We have reached that time of the week known as the weekend. Now, depending on your line of work, you may have more or less fond feelings about what you do on the actual days of the weekend, but in the food blogging world, the weekend is the time when we let our hair down a little. Some bloggers write about and photograph their cats, a tradition started by Clare at Eat Stuff. Other bloggers write about and photograph their dogs, an idea that originated with Sweetnicks.

Here at Kalyn’s Kitchen I’ve been somehow instrumental in starting another grand blogging tradition, Weekend Herb Blogging, which is amazingly now in it’s fourth week! Really it started kind of by accident, but the idea seems to be spreading. The weekend has not even officially started (at least not in North America, where I am), but I have already received one outstanding contribution spotlighting a very unique herb. Be sure to come back on Sunday to see what it is.

Weekend herb blogging is about celebrating the glories of plants. We aren’t picky about whether you talk about herbs, veggies, flowers, or just plain old plants. You can even spotlight a certain herb or veggie in a recipe if that’s what moves you. The important thing is that you blog about it on the weekend and send the link to me in an e-mail. I will write a wrap up with all the links and publish it on Sunday so everyone can check out all the contributions. (If you use Technorati, you could also tag your post with “weekend herb blogging”, but that’s optional.)

This Sunday I will be visiting my sister who lives a few hours away from Salt Lake, so it may be late on Sunday night before I get it posted.

Let the blogging begin!

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