but the Veggie Spagetti with baby bella mushrooms, spinach, parsley, and parmesan was the one I’ll be making first!

Amy from Nook and Pantry is also featuring Spagetti Squash in her entry, but it’s prepared in a very unusual way. Amy learned to make Spagetti Squash with Green Onions from her father, who learned it from his grandmother, so it’s now a tradition. The spagetti squash is lightly steamed, then chilled so it’s crisp, then combined with sauteed green onions and sesame oil. I must try this dish!

A recipe with a Greek feeling to it is the Three Cheese Spinach Bake in Filo from Val at More Than Burnt Toast. This recipe goes beyond Spanakopita, with a few surprise ingredients including sun-dried tomatoes and dill, to bump up the flavor quotient.

A very creative use of spinach comes from a blog I just adore, Indian Food Rocks. Manisha’s entry of Spinach Toasts is an appetizer with spinach, garlic, onions, chiles, mint, and walnuts, mixed with yogurt and served on toast.

Taro Stems
You can count on Anh from Food Lover’s Journey to have a unique and beautifully photographed entry for the WHB anniversary, and her Fish Noodle Soup with Taro Stems, Tamarind,and Purple Perilla sounds delicious and wonderfully unusual to me. Also bonus points to Anh for coming up with a recipe using two ingredients I haven’t heard of, not easy at all after two years of vegetable and herb recipes being featured!

Toni from Daily Bread Journal decided fall was the perfect time to try a recipe for Pork and Tomatillo Stew. Besides the distinctive flavor of tomatillos, there is also onion, chile, garlic, cumin, oregano, and cilantro here, making this a very flavorful dish.


Sra of When My Soup Came Alive tried an experimental recipe which turned out to be a success. Check out her recipe for Tomato Curry with Coriander, Celery, and Mint and see if you don’t agree that it looks and sounds very tasty.

If I ever make it to London, one blogger I must meet is Jeanne of Cook Sister, whose blog was one of the first food blogs I remember seeing! For the WHB celebration Jeanne has made Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil, and Mozarella Chicken Breasts; don’t you think that sounds divine! (And do check out her whimsical book titles too, quite charming.)

Zorra of Kochtopf says this is the summer of tomatoes and basil for her, and I thought to myself, what could be better! She has combined them delightfully with grilled eggplant in a dish she’s calling Pasta Veraniega or Summer Pasta, and it sounds like a perfect combination.

Inspired by cold weather and the desire to save her garden produce, Pam from Sidewalk Shoes has used a couple of ingredients that proved to be very popular in her Pizza Margherita with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Fontina Cheese. Pam says this is the first time she’s used Fontina on pizza before, and reports it was wonderful; the pizza looks great!

A very unique tomato creation is the Rosemary Shrimps on Tomato Sorbet from Gattina at Kitchen Unplugged. Talented cook Gattina describes the sorbet as being like “frozen Gazpacho”, so appropriate since she’s now living in Spain. She used half roasted and half fresh tomatoes in the sorbet, and her photos are delightful.

A delicious combination of classic ingredients can be found in the Sundried Tomato Oregano Pasta which comes from Sarah at Cucina Bella. Sarah reports that tomatoes are nearly out of season in the Northeast where she lives, but with sundried tomatoes, you can make this all winter long.

Yu Choi
This entry personifies why I love Weekend Herb Blogging so much, because I’d never heard of the Asian greens called Yu Choi featured in the entry from The Kittalog. When I did some research on Yu Choi, I found it’s related to Bok Choy, but the photos reminded me a lot of broccoli rabe. I loved the sound of Kitt’s recipe for Garlic Yu Choi with Pasta, such a great combination.

Simona of Briciole is traveling in Italy, so I’m very touched that she still managed to send an entry for the celebration. She is sharing how she makes Zucchine a Modo Mio or Zucchini My Way, starring fresh marjoram, but don’t miss seeing the interesting zucchini variety Simona found at the market in Palermo which is also pictured in this entry.

From her new kitchen in Chicago, Rachel of Rachel’s Bite whips up some Zucchini, Potato, and Ham Soup. Golden from the Yukon Gold potatoes, and seasoned with fresh dill, the soup is lovely and sounds delicious.

Sophie at Mostly Eating has made an entire dinner for our party, and she’s got vegetables, herbs, and fruit in her menu of Pork with Poached Quince and a Courgette Pilaf. I confessed to her that I’ve never seen or eaten quince, but I’d love to try it, along with everything else she’s cooking for this dinner.

Now for the Voting Results and Contest Winner!

What amazed me most about the voting results was what variety there was in the choices people made for favorite vegetable and favorite herb. I’m going to give you the first, second, and third place winners, but check out the poll results if you want to see how your own favorite fared. I’m not shutting the polls down, so people can continue to vote for fun if they want to, but here are the official results:

Favorite Vegetable

Tomatoes 23
Asparagus 18
Eggplant 14
Total votes cast by deadline: 124

Favorite Herb
Basil 33
Cilantro 21
Rosemary 13
Total votes cast by deadline: 118

Cookbook Winner

There were 13 people who correctly guessed that tomatoes and basil would be the favorite vegetable and favorite herb. I put the names in a hat and the cookbook winner was Dhana from Fresh Kitchen! I haven’t told her yet that she won, so why doesn’t everyone go leave a comment and make her day! (Edit: Dhana has created a recipe in honor of the two winning ingredients! Isn’t that a fun idea._

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