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Ripe Tomatoes and a Few More Garden Vegetables! (2012 Garden Update #6)

Ripe Tomatoes
Ripe tomatoes are appearing regularly in the garden.

In my last garden update,  I was excited about the early vegetables and herbs I’d been using from the garden.  Now even more vegetables are showing up, and some precious ripe tomatoes have been making an appearance.  This seems like it’s going to be one of my best garden years ever, and I’m guessing it was the rich compost my brother-in-law Clayton tilled into my garden beds plus a very warm spring in Utah that’s created all this good garden karma!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the French green beans, and I think tomorrow I will pick my first batch!

This is my first ripe Brandywine tomato.  This one is on the small side, but when the plant gets going sometimes these get so large that one slice is enough to make a tomato sandwich.

This first Poblano pepper keeps getting bigger, and the other plants all have peppers on them too!

I have four Ichiban Eggplants and they are completely loaded with eggplant.  I’d guess I’m about a week away from picking my first ones.

I haven’t had great luck growing bell peppers, but these look like they are coming along and they’re happily co-existing with the swiss chard.

And speaking of co-existing, there are quite a few volunteer tomatillos coming up among the Red Russian Kale, and I’ve decided I’m going to keep a few of the biggest ones.

I’ve been tending my two youngest nephews this week, ages 8 and 11, and Mitchell and Ethan helped me weed today to get ready to take photos.  Unfortunately they are not too interested in vegetables yet, but we’ve certainly been having a good time.

If you’re growing a garden, chime in and let us know how your plants are doing.  (You can see all my Garden Updates since 2006 or the 2012 Garden Updates if you’d like to find out more about my garden.)
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    16 Comments on “Ripe Tomatoes and a Few More Garden Vegetables! (2012 Garden Update #6)”

  1. What a great garden you have!! My warm weather veggies are just starting to come in.

  2. Your garden looks great! I am getting a lot of lettuce/kale, and picked my first radish yesterday! Volunteer tomatillos? All I get is some rogue version of a volunteer squash 🙂


  3. Leslie, so glad you like the blog and way to go with the garden! I think growing a garden can really change your life.

  4. This is my first year to grow veggies and herbs. I'm so excited and have discovered a new love … digging in the dirt. I have already eaten 3 big green peppers — and I have green tomatoes all over my plants waiting to turn red. And I love that so many of your recipes use herbs that I'm growing — like cilantro. Yum! Thanks for your great blog.

  5. Megan, you can look back through the earlier garden updates to see when certain things were planted, but in Utah Mother's Day is usually the date for most people. I have a garden with a fence on three sides so I can get away with a little earlier.

    Bruno, keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. Hot dry weather is brutal for the garden.

    Sheila, good luck with the containers!

    BusyWorkingMama, I need to try kale in smoothies! Can't get enough of it.

    Sam, I don't know what causes the tomato stems to split; hope they will survive it.

    Shirley the kids helped me do a major weeding effort in the garden, so that was fun! We did have a great time, but I don't know how young moms can blog when they have kids, lol!

  6. I always love your garden posts, Kalyn, and have somehow missed reading/looking at most of them this year. So I'm happy to get a chance to check out this one!

    Glad you've had such a great time with your nephews there. I bet they've loved it, too. 🙂


  7. Oh my gosh, your garden is doing so well. We just have a lot of herbs and a three heirloom tomatoes (and a couple of those are starting to split at the stem). I could use all the magic and green thumbs I could get.

  8. YUM! My kale is still doing really well – makes a great addition to our morning smoothies.

  9. Your garden is doing great! I am jealous of your tomatoes for sure. I just posted an update on my container garden and am sure learning a lot!

  10. Hi Kalyn,

    Your garden is doing amazingly well!!
    Wish I could say the same for mine. The weather has been brutal here in St. Louis (extremely hot and dry), but I've been giving my plants extra TLC and keeping my fingers crossed.


  11. Oh Kalyn, I totally need you to teach me how to garden. I also live in Utah and keep debating on starting a garden…but I kill houseplants within a month of getting them! I should probably search through your past posts, but when do you typically plant? I'm going to try next year. I miss garden fresh tomatoes!

  12. Thanks Christine. I do feel pretty lucky this year!

  13. Your tomatoes are making me green (red?) with envy! My sis and I ate sugar snap peas right off the vines in my garden last night. My zucchini are growing by nanometers. Sigh. Love how your garden is coming along! Have a great weekend, Kalyn.

  14. Lydia, remember most of this stuff was planted mid-April this year. I lucked out on the weather!

    Kathy I have had a couple of tomato sandwiches but we're not quite into the time when I eat them several times a day!

  15. The garden is looking fantastic!! You said "tomato sandwich" and I instantly wanted one. 🙂 I'm pretty excited about that poblano too!

  16. I need your brother-in-law to drive out to Rhode Island and work his magic on my herb garden. Wow — everything in your garden looks great. I have had a few ripe cherry tomatoes, and my herbs, but my other tomato plants are far behind yours. Happy eating!