First there was Eat Stuff with Weekend Cat Blogging, now in it’s 20th week. Then there was Sweetnicks with Weekend Dog Blogging. Weekend Herb (veggie, plant, flower) blogging was born when I joking asked Sweetnicks if I could submit a photo of one of my plants, since I didn’t have a cat or a dog.

This week three bloggers shared their herb, plant, veggie, or flower photos, with a couple more who have promised to participate next weekend. One person asked about submitting a recipe that focuses on a particular herb. Hey, there are no rules. If you want to be part of the round-up, post a photo of an herb, plant, vegetable, or flower (or a recipe featuring one of these) on the weekend, then send Kalyn your link in an e-mail. That’s it.

This week the wonderful Indira at Mahanandi featured green brinjals, a kind of Indian eggplant and told us why it is called Poluru Vankaayalu. She shared how to choose the good ones (no black seeds) and what this interesting vegetable is used for.

Kitchenmage shared photos of a beautiful pink flower in the midst of a lot of purple ones on her borage plant. Apparently borage flowers are edible, and the plant grows easily. It’s gorgeous too. (Note to self: look for a spot for borage plant next spring.)

This week I featured my sage plant, which is sadly getting yellow leaves near the bottom to remind me that the seasons are changing. I hope the beautiful Salt Lake City weather will last long enough for me to share parsley, rosemary and thyme. If it really stays warm a long time, I also have other herbs to surprise you with.

Be sure to come back next weekend to see who else has decided that plants are fun to photograph. Have a great week!

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