Ripe Tomatoes
Ripe tomatoes are appearing regularly in the garden.
In my last garden update,  I was excited about the early vegetables and herbs I’d been using from the garden.  Now even more vegetables are showing up, and some precious ripe tomatoes have been making an appearance.  This seems like it’s going to be one of my best garden years ever, and I’m guessing it was the rich compost my brother-in-law Clayton tilled into my garden beds plus a very warm spring in Utah that’s created all this good garden karma!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the French green beans, and I think tomorrow I will pick my first batch!

This is my first ripe Brandywine tomato.  This one is on the small side, but when the plant gets going sometimes these get so large that one slice is enough to make a tomato sandwich.

This first Poblano pepper keeps getting bigger, and the other plants all have peppers on them too!

I have four Ichiban Eggplants and they are completely loaded with eggplant.  I’d guess I’m about a week away from picking my first ones.
I haven’t had great luck growing bell peppers, but these look like they are coming along and they’re happily co-existing with the swiss chard.
And speaking of co-existing, there are quite a few volunteer tomatillos coming up among the Red Russian Kale, and I’ve decided I’m going to keep a few of the biggest ones.
I’ve been tending my two youngest nephews this week, ages 8 and 11, and Mitchell and Ethan helped me weed today to get ready to take photos.  Unfortunately they are not too interested in vegetables yet, but we’ve certainly been having a good time.
If you’re growing a garden, chime in and let us know how your plants are doing.  You can use Garden Updates to see all the updates on my garden through the years.

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