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WHB Giveaway #1: Tell Us Your Favorite Herb of 2008 and You Might Win a Fantastic Prize!

herbs growingTake just a minute to leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite herb of 2008 is, and you could win one of three amazing prizes, as part of our Week-Long Celebration for the three year anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging. Thanks to New West KnifeWorks and Fissler USA who have donated two amazing prizes. I’m also is giving away a set of my three favorite cookbooks of 2008. Keep reading to see how to enter.

How to Enter

It’s easy to enter! First, read more about the prizes at the post announcing the anniversary celebrations. Then come back to this post and leave a comment naming your favorite herb of 2008. If you’re a blogger, you must sign in using Open ID or name/url so we can contact you if you’re the winner. Readers who are not bloggers must leave an e-mail address typed into the body of the comment. Use the format kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net to protect your e-mail from spammers. Any comments without either a blog link or an e-mail waddress will be deleted, as I can’t verify who the comment is from. (Remember comments are moderated, so you won’t see your comment until I approve it. If you’re in Europe or Asia and I’m asleep in my part of the world, that might take a while!)

More Chances to Win!

There will also be voting for favorite vegetable (Wednesday) and favorite fruit (Thursday) so be sure to come back and leave more comments! Comments will close at 10:00 P.M. (Utah time, which is MST) on Friday, October 31, and the winners will be announced in the Anniversary Edition of Weekend Herb Blogging on Sunday evening. (Duplicate entries on the same post will result in all comments from that person being deleted, so please be careful to enter only once on each post.)

Kalyn Recommends:

Of course I can’t enter to win the prizes, but nothing can stop me from doing a little campaigning, can it? I’m endorsing cilantro for favorite herb; certainly no one is surprised about that. Here are three reasons I think you should be voting for cilantro:

Vegan Tomato Salad with Cucumber, Avocado, Cilantro, and Lime was definitely one of my favorite salads of 2008!

Another salad I loved this year was Spicy Mexican Slaw with Lime and Cilantro. I’ve probably made this ten times since I posted the recipe.

Finally, the salad inspired by one I had at a party, and another one I’ve been making over and over with different types of beans, this Pinto Bean Salad with Avocado, Tomato, Red Onion, and Cilantro is another complete winner.

Are You Blogging About Herbs?

Of course, Weekend Herb Blogging is really about the posts that are submitted each week, by great bloggers from all over the world, so here is information about how to submit a post if you’d like to join in this week for the anniversary edition. You can write about your favorite herb, favorite vegetable, or favorite fruit for this special edition.

(P.S. I can’t publish off-topic comments or respond to questions in comments on these give-away posts because it will foul up the numbering system for the random number selection.)
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194 comments on “WHB Giveaway #1: Tell Us Your Favorite Herb of 2008 and You Might Win a Fantastic Prize!”

  1. Chives, because I started a brand-new herb garden and that’s the traditional first planting.

  2. TARRAGON is my favorite this year because the plant I planted last year had a very good year this summer, so good that I was googling recipes every week to use it. And the plant was absolutely gorgeous in my garden–such a lovely deep green. Every time I passed it I would take a taste. One of my most successful recipe finds was “Cod in Tarragon Tomato Broth” from Fine Cooking #36. Delicious. carolepip (at) verizon (dot) net

  3. Cilantro! Of course!

  4. Ooo. If I had to choose just one, I would say Thai Basil. Congratulations on 3 years of WHB, Kalyn!

  5. My favourite herb is cilantro and mint. I used to add some of cilantro in cooking with soups, gravies, curries, raitas and chutneys. For Mint, I used to make indian korma curries with gives great aroma and fragant to the curries in both veg and non-veg along with some cilantro.

  6. Basil. No question. It was the one thing I was determined to grow this year and the one that I had the hardest time with.

  7. Oh this is an easy one!
    Hands down BASIL!!!!

    That is how I found your blog too BTW, I was looking up how to save my fresh basil as I was getting so much of it from my CSA shares.

    Thank you, I now have basil until spring packed neatly away in my freezer!

  8. my favourite 2008 herb is thyme!! Cause this year finally I arrived to have it fresh, onto my balcony! 🙂

  9. I really thought so long and hard about all the 3 questions, how hard it is to pick ONE, hehe … ginger gets my vote for fave herb of 2008! can’t get enough of it and I try to sneak it into the cooking … ultimate comfort food ingredient for me 😉

  10. Love all the advocacy for herbs! I can’t ever get enough of most of them. But right this minute, rosemary is my favorite — I picked it because I’m so in love with kebabs of all kinds made on rosemary skewers.

  11. Hey Kalyn – you [b]know[/b] that for me it is cilantro. We can’t get enough of it. We pulse it into a pesto, toss it with noodles to make pad thai, add it to a salad, put it on a sandwich, use it in an omlette or make a mean cilantro martini. To us it rocks!

    Keep those other wimpy herbs – basil, rosemary, sage, oregano . . . no thanks. Bring on the cilantro!

    To those of you who say cilantro tastes of soap . . . pass a bar of [b]that[/b] soap MY way!

  12. I forgot to leave my email: phallman (at) charter (dot) net

  13. Italian flat leaf parsley. I know it seems like a boring herb, but I just love it’s fresh taste. I put it on or in everything! 🙂

  14. Cilantro.

    I thought I was all original until I read all the other comments…well if not original, at least I’m in good company.

    Is Basil more original…is it too late to change my answer.

    No wait, Italian Parsley…yeah that’s it.

  15. I would have to go with chives for favorite herb. I love cilantro and rosemary, but chives have been my go-to herb for the last few months. Toss them in with eggs for a dash of flavor, add them to cream cheese for a tasty spread, good in just about everything.

  16. I guess I have to go with lemon thyme this year. I’ve used almost constantly with chicken, fish, beef- I do love cilantro and basil though too and use them a lot, but I still have to say lemon thyme.

  17. Mint for me!

    Thanks for organising this, and happy birthday to WHB!

  18. my all time favorite is cilantro, i add it to all sorts of dishes.

  19. My favorite is rosemary. It goes in a lot of dished and it’s easy to grow!

  20. I never met an herb I didn’t love so I agree with you all about your herb choices. My herb to praise is going to be tarragon because this poor little guy doesn’t get appreciated quite enough and he is tasty, I tell you! Especially in anything with a mayo base like chicken salad, egg salad, bearnaise sauce, etc. Thanks for the oppertunity to express my love for herbs! Rock on!

  21. Cilantro is great with lots of dishes, but I love Thai basil the most. It compliments my noodle soup very well and I can’t enjoy the noodle without it. Not very easy to find in my area though

    juan_hurrican (at) yahoo (dot) com

  22. oooohhhh….I was going to hands down pick cilantro, but because of all your blogs about and recipes, and wonderful tastes that I tried with it…..SAGE is my fave for 2008!!! I have always loved the plants, they’re gorgeous, but didn’t know much what to do with it. I will now be growing more varieties and colors of sage next year and look forward to introducing others to its wonderful taste. Christine


  23. Rosemary and Thyme! I can’t pick just one, they’re both great!

  24. Cilantro…yum! Cilantro, tuna, tomato and avocado salad…in soup…yep, cilantro. Debbie

  25. Just has to be Basil, followed by Basil, then Basil, maybe Sage.

  26. I love them all! Rosemary is uppermost in my mind now, maybe because the weather is (finally) cooler & Rosemary roasts so well. But, like others, cilantro is tops. I was first introduced to cilantro in Mexico in frijoles a la charra & from then on, they started showing up in everything I prepared. What a versatile herb.

  27. My vote would have to go to Cilantro,,,,,,,love it in just about anything!!!

  28. I like rosemary the most. It is so good on oven roasted potatoes. Garlic would be a close second.

  29. My favorite herb is ROSEMARY! I love rosemary and SO many things even though I am not really a big herb fan (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!).

    cseybt [at] gmail [dot] com

  30. Am I too late? Probably. But cilantro is tops!

  31. I am crazy about most herbs but my favorite this summer was a perlargonium or scented geranium with the most vibrant – if a scent can be said to be vibrant – lemon scent. Every time I brushed by it in my garden boat, it exploded with lemon, an odor so reminiscent of long, lazy, sunny summer days. It’s great in salads, drinks, baking, dried or fresh.

  32. My favorite herb of 2008 is THYME because there can NEVER be too much thyme!!! (PUN intended!)

  33. Rosemary! My family now asks, “So how much rosemary is in this” before they eat anything I put before them..haha.


  34. My favorite herb is shiso / perilla. Found in our pork, eggplant, and shiso soup, among other recipes.

  35. I will always claim cilantro as my favorite. I could use it in almost everything!!!

  36. Fresh basil, sandwiched between a slab of fresh mozzerella and a thick slice of bright red garden fresh tomato, with a drizzle of olive oil. Oh man, I MISS SUMMER!!

  37. Sage Sage Sage Sage Sage. Not sure what it is about that plant, but i also love the way it looks growing in my pot.

  38. I’d have to go with Basil, this is the first year I’ve had some to harvest in my new backyard and I just love the sweet fragrant smell.

    Also, technically not a herb, but I’m also loving kaffir lime leaves, especially wonderful in Thai fish cakes!

  39. My favorite herb of 2008 is lemon verbena. My plant is three years old now and beautiful and lush. It’s one of the first herbs as well as the chives to appear in the Spring.

  40. I’m with you. Cilantro is my hands down favorite. We put it on just about everything, whether it belongs there or not!

  41. I’d say my favorite herb would be basil. I just love how FRESH it is, tastes and how easy it is to grow!

  42. My favorite is marjoram, which I’m able to grow year round in northern CA. I love to add it to almost anything, especially soups and pastas, by the handful!


  43. Definitely basil. Mmmm…. pesto.

  44. I love love love thyme in all it’s glory!!

    canole07 at yahoo dot com

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